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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pond at the cottage : guides and secrets for the construction of

Good day to all readers of the construction of the portal long time ago we looked at with you build a small pool in the country with their own hands, and so to us by e-mail came after many suggestions for the construction, ponds, reservoirs, bridges, but way bridge in the country, we also built for your advice.So, in this article we decided to build a decorative pond of old tractor tires.

Construction ornamental pond - it's not quite a complicated operation, but it is worth noting that for its implementation requires diligence and patience.Let's see what we need to realize our plans.

Materials Needed:

  1. old tractor or excavator tire;
  2. Electric jigsaw;
  3. stones for decoration;

technology for the construction of

Initially, the tire must be cut using the electric jigsaw.The next thing you need to do is to dig a pit, it should not be too deep, because the lid should protrude out of our pit.Aligns the area under the tire.

Digs a pit and laid a covering

digs a trench and laid a covering

next step entwine tractor tire polyethylene film, the edges of the film will be required to fill a tire.

Entangling tire polyethylene

entwine tire polyethylene

At the bottom of the pond is placed a polyethylene film and begin to pour water, gradually smoothing the edges of the film.

Pour water into the tire

Pour water into the tire

We make decorative pond stone.Stone can be taken in DIY stores or on the river bank, decorative stones in this photograph bought at the hardware store.At the bottom of the pond should be laid with a special pump that will serve as a small fountain.

Getting obkladyvat our stone pond

start obkladyvat our pond stone

Set at the bottom of the pond hose and make a small fountain

Set at the bottom of the pond hose and make a small fountain

second way to formalize our not large pond - is laying on the bottom gravel or pebbles, but note that in this case,the water in the pond will quickly thicken (in contrast to the version with a fountain) and it will have to be changed periodically.

We put on the bottom gravel and enjoy the classic design of decorative ponds

laid on the bottom of the rubble and enjoy the classic design of decorative ponds