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August 12, 2017 18:06

Make a frog from foam : Ideas for design suburban area

How pleasant surprise: friends, acquaintances, co-workers or neighbors just amazing crafts in your garden.Today, for you dear visitors, we have prepared site is not an ordinary article.We will do the Frog of foam !.Talking about a frog, it will have a green color and a little smile.With regard to the location of the frog, then she would sit by the pool next to the swamp, where it belongs.

Frog foam of their own hands

Frog foam of their own hands

So it is worth to note that the frog under the power to make any gardeners.Also note that the first attempts to make the frog may be unsuccessful, because working with assembly foam requires snarovki and patience.The fact is that when the foam dries up - it is slightly deformed and modifies its structure, so the circuit is initially executed (silhouette) frog may differ from your expectations in a few hours, and that is how much dry foam.

Please note that the foam dries a few hours, so take your time to start the next step until the foam is not completely dry.

Required equipment:

  1. cylinder foam;
  2. old bucket (which we will pour mounting foam);
  3. Green Paint and paint needed to paint the eyes;
  4. wire;
  5. brush or color (for painting).

Step by step instructions on making Frogs

Then create a silhouette of our future frog, create housing for it (the body), give it to dry.Then fasten your head previously fastened it with the bar with the body (from the inside).

Create a frog contour of the foam

Create frog contour of the foam

Make a frame made of wire

Make a frame of wire

Making the eyes of the buttons or large beads

make the eyes of the buttons or large beads

next step - a painting of our frog.But note that before painting it must be like to be dry in a dry place for at least 2-3 days.

Stained frog and sits at her decorative pond

stained frog and sits in its ornamental pond

Note that the frog can sit by the pool or on the site or near the bridge.In conclusion, I would like to note that it is best to put a frog under a canopy, because under the influence of wind and water foam can deform and begin to climb round the paint.

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