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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making long burning boiler with his hands - the instruction

solid fuel boilers have a serious disadvantage - the need for a constant load the next batch of fuel: firewood, charcoal, briquettes or pellets.Because of this feature, they are sometimes not even considered as an option for the boiler of a private house.The solution is to obtain a long-burning boiler that runs on virtually any type of solid fuel, including combustible waste.

long burning boiler with his hands

boilers long burning their hands

The principle of operation of the boiler

operating principle of continuous burning boiler is based on solid fuel properties such as wood to smolder with a high heat transfer within a few hours, while fuel combustion is more completeand the amount of waste is reduced significantly.Achieve smoldering firewood instead of active burning is possible due to the boiler unit.

long burning boiler is ample furnace with limited fuel combustion zone and adjustable air intake.Loading a large batch of fuel produced every 12-16 hours, and with the help of oxygen supply constraints in the boiler there is

a slow decay at high temperatures.The flue gases are discharged through a pipe that passes through the heat exchanger heats the water for the heating system.Thus, only the load can be done 2.1 times per day in the boiler, wherein the heating system will function in a substantially continuous manner.

boiler apparatus

long burning boiler formed by the hands, it is most convenient to weld pipes of 300 mm diameter, with a metal thickness of not less than 4.3 mm, otherwise the heat quickly lead to burn-boiler walls.The height of the tube may be from 800 to 1000 mm, the amount of the lump fuel loading depends on it.Conventionally, the boiler can be divided into three zones:

  • fuel loading area, its height can vary as burning wood;
  • zone of combustion and generation, where there is a slow smoldering fuel;
  • complete combustion zone, where the afterburning flue gases and ash removal.
Long burning device inside the boiler

ustroytvo long burning boiler inside

device limiting the combustion zone and, consequently, the boiler operation without reloading the fuel, called the air distributor.It is a circle of 6.4 mm thick metal with the hole in the center through which the telescopic tube by the air fed into the combustion zone.The diameter of the distributor should be slightly less than the diameter of the boiler to ensure its smooth movement.The height of the combustion zone into which the air is evenly distributed, and is regulated by the width of its impeller blades.Typically, the height of the air distributor prevyshaet5 not see, otherwise fuel will burn through quickly enough.

tube through which air flows may be either telescopic or solid.Pipe diameter - 60 mm, and a hole in the distributor should have a diameter of not more than 20 mm, so as not to oversaturate the combustion chamber with oxygen.Air enters the tube from the atmosphere either directly or, for a more efficient and stable combustion of the air-heating chamber located in the upper part of the boiler.The air supply to the chamber is regulated by the choke at the top of the boiler.

drain the flue gases through the stack, welded to the side wall of the boiler in the upper part thereof.The pipe must be horizontal for 40-50 cm, so as not to create excessive traction.

reduce the need to perform the door for ash removal, ash and other produktovgoreniya.The boiler long burning solid fuel burns more completely than in a conventional oven, so the removal of the ash will have to spend less.

coolant heating for hot water heating system at home can be done in two ways:

  1. Perform remote tank, inside of which passes the chimney.Hot smoke heats the coolant for the heating system.
  2. water heat exchanger tube is passed through a combustion chamber of the boiler and the water already heated in the tank coil connected to this pipe.

first method is much simpler in execution, if it is a small house.The second way - more effectively, but to perform a boiler structure more complicated.

technology perform long burning boiler with his hands

Materials Needed:

  • metal pipe with a diameter of 300 mm, metal thickness of not less than 3 mm;
  • Metal plates of 4 mm;
  • steel pipe 60 mm in diameter for the air supply, with a diameter of 100 mm - for flue gases;
  • welding machine, Bulgarian.

long burning boiler must be installed on a flat surface, it is sometimes necessary to perform a concrete formwork boiler.

  1. pipes for the implementation of the boiler is cut to a selected length - from 800 to 1000 mm.If a longer length would be difficult to produce a load of firewood.The edges are aligned.Welded onto the bottom of the sheet metal, and if necessary, the legs of channel.Perform
  2. air distributor: metal sheet makes a circle of diameter 20 mm smaller than the inner diameter of the tube, in its center a hole is drilled with a diameter not exceeding 20 mm.By burning the bottom of the distributor is welded impeller with vanes made of sheet metal blades width - not more than 50 mm.The upper part is welded to the regulator pipe 60 mm, so that the opening was in the center thereof.The height of the tube should be at least the height of the boiler.The upper part of the pipe equipped with a shutter, which regulates the supply of oxygen.

    Air distributor for boilers long burning

    air distributor for boilers long burning

  3. At the bottom of the boiler make the door to remove the ash: a concave cut out a rectangle with the Bulgarians, welded to it hinges and locking handle and use it as a door.
  4. The upper part is welded boiler chimney 100 mm.The pipe must be substantially horizontal for not less than 40 cm, after which it was passed through a heat exchanger configured as a tank heating system.

    Welding smoke pipe to the boiler

    Welding smoke pipe to the boiler heating

Perform lid with a hole for the pipe distributor.The cover should fit snugly inside the combustion chamber, or from the smoke it will go.

Welded cover with a hole for the pipe distributor .

welded lid with a hole for the pipe distributor.

load of fuel and boiler operation

Unlike a conventional oven, which is necessary to ensure the air supply to the entire volume of fuel in the boiler combustion prolonged oxygen should do is very limited.Furthermore, the volume of wood depends loaded during combustion boiler.Therefore, fuel long burning boiler was charged with the most tightly, trying not to leave gaps.It is possible to use not only wood, but also peat, coal, combustible household waste, sawdust - in short, everything that can fester.

fuel loading is carried out so:

  1. remove the cover from the boiler;
  2. Clean air regulator;
  3. Tightly is charged to the level of the boiler chimney;
  4. upper part of the fuel is sprayed with liquid for ignition;
  5. on-site control and a lid;
  6. Open to maximum choke at the top of the air tube;
  7. Throw it into a burning torch and wait for the beginning of the decay of fuel, after which the flap cover.

About the beginning of stable combustion said appeared from the chimney smoke.As the burning fuel air supply pipe will sink together with the regulator on it is possible to determine the degree of combustion of wood.

Video - Boiler long burning their hands

to manufacture boiler long burning more complex design with a front-loading of the combustion chamber, you can use the drawing:

Drawing long burning boiler

drawing boiler long burning

long burning boiler can be useful not only for heatinghome, but also for the seasonal heating of greenhouses, shop or barn.With proper installation and use is safe, economical, can run on virtually any fuel, including household garbage.The boiler does not require constant monitoring by experienced enough to find out the frequency of load.Please note that the duration of the burning depends not only on the volume of the boiler, but also on the type of fuel.