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August 12, 2017 18:06

Boiler indirect heating with their own hands

problem of hot water in a private home can be solved in different ways: installing a gas column, two-circuit boiler, water heater and water heater of indirect heating, which is quite possible to make your own hands.

Independently make indirect heating boiler

Independently make indirect heating boiler

The principle of indirect heating boiler is based on the use of the heating system coolant, general or individual circuit.The boiler is a storage tank with installed inside the coil through which the coolant passes.The geometrical dimensions of the coil are determined in accordance with the volume of the tank, which in turn, can be any, depending on the needs of families in hot water.The water for use is supplied via a pipe to the boiler through an inlet pipe, usually located at the bottom.Heated water from the coil uniformly throughout the water column.The outlet pipe is usually placed at the top, in use was not sudden changes in temperature.Outside the boiler it is necessary to well insulated to prevent heat loss from the tank walls.

Install boiler of indirect heating is usually in the same room with the boiler to reduce the cost of the circuit assembly and heat loss.Install the boiler on a solid flat surface, providing convenient access to all the taps and lid.

P Calculating the volume of indirect heating boiler and coil design

tank depends on hot water demand.It is believed that each family member is enough from 50 to 70 liters of hot water daily.So for a family of 3-4 people is enough 200-liter boiler.As the tank using any suitable heat-resistant container made of corrosion-resistant materials: stainless steel, aluminum, plastic.The tank mounted inlet and outlet ball valves.

pipe length and diameter for the coil are calculated from the volume of the tank, the pipe material, the coolant flow rate and temperature.For every 10 liters tank needs about 1.5 kW heat output coil.The coil is usually made of brass tube with a diameter of 8 to 20 mm, coiled, so that the coils do not contact - so it provides maximum contact with the heated surface of the heating water.To determine the total length of the tube, it is necessary to calculate the required capacity of the coil, and then determine the length of the pipe according to the formula:

The formula for calculating the total length of the tube for boiler

Obey formula for calculating the length of the pipe to the boiler

where P - thermal capacity in KW coil;

d - pipe diameter in meters;

? T is the difference in temperature of the coolant and heating water, ° C.

For example, tank 200 liters requires a coil with a thermal capacity of 30 kW.The diameter of the tube coil -. 10 mm, 0.01 m or coolant temperature 80 ° C inlet water temperature - 15 ° C.According to the formula we calculate the length of the coil:

According to the formula below calculate the length of the coil

According to the formula below calculate the length of the coil

coil is in this case carried out in the form of a spiral with a diameter of 40 cm When the tank diameter of 0.5 m and a height of 1 meter of a coil will be 12.. turns to the inter-track distance of 6-8 cm For the convenience of winding produced by using a template - the pipe of the corresponding diameter.Input and output of the coil is more convenient to perform on one side of the tank.

The system works

system works

  1. indirect heating boiler installation technology in the metal or plastic tank required volume perform hole inlet and outlet pipes for hot water.To secure the ball valves holes or other closures.Conveniently located hole for receiving water from below, and for the selection - from above, with this arrangement, the probability of sudden changes in temperature at the outlet is minimized.At the bottom of the tank, you must also install the drain valve - it is necessary to fully drain the water tank with descaling or repair.
  2. coil is made of a selected diameter of the tube, bent into a spiral szaranee a certain number of turns.Flex tube convenient pattern, such as a steel pipe of suitable diameter.Thus it is impossible to wind too tight, otherwise the spiral will be difficult to remove without kinks.Spiral removed from the template to the pipe ends attached by soldering threaded fittings.

    Sample coil for boiler

    coil pattern for boiler

  3. Perform holes of the coil.By the walls of the tank are welded metal fitting with a threaded connection, to nimkrepyat on screw connections brass coil.Tightness check of the tube with compressed air from the compressor by turning off one of the holes and feeding air to the other.Coil itself is wetted with soap water.If necessary, the tube propaivayut again.It is particularly important to check the tightness of the tube when used as antifreeze coolant.

    A sample from the inside of the boiler

    Sample boiler inside

  4. Perform tight closing cap.A lid should not leave the heat, so it can be fitted with latches.Also insulated tank itself using modern insulation or sprayed foam.For a more aesthetic appearance can be set in a larger tank capacity, fill in the gaps on the principle of the thermos insulation.
A sample of the boiler made ​​with their own hands

boiler sample made with their own hands