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August 12, 2017 18:06

The heating system of a private house - mount technology

Speaking of cozy home, we mean not only the design and layout, but also comfort, which is impossible without climate control system.In most regions, a few months a year in home heating needs.To the heating system at home imposed strict requirements: they must be fire safe, economical and reliable.All these requirements are met by a water heating system with water heated by a boiler - gas, oil, solid fuel elektricheskogoili.

Doing their own hands the heating system


heating system with their own hands when designing the heating system at home as a source of data must take into account the number of storeys, area, degree of insulation at home and the most affordable type of fuel.It is from these characteristics depend on the choice of equipment, pipes, radiators and control apparatus.

boiler Choice

The main factor influencing the choice of the boiler for the heating system of a private house, is the availability of a particular type of fuel.The most economical option is natural gas - the cost of heating homes with gas boiler heat

ing the coolant at times less than using electricity for these purposes.Gas boilers are compact and can be wall-mounted or floor-standing.Depending on the capacity and functionality, they can be installed in a separate room or in the kitchen or bathroom.However, not all settlements are gasified, and a supply pipeline to the house sometimes costs a huge amount.In this case, the use of gas may be impractical, especially for homes with temporary residence.If the remote prospect of connection to the gas there, you can buy a combi boiler that runs on gas and other fuel.

Boilers for home heating

for house heating boilers

diesel boiler - an alternative to the gas, its performance is also high, as the degree of automation of the process of heating the coolant.its operating time without refueling capacity is limited only by the size.Its disadvantage is the need for resettlement of a separate boiler room with a full exhaust ventilation and fuel storage capacity.When installing the fuel tank is necessary to consider the results of the calculation of the required amount of fuel.

Solid fuel boilers are relatively inexpensive and can work on any type of fuel, including wood, coal, pellets.But they have one serious drawback - low degree of process automation.The fuel for these boilers will have to be manually fed, as well as to monitor the degree of heating the coolant.

heating systems of private houses with electric boiler - on tenah or electrodes - are the most expensive with constant use, because the electricity price is high.However, they have excellent reliability, fast heating, the absolute quiet operation and high fire safety.Particularly useful, these boilers for periodic heating of country houses: the price of electric boiler, as a rule, considerably lower than the price on gas or diesel boilers, devices boiler they require and successfully cope not only with the heating task, but also hot water for household needs.

Select the type of heating system

private houses heating systems can be divided into three types:

  • -pipe;
  • -pipe;
  • collector.

-pipe closed system characterized by the fact that the flow of water in the radiator is carried out sequentially, due to which the water temperature in the system was gradually reduced, and the latest battery in the circuit can be warmed very badly.This system is well suited for small private homes, while the wiring must be performed so that the most cold and in need of heating the room were at the beginning of the path.

The circuit wiring pipes for heating homes

wiring diagram for the heating pipes

house pipe system, in contrast to the one-pipe, the gasket includes two circuits - for forward and backward movement of the coolant.Water from the pipe straight path misses the Radiators, where, giving the heat cools down.The reverse movement takes place at the return flow pipes as a result of entering into all radiators the water temperature is about the same.The disadvantages of the system should include a large number of materials and cost of installation, but this system is more effective.Two-pipe systems are commonly used in homes over an area of ​​100 square meters.

Two-pipe system wiring pipes for heating homes

pipe system wiring pipes for heating

home most complex and costly collector is a private home heating system.It is carried out in buildings with several floors or where applicable in addition to radiator heating and warm water even floors.Manifold System - multiple loop, each loop is fed from the reservoir through a temperature controller, so you can turn off or adjust the temperature in any room.

Manifold private home heating system

Manifold private home heating system

heating equipment

To enhance coolant flow in the system, set the circulation pump.Also, in a closed system required the installation of the expansion tank, and the indoor air from contact with the membrane expansion tank ten times reduces the rate of corrosion in the system.

Choice radiators are produced in accordance with the thermal calculations.Type the selected radiator depends on personal desires and financial capabilities, while it may be noted that the most effective and long-lasting are bimetallic radiators and cheap with high efficiency - aluminum.However, it should be remembered that the use of aluminum radiators is not recommended for installation of the heating system with copper pipes and brass fittings.

for heating pipes can take any - both metallic and polypropylene.It is necessary to take into account the manufacturer's recommendations regarding temperature.Metal and copper pipes are durable, but their installation is quite complex, you may need to use welding.PVC pipe is very easy to install and reliable, but they can not be used for the hidden wiring of the heating circuit, because every few years may need to broach all union nuts.For them, in which case you must leave access through auditing hatches.Polypropylene reinforced pipes for heating systems are widely used and very popular.The only prerequisite is their quality installation.

stages of installation of heating systems

After selecting the boiler, equipment and wiring diagrams to begin installation of the heating system.The sequence of operations spelled out below:

  1. Prepare the boiler room or a place for the installation of the boiler of the selected type.The installation of the boiler is better to entrust the Service Centre, but if you decide to install it yourself, remember: you must perform the installation in strict accordance with the instructions, while respecting horizontal installation in any of his plane.

    Driving heating system installation

    heating Arrangement

  2. Mount pipes according to the selected system.The gravity system where the installation of the circulating pump is not available, be sure to observe the angle of slope of the pipes is not less than 3-5 cm per meter.Steel pipes are mounted by welding, copper - solder.Plastic pipes are collected using special fittings and polypropylene - using a special welding installation for welding plastic pipes or polypropylene.

    The process of installation of pipes

    installation process pipes

  3. Install circulation pump and strainer on the return pipe to the circulating pump and the entrance to the boiler.The filter removes particles from the coolant rust and other impurities, prevents the system from damage and blockages.
  4. sets to the desired location of the closed type expansion tank with the membrane.The volume of the tank must comply with thermal calculations, the pressure in the air of the tank is pumped by a compressor or pump.

    expansion tank gated membrane

    expansion tank gated membrane

  5. Mount radiators on the chosen scheme.During fitting, the device is set to remove air from the system - bleed screw.In a two-pipe system mounted crane before each radiator, which will turn off and turn it on, and adjust the temperature if necessary.In a one-pipe system, each radiator is equipped with not only the overlapping cranes, but also bypass pipe - bypass, allowing coolant to circulate at switching-off of a separate radiator.

    Sample liner pipes to radiators

    sample liner pipes to radiators

  6. After installation the system is filled with coolant.Typically, the coolant used ordinary pure water, however, for homes with temporary residence, where the temperature may drop to zero and negative marks, use antifreeze system.After filling the coolant launch a boiler, regulate the pressure of the air in the chamber diaphragm expansion vessel via kompressora.S using the bleed screw is removed from the system and regulate the air temperature conditions in all areas, increasing or decreasing the flow of water to the radiators using the crane.

During the first day in the pipes and radiators usually hear the noise and wildness.This is a normal process associated with the oxidation of the inner surface of the cells with oxygen dissolved in water.If the system is closed, and the expansion tank is sealed, after the stop process, since all the oxygen reacts with the dissolved metal and settles in the filter as an insoluble precipitate.No need to change the water, even if it seems dirty - oxidation process begins again with.