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August 12, 2017 18:06

Doing manual winch : instructions and video

Winch - one of the oldest tools that facilitate the movement of heavy objects, invented by a man well before he knew the laws of physics.The principle of operation is based on the winch lever rule: applying to the hilt little effort you can move and lift quite heavy objects.Winches and hoists are widely used in farming to raise building materials, goods, and even drag and drop for plowing the land.Winch-operated manual or electric drive is also indispensable for those who like traveling on the road.

Hand winch

Hand winch

Buy a winch or do it yourself?What hoist design is better?The answers to these questions depend on how often you are going to use it, which loads to move.Manually operated winches require application of force, but does not depend on the availability of electricity.Electric winch can move loads with more weight without any effort on your part, but it needs to be connected to the mains or battery.Below are a few construction winches, that can be done with their own hands, what winch to choos

e - you decide.

Winch of rope and a piece of pipe

Option simple winch, which can be manufactured in the literal sense of the materials at hand and within minutes, popular with motorists.This structure is a wire fixedly attached to the tube segment assembly in axis.The axis is driven into the ground or secured in any other way.Under the lower coil rope slip any lever: handle of a shovel, a pipe, a solid pole.Turn the lever so that the cable was wound on the tube, you will be able to move quite heavy object such as a stuck vehicle.This device can not be called a full winch, but its function it performs.

Using automotive winch

use automotive winch

Hand winch

to manual winches include any devices to move the loads and having a manual transmission.The most frequent type of winch drum: the cable is wound onto the spool, and rotation of the reel by means of the handle through the reduction gear: Stars worm system or different sizes.The larger gear ratio, the less force is required to attach to the handle.

hand winch Sample

sample hand winch

For efficient operation of hand winch must be rigidly secured to the nepodvizhnomobekte, for it to operate the winch frame mounting holes.The handle is connected to the shaft, which is rigidly fixed to the small sprocket.The coil is fixedly connected with a large star that has little traction with.The cable is attached at one end to the coil to the second end of the hitch or carabiner hook.

winch with manual or electric drive with your hands

If you have the skills to work with welding machine, you can make your own winch from scrap materials.

Make hoist with his own hands

Make hoist with his own hands

You will need:

  • rectangular tube frame for implementation;
  • pipe or ready to drum shaft;
  • Sheet metal drum disks 3 mm thick;
  • studs with M10-M12 threaded length 24 cm - 6 pieces, nuts;
  • tube with a diameter of Ø14 - 6 equal segments of 20 cm;
  • large and small sprocket and chain;
  • hubs for mounting the drum on the shaft and the shaft for mounting to the frame;
  • Lever for hand drive, petrol or electric motor, powered by a ~ 220 or the car battery;
  • Cable desired length with snap hook at the end;
  • welder and electrodes;
  • Bulgarka with a cutting and grinding discs;
  • paint and primer for metal;

set of wrenches.

winch manufacturing technology:

  1. By drawing grinder cut rectangular tube 20x20 mm frame.All compounds made perpendicular obtained by trimming workpieces at the angle of 45 degrees.

    The drawing frame future winch

    frame drawing future winch

  2. decomposed blank on a flat surface.To weld the winch frame using the welding machine dot in place of the compound preparations.Check perpendicular angles and match the size, and then completely boiled joints.Pad welded sheet metal with longitudinal slots for fastening the drive motor.Remove scale and burrs grinding wheel grinder.

    We weld the frame ( frame ), winch using the welding machine

    We weld the frame (frame), winch using the welding machine

  3. sanded the frame, cover it with primer for metal, and after drying - paint or enamel in two layers.

    Sanded winch frame and cover paint

    sanded frame and winch inking

  4. Getting drum manufacturing.From sheet metal cut out two circles of the same diameter -. About 30 cm in the center of each circle of drill hole for the shaft diameter, also perform six holes at a distance of 7-8 cm from the center.Reams holes for mounting the hub - 4 on each disk.Krepjat hub on the bolt connection.Fasten the drum discs with pins: each pin is fixed in one disk, put on her tube Ø14, then put on the studs and tighten the second drive on the nuts and locknuts.

    The manufacturing process for the drum winches

    drum manufacturing process for the winch

  5. drum is attached to the shaft.The shaft can be made of suitable diameter metal pipe or use of high strength steel finished shaft from any machine.On the shaft outward from a large sprocket fixed drum - may be used by an asterisk motorcycle gear boxes, for example.On the protruding shaft mounted hub portion for securing the drum to the frame.

    drum mounting shaft

    drum mounting

  6. shaft Install the drum shaft on the frame, fixing them by means of external hub and bolts.On site set electric or gasoline engine is rigidly attached to the output shaft of a small asterisk.Put on the chain and adjust its tension by moving the motor at the site in rectangular mounting slots to the optimum position.The chain should not sag, but also too much tension is not desirable - to increase the wear stars, can also occur circuit.Check the chain tension can be by turning the drum hands - it should not deter rotation of the drum when unwinding the rope.

    The process of joining the winch to the frame parts

    process of accession to the winch parts

  7. frame coiled wire, securing it to the shaft end.The other end of the cable is provided with a solid carbine.For ease of movement of the winch is fixed to the frame with the wheel set with the help of the shank.

    Is wound onto the cable drum

    winding drum to rope

  8. shank on the opposite side for mounting the winch to the vehicle.Drum in this case it is recommended to close the protective cover, which prevents the penetration of dirt and sediment on the cable.

    Mount the winch to the vehicle

    mount the winch to the vehicle

  9. If the drive is scheduled to perform a universal, from the outside of the shaft may be provided attachment handle.In this case, the absence of fuel or electricity can be used by hand winch.

presented winch design is simple and reliable, and although it is not possible to change the gear ratio, reverse and other auxiliary functions, the task of moving heavy loads in a horizontal plane, it performs perfectly.If necessary, lift the load to a great height so the winch can be used in conjunction with manual hoist or just throwing the rope over a solid support.

Thus in today's lesson, we discussed the creation of a manual winch with their hands, subscribe to our group and be aware of all the important news !.