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August 12, 2017 18:06

Smokehouse from the barrel with his hands

Smoked homemade - delicious delicacy and environmentally friendly, and will help to prepare them smokehouse from the barrel, made with his own hands.There are many types of smokehouses, made of various materials, but the most simple way that requires minimal costs, a smoker from the barrel.

How to make a smokehouse from the barrel

How do smokehouse from the barrel

device smokehouse

In any smokehouse, regardless of the material from which it is made, must have two cameras: one burn wood or special chips with the formation of a large amount of smoke in theother downloadable pre-salted meat, fish, cheese and other products.The chambers may be separated by a chimney and can be arranged one above the other.In the first case are the products of cold smoking, as smoke, advancing through the tube, time to cool down.In the second case - smoked products, as occurs at elevated cooking temperatures.

design of oil lamps is somewhat different.Smoker for cold smoking of the barrel has a remote wood-burning stove, welded from sheet metal folded or b

rick.Smoking chamber consists of a barrel, which are fixed hooks or bars for placing products in one or more tiers.Top smokehouse closed perforated lid hardwood or jute sacks - Cover does not allow smoke to escape, thus releasing water vapor.Wood-burning stove connected to a chimney smoke chamber.Its length depends on the temperature of the smoke entering the smoking chamber.Firewood for such an option smokehouses must be of high quality: from the hardwood dry, not rotten.The best option is considered to be an alder, as well as fruit trees and their branches.

The design of the furnace

furnace design

in the smokehouse for smoked using smoke, the resulting decay of sawdust or chips, laid on the bottom of the smoking chamber.At the bottom, under the smoke chamber, arrange the usual wood-burning stove with a tap of smoke.Products put on the grill.As a result of fatty smoked meats or fish oil may be released, under the grate for the products you need to install a continuous pan, leaving a gap between the walls of the chamber for smoke.

Sample smokehouse

Sample smokehouse

Smokehouse from the barrel:

manufacturing technology Materials:

  • Metal drums of 100-200 liters;
  • Trim valve diameter 6-8 mm
  • Wire lattice, steel or copper;
  • sheet iron of 3-4 mm thickness for making the bottom of the smoking chamber;
  • Trim corners to manufacture the legs;
  • hinges, door of the furnace;
  • snip the tube diameter of about 10 cm to perform chimney;
  • welding machine and Bulgarian.

Barrel for making the smoker must be clean inside, no residues of chemicals or substances with a strong odor.If the barrel is dirty, it should be cleaned or burn with a blowtorch.

Barrel for manufacturing smokehouse

Barrel for manufacturing smokehouse

  1. If sealed drum, cut off her cover using grinders or welding machine.The cover can be used to manufacture the pallet smoking chamber.
  2. lower part of the barrel - the furnace, it is necessary to perform the door to load the wood and out the chimney.Hole for door cut with the welder or grinder, approximate dimensions - 20 by 30 cm cut out a portion used for the manufacture of doors:. Welded to it loop handle with a latch, and the door is set in the furnace.
  3. In the bottom of the barrel makes several longitudinal holes - they will play the role of ash and serve for the removal of ash from topki.Primerno at a height of 1/3 of the barrels are welded bottom of the smoking chamber of the iron sheet.To the bottom is not burned, and uniform heat distribution to better perform its steel 4.3 mm thick.
  4. hole chimney perform the diameter of the pipe on the opposite side of the combustion chamber.The tube is folded and welded to the furnace.The height of the tube should be small, otherwise the draft in the furnace is too strong, and the temperature in the smokehouse will be too high, which would entail an active selection of the fat and juice products.
  5. welded to the barrel feet from the corner.Feet allow you to create an air gap between the furnace and the ground, to improve the burning firewood.
  6. can not make the combustion chamber in a barrel, and fold it out of brick in a convenient location area.In this case, the bottom of the smoke chamber is the bottom of the barrel itself, and will increase the useful volume of the smokehouse.The front wall of the brick furnace spread only halfway through the resulting hole lay the wood.For the removal of smoke left a hole in the masonry behind the combustion chamber.

    General view of the smokehouse

    General view smokehouse

  7. From drum lid or thin sheet steel pallet for making juice and fat.The diameter of the pan must be smaller than the diameter of the barrel of 3-5 cm - this will ensure the unimpeded circulation of smoke in the smokehouse.To set the tray to the walls of the barrels are welded crosswise two pieces of reinforcement at the height of 10-15 cm from the bottom of the smoking chamber.They then set the pallet.The ability to remove the pan makes it more convenient for loading chips smoked and pan cleaning.By the pallet can be welded loop of reinforcement - so it will be easier to remove it and put in place.
  8. At the top of the smokehouse is performed for the lattice support.They are made from armature in loops, arranged on four sides of the barrel.Hinges should not interfere with the recess of the pallet.The height of the drum depends on the size and number of grids: in a big barrel can be done in two or three tiers, which will increase the volume of simultaneous loading of products.The distance between the bars 10-15 cm.
  9. lattice made of thin wire fixed to the frame.To evenly bend thick wire for the lattice frame, you need to wrap it around the barrel, crop, decreasing by 5-7 cm and seal the ends.Samu grate made of thin wire grating step - 2-3 cm

    The grid for the smoker

    grille smokehouse

  10. Make cover hardwood with small holes that allow excess moisture to leave..The cover can be replaced by a bag made of jute.

Using smokehouse

in a smokehouse, you can use any wood, including pine.Smoke from burning wood is given out and used for smoking the smoke from the smoldering chips of hardwood, which gives the products a beautiful golden color and delicate taste without bitterness.The chips can be made independently, planed knife dry tree: alder, apple, plum, cherry plum;or use a ready - it is sold in stores gardening products.Chips put an even layer on the bottom of the smoking chamber, on a cross-shaped reinforcement put the tray on-site bars.On the grill is placed the fish, meat, bacon or cheese, tied with twine or cotton thread.Top smokehouse cover with a lid or bag.

Video - smokehouse from the barrel with his hands

Melt furnace.When heated, the bottom of the smoking chamber chips starts to smolder, and smoking chamber is filled with smoke.Time-smoked fish - about 30 minutes, the meat and fat - 50-70 minutes, the cheese - 40 minutes.Products made in the smokehouse from the barrel with his hands, all-natural, healthy and very tasty.

Preparation of products in the smokehouse

cooking products in the smokehouse

from the barrel can also do a fairly simple smokehouse smoked.