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August 12, 2017 18:06

Can I put a tile on a tile

When repairing flats often have a situation where instead of the old tiles need to put a new one.The cost of removing the old tiles - hard work, coupled with the need to not only remove the tiles, but also make large amounts of construction debris, level the floor or wall.Therefore, the question "is it possible to put the tiles on the tiles" arises in such cases very often.Is it possible?Yes, under certain conditions.

The process of laying tile on tile

process of laying tile on tile

Survey old tiles

To find out whether you can put a new tile to the old, it is necessary to examine the strength of its attachment to the base.To do this, first inspect the tiles in order to detect cracks and chips, there is no fragments.If a tile is held firmly mean, it rattle wooden hammer, and in the presence of chatter or cracking chips coming loose tiles.If most of the tile keeps badly, and it contains a vacuum, it would have to dismantle, to align the floor or walls, and only then put new tile.

is also necessary to find out whether there is a

floor level above the threshold level of room.Too large thickness of the coating on the walls and does not look aesthetically pleasing, and in this case also is better to remove the tiles.

Removing the old tiles

Removing old tiles

Laying tiles on the tiles

If the condition of the old coating is satisfactory, and decided to put the tiles on the tiles, you must give the old tile surface roughness, otherwise to achieve good adhesion of the new tiles will be impossible.You can do this in several ways:

  • Delete glossy top layer of tiles;
  • Make incisions on the tile;
  • Treat the surface with a special primer.

The first two time-consuming and involve a large amount of dust.The third method requires additional material costs for the purchase of a primer.

removal of the top layer as well as the execution of incisions, performed by the Bulgarian.This is done in order to make contact with the bottom tile adhesive desiccant bed of the old tile.The top layer of tiles can be removed not completely, with the area of ​​contact with the tile adhesive must not be less than 60%.Notches are applied at a distance of 1-2 cm apart.

more modern way to give a smooth waterproof surface roughness - handling its primer-concrete contact.This primer has excellent adhesion to the upper layer of glazed tiles and creates a rough coating on top of it, on which rests perfectly tile adhesive.

Concrete Primer concrete - contact

Concrete Primer concrete-contact

tiling technology on the tiles:

  1. obscure places and chipped breakaway tiles cement-sand mortar or tile adhesive flush with the rest of the surface and waiting for him vysyhaniya.Poverhnost tiles are cleaned from dirt, limedeposits and stains and wipe dry.

    Obscure chipped tile on the old

    obscure chipped tile on the old

  2. Apply primer on the tile-concrete contact with a brush or roller and wait 2-4 hours until it dries.
  3. primer can be replaced by a partial removal of the glaze with the old tiles.Carry out this work with the help of grinders, thus it is necessary to use protective eyewear, as well as possible, and chipped tiles detachment of small particles that can damage glaza.Gruntovku can be replaced by a partial removal of the glaze with the old tiles.Carry out this work with the help of grinders, thus it is necessary to use protective eyewear, as well as possible, and chipped tiles detachment of small particles that can damage your eyes.
  4. Apply tile adhesive using a smooth trowel, level, giving it relief with a notched trowel and laid tile on the conventional technology.

    Laying tiles

    Laying tiles

  5. drying glue in this case lasts a little longer, as the base has a low absorption capacity.Therefore it is not recommended to work on the grout on the tile and go for 3-4 days after laying.Grout produce a rubber spatula with special formulations.

    for grouting tile works

    Works on tile grout

In some cases, laying tiles on the tiles is not recommended

tiles, laid on top of the old one, can serve faithfully for many years, but there are situations where this is not recommended.Laying tiles on the tile is undesirable if:

  1. While rapping tile is not destroyed, but the sound is uneven.This indicates the presence of air voids, and tiles, laid on top of the cover, will create too great a burden on the old mortar, making tiles will disappear with the old.
  2. room, such as bathroom, has a very small area and poorly aligned wall.In this case, the laying of tiles on top of old tiles and a thick layer of plaster greatly reduces the useful dimensions of the room, and it is better to remove the old paint and trim to make all the rules.
  3. tile is very old and prone to the formation of small cracks, chips, destruction of the top layer.Tiles laid on such a basis, will lie for long, and will have to redo everything.
  4. Under the old tiles are laid without the old communication device revision hatches and access to the pipes.If necessary, replace the pipe will have to carry out large-scale dismantling and removing the tiles at once, both layers.More rational to spend a little more time and money on removal and laying of new pipes and tiles.
  5. floor covered with tiles, uneven or has a large enough bias that needs to be leveled.In this case it is better to remove not only the tiles, but sometimes the old screed floor repair and make all the rules.