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August 12, 2017 18:06

Technology - how to make the lattice on the windows with their hands

grates on the windows of a country house or an apartment on the ground floor - this is not only a guarantee of security and privacy of home.Grilles may be decorative element of the window and give it a charm and personality.Of course, custom grilles, especially in the case of multiple windows - it is not cheap.But with some of the skills of working with metal and the welding machine, they may well be to do with their hands.

Lattices on windows for a country house with their hands

Screens in a country house with their hands window

Variety of protective grilles on

window lattices can be both deaf, rigidly fixed to the wall and swinging and sliding, lockable from the inside.The first version though is a good protection against thieves, but from the point of view of fire safety is not always acceptable.Solid non-removable grille in the event of a fire can become an insurmountable obstacle, so they can be installed only in buildings and premises, which have two independent outputs.

Grids can be both deaf and hinged

lattices can be both deaf and swing

Sliding grilles, they tend to bu

y ready-made - their production requires high precision and mobility design.Save in this case can be except for a self-installation technology which differs little from the installation of hinged gratings.

Sliding bars on windows

sliding bars on the windows

Swing lattice - perhaps the most simple to install and self-manufacture, and at the same time convenient and secure a variety of bars on the windows, which can be successfully run their own hands.Swing lattice operate lockable from the inside to the mortise lock.The material for the manufacture of grids can be varied: bars, metal strip, wrought iron decorative elements.The simplest implementation of a lattice of rods formed by welding.On the technology of their production will be discussed.

Swing bars on windows

Swing bars on the windows


  1. Before starting work, remove the measurement from the windows.The width of the grating is the window opening width minus 5.6 cm. The gratings may be slightly below the window, and the gap between the bars and the window opening must be such that it was impossible to climb through it.
  2. After the measurements performed a sketch on a scale where the main draws and decorative elements.If you have a complex lattice pattern, it is necessary to measure the drawing very large openings and multiplying the results of measurements on the scale to find out their real size, not to be after manufacture, through them possible penetration into the attacker's house.If
  3. swing lattice made of two valves must be provided on each valve seat lock fastening.You can make one flap rigidly fixed, and the second - swing that will make the design more rigid with fire safety compliance.This hinged flap should be placed in a fully opening window sash.

    swing lattice sample of two valves

    Sample swing lattice of two valves

  4. drawing up a sketch, you must remember to not tilt grating, they must have a sufficient number of stiffeners.It is more convenient to perform them in the frame of a corner, corner connecting rod.More delicate lattice of complex shape is made with this requirement: they must contain horizontal and vertical elements, linked to the maximum possible number of points.
  5. After the sketch is calculated the required amount of material: rods and brackets for arrays, corrugated rods for pins, fixed in the wall, as well as the number of decorative and closures, as well as the hinge pins.

From tools and support materials you need:

  • Bulgarka and circles on metal;
  • welding machine;
  • Hammer drill with a diameter of 1-2 mm smaller than the diameter corrugated rods for pins;
  • Hammer;
  • Trim corner or a metal strip for fixing the hinge pins;
  • primer and paint for metal.

technology implementation gratings

  1. prepared material is cut according to the sketch.If necessary, create a complex pattern rod bent.It is more convenient to do it at a pre-manufactured pattern.For the rounded elements can be used metal pipe of suitable diameter.If grids pattern is repeated in mirror image - do not forget about it when preparing parts.
  2. to weld the bars on the design.Making it comfortable on a flat surface, such as on a metal bench or tarmac.Welding starts with the frame or the extreme elements prihvatyvaya them to spot welding.Thereafter, measure the lattice diagonals is compared, and if the result corresponds to the sketch, the assembly of the lattices continue.
  3. If the lattice is performed without a skeleton, in the place of installation of hinges and the lock rods to be welded lattice lengths of the metal strips or corners.Also welded to one of the lattices the steel strip, which is attached to the vertical locking bolts.
  4. Fix in slopes windows pins.For this purpose the lattice is applied to the finished window are aligned, mark the installation location based on fixing pins hinge pins.To secure enough bivalve gratings pins 8 - two on each side of the window, above and below.
  5. a Punch drill hole depth of 10-15 cm on the slopes. They pierce pins corrugated rod so that the surface was 2-3 cm rod.If necessary, it can be cut grinder.Area is welded on the rod or the metal strip in the form of a skeleton.
  6. welded hinges so that they were sent to the counter - it will make the bars permanent.Insert into the loops mate, applied grating and welded them to the place of loops.
  7. All metal parts cleaned of scale, covered with primer and after drying - the paint on metal.

grates on the windows can become a real decoration of your windows, if you show a little imagination.When painting, you can cover them completely or partially patina layer, thereby creating a lattice of "antique".It can be mounted on a wrought-iron elements with floral motifs or ornaments.At the bottom of the grating can also make a holder flower boxes.In this case the main thing - keep in mind that the design of this should perform its main function and protect against intruders.