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August 12, 2017 18:06

Turn-based technology insulation iron door

Metal door - perfect protection against burglary and intruders, but it protects against the cold badly.Metal has excellent thermal conductivity, so the temperature inside of the door will be practically the same as outside.This can lead to condensation of metallic structural elements which will deteriorate with time.In addition, between the metal door frame and a mandatory leave a gap of 5-8 mm, and through him to the apartment gets cold air, which is also a cause of deterioration of the climate in your home.

Insulate the front iron door

insulate the front iron door

All these hassles can be avoided if to warm the front metal door.Run warming may be using a variety of materials, and the most popular ones are fibrous or foam plates.their use of technology for thermal insulation of the iron door as a whole is similar, and thermal performance are similar, they differ on the mechanical properties and fire safety.

Fibrous materials: mineral and rock wool

For Fibre thermal insulation are mineral wool and stone, made in the form

of solid plates or rolled materials.They have excellent insulating properties, does not support combustion, it is a good shumoizolyatorom, easily mounted and fit into the door frame size.At the same time it has a major drawback: when wet fibrous materials lose volume, and then sharply decrease their insulating properties.Therefore, when the door separates the warm and cold room flat, and on the metal surface can condense, the use of mineral wool impractical.Its use is recommended in the heated porches of houses.

Materials for insulation doors

for insulation materials doors

foam and polystyrene foam

-vspenenny polymer material, which is filled with air bubbles.Polystyrene has a similar structure, but it is not filled with air, nitrogen, thus significantly less susceptible to degradation and burning, while its price is slightly higher.Both materials are produced in the form of plates of different thicknesses, so you can choose the thickness of the insulation layer, which will insulate the iron door and to achieve the desired thermal insulating properties.Styrofoam and polystyrene are not afraid of moisture, so you can use them in any room.

Thermal insulation of doors using foam

Warming door using foam

Materials and

tool Besides insulation, selected according to your conditions, you will need:

  • sheet of laminated chipboard or plywood the size of the door, taking into account the framework for the implementation of the inner casing;
  • Bar of dry wood to make an internal skeleton, which is mounted inside
  • Polyurethane foam;
  • plaster or plaster;
  • polymer seal in the form of tape;
  • contact universal glue for mounting the insulation to the metal surface;
  • jigsaws and screwdrivers;
  • sharp knife for cutting the insulation;
  • spatula.

Warming doorframe

metal door Box is usually made from the corner, enshrined in the walls with metal pins.Between the frame and the wall are often left gaps that the installation hastily sealed with foam.In foam has one drawback - unprotected from light radiation, it soon loses its properties and destroyed.Identify it can be the yellow or brown old foam.If your door is insulated box so, you must remove the old foam insulation and perform again.

  1. To do this, a wall adjacent to the door frame, cleaned the old insulation residues embroider plaster to a solid base, and the remnants of the dust is removed.
  2. surface is moistened with water, whereupon the gap opening and a depth of 2 cm zapenivayut assembly foam.
  3. After the foam expands and hardens, carefully cut the excess with a sharp knife.

Box trim plaster or putty, which will play a protective and decorative role.Zapenennuyu so door frame stops flowing cold air.

Technology insulation foam box door

technology insulation door frame foam

Warming door

Before starting work on warming is necessary to remove overhead doors elements: eye, pen and pad lock.

  1. Warming doors begin to consolidate the internal wooden framework, which will subsequently be attached inner lining.It is performed from a dry bar around the perimeter and along the transverse stiffeners.The bar is attached to the frame of the door, without disturbing the integrity of the sheet metal on the screws.Bar thickness should be chosen such that it was flush with the projecting structural elements.
  2. between wooden bars laid fibrous or foam insulation material.Hooking it can be a vraspor between the bars, and the glue.The most secure mounting of insulation can be achieved by combining these sposoby.Raskroy insulation material to produce so that the gaps between it and the frame is minimal.Insulation as fiber and foam, comfortable cut with the sharp thin knife, using a metal ruler.

    Technology insulation metal door

    technology insulation metal door

  3. surface of the door coat with glue.Glue is applied strips or a continuous thin layer, then apply the insulation and tightly pressed against him.

After exposure needed for the glue has dried, check the insulation in the absence of gaps.Large gaps zapenivayut mounting foam, followed by cutting flush with the insulation, gaps of less than 0.5 mm can be filled with thin strips of foam, using all the same glue.



Internal facing the door and door seal gap

inner lining plays a triple role: it protects the insulation from damage, an additional sound and heat insulation, and performs a decorative function.Therefore, the interior decoration of special requirements: it must be not only durable and water-resistant, but also aesthetically pleasing look.Typically, the interior trim is made of laminated chipboard or MDF, you can also do it from the water-resistant plywood, pasted with artificial leather.

  1. are cut from selected material canvas size doors.The cloth should be flush with the outer door frame, but does not act beyond it, otherwise the door will not close.The cloth is cut out holes for keyhole peephole handle.You can do this jigsaw.
  2. If the inner lining is made of plywood, decorated with artificial skin, then to secure the fabric to the frame need obtyanut his skin.Skin cuts out fabric plus size 10 cm on each side.Allowances are folded onto the inner side of that target and in upholstery staples.Additionally, you can from the front of the skin consolidate decorative nails.
  3. leaf is attached to the frame of the bar on the screws previously missed sticks universal glue around the perimeter.Screws are fixed at regular intervals of 30-40 cm on the perimeter of the entire door.Self is better to choose with decorative caps.
  4. Establish the necessary elements: eye, handle, keyholes.

    Installing the door handles Insulated

    Installing Insulated door handles

  5. For the final warming, as well as high-quality sound insulation must be installed sealing polymeric tape around the perimeter of the door frame.It is attached to a specially designed for this adhesive layer on the tape.

    Installation of the sealing polymer tape

    Installation of the sealing polymer tape

door, warmed by all the rules, well keeps the heat inside the house and is a reliable protection against noise.The term of service doors as well increases as insulation provides protection from condensation of metal structures.