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August 12, 2017 18:06

Methods to get rid of mold in the bathroom

Black mold appearing on the walls of the bathroom and other wet areas - a fungus.Fighting with him sometimes lasts for years, because thanks to microscopic spores it scatters and affects all new sites, at the same time deeply rooted in the structure of porous materials.

Sample from inside the mold

sample mold inside

Black mold - is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also dangerous.toxic metabolic products of fungi and can penetrate into the human body even through the pores in the skin, causing allergy, respiratory diseases and general intoxication.Some species of fungi are able to grow even in the airways in contact with spores breathing.So fight the fungus it is necessary, preventing its spread.

Causes of mold

Where does mold?Popular rumor says clearly - from damp.And it is - the truth, the fungus begins to grow at a humidity of at least 70%, and the optimum humidity for its development is 90%.Temperature is not so important, some types of fungus can grow well at high temperatures, and familiar to us, a comfortable t

emperature in the bathroom is the optimum for mold.

Sample mold in the bathroom

sample mold in the bathroom

Total humidity increases while taking a shower or bath in the bathroom, in contact with water on different surfaces, as well as the formation of condensate.Therefore, all the measures of the global fight against mold should be primarily aimed at addressing the causes of its occurrence.

The causes of mold include:

  • Poor ventilation bathroom due to lack of drawing;
  • Poor heating towel rail (coil);
  • Decorating the walls of the room bathroom porous materials capable of accumulating moisture;
  • Leaks in the mixer, in the pipes;
  • condensation on the walls and pipes caused by temperature differences.

fungus pores can enter any premises and retain the ability to germinate for years, and to fight it useless.It is necessary to prevent the emergence of conditions for its development.

Methods of dealing with mold

methods of struggle are reduced to two major areas:

  • Eliminating moisture;
  • use of antiseptic solutions and preventing the development and growth of the fungus.

fight should be comprehensive, and only if the removal of mold is complete, and the effect - the long-term.

Eliminating moisture

  1. main method of struggle with the humidity is sufficient ventilation of the bathroom.In typical building houses usually by natural ventilation is realized through the vents in the top of the wall or ceiling.They go into the general ventilation kanal.Proverte quality rod and attach to the grille of the ventilating window sheet of thin paper.If traction is good, the sheet is held by air flow.With the lack of traction necessary to clean the ventilation grid, and sometimes himself ventilation kanal.Esli this measure was not enough, can be installed in a ventilation window grille with integrated exhaust fan.It is necessary to ensure a flow of air from other rooms, for example, for some time to open the door.

    A sample of the ventilation in the bathroom

    sample in the bathroom ventilation

  2. temperature in the bathroom is also important: the higher the temperature the moisture evaporates faster, better surface dry.Ideally, a bathroom should be 2-3 degrees warmer than in the rest of the premises.This can be achieved by installing additional coils or radiators and floor heating using the apparatus in a bathroom.
  3. You must eliminate all leaks in the water, replace the gasket in the taps, to install modern faucets, valves.It is also possible to replace metal pipes with plastic - they no condensation.
  4. If the bathroom is located at the outer walls of the house, on the walls during the cold season can also be formed condensate.In this case, better insulate the wall.It is also necessary to insulate the floor on the ground floor - it will not only reduce the humidity, but also improve the general atmosphere in the bathroom.

premises Processing antiseptics

  1. Before treatment is necessary to conduct a thorough cleaning moldy areas with a view to eliminating colonies of fungi and their spores.To do this, first of all, you need to wear rubber gloves and respirator - the waste products of the fungus are dangerous to health.

    The process of removing mold and mildew with a brush

    process of removing mold and mildew brush

  2. Mould wash with a sponge and warm water with the use of chlorine-containing detergents.If the mold was formed on a smooth surface, such as tile, this measure is often enough to remove the mold.Additionally, you need to handle the tiles with special antiseptics from mildew or concentrated chlorine solution.

    Mould sponge wash using bleach and warm water

    Mould sponge wash using bleach and warm water

  3. If the fungus has penetrated deeper than, for example, in the grout between the tiles, you need to remove the old grout trowel and thoroughly dry the wall.For dry hair, you can use the building.Then coat with antiseptic joints from mold.This should be done twice, waiting for the complete drying of the antiseptic solution.After that, make the grout joints in the usual way.At a dilution of the dry mixture to add zatirkimozhno antiseptic.

    Remove the old liner exposed to mold

    remove old liner exposed to mold

  4. If mold has penetrated deep under the tile or in a layer of plaster, for its complete eradication is necessary to fight off the tile and remove the layer of plaster, clean concrete surface with a wire brush and impregnate antiseptic with a brush orspray.After waiting for the complete drying of the solution applied to the second layer of antiseptic.Next make the finish of the walls in the usual way.

    Antiseptics against mold cleaning bath

    antiseptics cleaning bathroom mildew

  5. In very advanced cases, severe cases of the walls in the area more than 1-2 square meters is better to entrust this work to professionals.They will mold analysis to determine the strain of the fungus, and then select the most effective means and concentration.

After all the work on the elimination of the fungus must be timely to service ducts, and when re-emergence of even small areas of mold and re-conduct preventive treatment the surface of the walls every two to three months.