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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to connect the chandelier with three wires - instruction

Connecting lighting seems a simple task.It would seem that what is so tough - to connect the two wires coming from the ceiling?However, sometimes in front of the home master gets an unexpected problem: what to do if the chandelier is not two, but three wires?Where and how to connect them?Let's try to sort out this issue.

Connecting the chandelier with three wires with their own hands

Connecting chandelier with three wires with their hands

Required tools

To properly connect the chandelier you will need:

  • Indicator screwdriver or voltage indicator;
  • multimeter;
  • pliers;
  • knife;
  • terminal block into three terminals;
  • insulating tape.

will also need your ladder or a stable stand, a marker, a sheet of paper and a passport to the luminaire.

Determination destination wires in the chandelier

The simplest - is to use electric circuitry, which can be found in the data sheet on the light fixture.It is usually stated purpose of all wires and how they connect.According to the accepted standards of colors of the wires should be done so:

  • White or brown wire - ph
  • Blue wire - nil;
  • green and yellow wire - protective earth.

If there is no documentation on the chandelier, and the colors of the wires does not indicate clearly that they belong, it is necessary to determine their function with a multimeter.

  1. To do this, you need to install the meter in continuity mode and momentarily short-circuit the probes.At the same time you will hear a beep, indicating that the measurement limit is properly selected and defective device.

    Multimeter for continuity wire

    multimeter for continuity wires

  2. Twisting of light bulbs chandelier.The cartridges visually define two contact: phase, spring - it is in the center, and zero on the side and when fitting the lamp in contact with the cap.

    Wriggle out of the cartridge chandeliers

    wriggle out of the cartridge chandeliers

  3. Find a neutral wire.A multimeter probe put on the side contact any of the rounds, and second alternately touch the bare wires coming out of the chandelier.If you touch one of the wires will hear a beep - this wire is zero.It should be noted marker or by any other means.

    Detection technology neutral conductor with a multimeter

    detection technology neutral conductor with a multimeter

  4. Find a live wire.To do this, put a multimeter probe on the middle contact any of the cartridge, and the second touch to the two remaining wires.With the help of the audio signal determines the phase wire, note his or stored.
  5. Determine the number of circuits.For this one multimeter probe fixed to the results phase conductor and the other one by one touch to the middle phase of the contact rounds.In single-chandeliers signal will be heard when you touch any of the cartridges.If part of the cartridges is not connected to the circuit, check for the presence of the second circuit by touching the probes to the middle contacts of the cartridges and the third wire.The signal will confirm that dual chandelier, and a second wire - also phase.
  6. If fixture has a single loop, the appointment of the third wire - grounding.You can check this as follows: touch one probe to the metal parts of the body chandeliers, and the other - to the third wire.I should also sound signal.

Connect dual-lamps to

power to properly connect the chandelier with three wires, two of which phase it is necessary to examine the switch and wires coming out of the ceiling.The simplest case - when the switch dvuhklavishny, and from the ceiling out three wires.Determine the purpose of these wires can be so:

  1. Take indicator screwdriver or voltage signal.
  2. Turn on both the switch.
  3. Alternately touch pointer voltage to the stripped ends of the three wires.In contact with the phase conductors will light bulb on stress index.Note
  4. phase wire marker.
  5. Disconnect switch.Check all three wires again.The lamp must not light up!
  6. Connect the phase conductors alternately chandeliers to the selected phase wire harness, and connect zero wire.The lamination is performed by a terminal block or twist with insulating caps or tape.
  7. Check chandelier work, including turn both keys.
Wiring chandeliers network

Wiring chandeliers network

If the switch-button, and the ceiling of leaves only two wires, you need to check them out when the switch voltage indicator and find the phase and neutral wires.Phase wire chandeliers combine with each other and with the phase conductor wiring, neutral conductors are also connected.Check the activation and deactivation of the chandelier.

If the switch is one-button, and the wires in the wiring of three, it is necessary to find out the appointment of the third wire.For that include switch and checked for the presence of voltage wires.If the phase is detected at two wires, then you need to replace the switch nadvuhklavishny and chandelier can be connected by a three-wire circuit.If only one phase wire, and the third wire has a yellow-green insulation, the connection is produced as in the previous case: the two phase conductors is connected to the chandelier wiring phase conductor and the grounding conductor are isolated and removed.

Determination of tension on the wires by means of electro - screwdriver

Determination of stress on the wires by means of electro-screwdriver

Connecting the chandeliers with ground wire

If the luminaire has a metal body, it must be grounded.The new apartments all power, including lighting, according to the standards should have the grounding conductor yellow-green color.If your network meets this requirement, it is sufficient to connect the lamps to connect the wires to the corresponding color-coded via terminal block or twist.

If the old network, and the insulation of all wires have the same color, you should proceed in the following order:

  1. Determine the amount and purpose of the wires coming out of the ceiling.If the two wires, that include a switch and voltage phase and the pointer is zero.Turn off the switch and attached wires to the corresponding wires chandeliers, and the ground wire from the chandelier isolated.
  2. If the wires are three, then do the same.If the network has two separate circuit breaker and dvuhklavishny, the phase wire harness are combined and connected to the phase wire chandeliers, zero wire harness and chandeliers also connect and ground - isolated.


When you connect any electrical appliances need to be careful.All wiring and connection should be performed only when the circuit breaker after checking the voltage on the wires.Designated twists isolated with special caps or insulating tape.If you doubt that you can connect the chandelier with three wires correctly, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.