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August 12, 2017 18:06

Warming of the attic floor

Warming of the attic floor

considering how to insulate the attic floor, no harm will be to understand the technology used for this purpose, focused on the use of insulation material for pitched or flat roof.

To date, this is wiser to use, of course, the materials of the modern sample, having the requisite quality.

example, can be identified among those mineral wool used for thermal insulation.

Ready plates in this case neatly stacked directly between the bars of roof systems, as they can be put, and along the top of the attic ceiling.

avoid the formation of "bridges" cold in the room, as well as to prevent ruptures of thermal insulation systems, laying mineral wool should be carried out continuously in such a way so that no gaps and crevices.

One plate, thus, should overlap the outer layer of insulation.


deciding what to insulate the attic floor, the technology can also be used to backfill an additional overlap.

For this purpose, a layer of the already existing bulk insulation material is placed next, th

e second layer.

It can be made based on any scrap materials, including waste in the form of sawdust, wood chips, straw, etc.

Generally, the thicker the layer, the greater the likelihood that the room will be warm even in the harshest cold.Advantageously, the thickness of the layer is performed in the range of 5-10 centimeters.

Regarding the chimney, then around them needs to be done dumping, using non-flammable materials.

In that case, if you plan to frequent walking in the attic, you have to prepare for the inconvenience that this will be connected.

fact that it will cause unevenness in the seal of the attic floor, and its displacement - as a result of walking in the attic, it becomes clear, it would be extremely inconvenient.

for functional and habitable attic better if the strong and thick planks are stacked on top of filling.In addition, you can also use the boards, which can withstand the weight of a person freely.


should be noted that high-quality insulation not only give the house warmth, but also contribute to a significant increase in service life.

The important point is to avoid getting into the attic vapor, or moisture, are regularly collected on the roof, it will inevitably lead to its destruction, and the replacement of the roof, as one might expect, will cost a considerable sum negligent landlord.