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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bend drywall for arches

Bend drywall for arches

curly elements regulated facilities are very popular, so the question is - how to bend drywall arches, excites many people who own their home repairs.

Today, experts suggest three ways, which are actively used in the finishing works in residential areas.

The first method is based on the bending of the drywall sheet rolling special spiked roller.In the absence of a roller, you can use an awl.

With it makes a hole on the marked lines, drafted across the sheet of drywall.The holes should not be through.

should just pierce the cardboard cover of a finishing material.Perforated side should thus be concave.

Then you need to wet drywall, so that was dampened only the front side.Otherwise humidification is excessive.

material is then placed on a special form.You can also bend the sheet handed to the desired range, inserted into the arch and secure.


This method does not require special equipment and tools.It is simple to implement, and learning how to bend the drywall to the arch, it ca

n be immediately used in practice.

But before using it is best to practice on a small piece of drywall.

the second method, a large sheet was cut into pieces of the same size and collected into a curved surface.Each of them can be attached to the metal frame.

The surface treated filler.This method is suitable for arcs and curved surfaces of small size.

can make small incisions in the drywall on one side, and then to lay down a multi-faceted surface.

Then it is finished to the ideal shape using shpatlekvki.In this case, the surface mesh and glued to obtain the ideal shape of the arch.

thin sheets without pre-treatment can be used to design a shallow arch.The sheet pulled up to the frame and fastened with screws.


ducking in this case the sheet must be followed carefully to avoid damaging the drywall.

Flexibility plasterboard depends on the sheet thickness.Depending on the bending radius should be chosen and the thickness of giposkartona.Thus

radius of 180 cm is required sheet thickness of 12.5 mm, and from 130 cm to 180 cm is needed 9 mm thick sheet.With a radius of 100 cm best bend sheets of 6 mm thickness.

If you are using a thin sheet, it is possible to lay two layers with overlapping joints.