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August 12, 2017 18:06

We cover the metal tile roof with his hands

We cover the metal tile roof with his hands

Not everyone knows how to cover the roof of metal tile with their hands and perhaps it even independently make installation of such a coating of the roof?Of course yes!

In this article, we describe the whole process is deployed, will provide video instructions to maximize detail tell about all the intricacies of the work.

Flooring Roof metal tile - it's quality, not expensive and sought-after solution for roofing.

Currently it is the most inexpensive, accessible, appropriate way for luxury homes and homes for the middle class.

About pluses of this building material and its reliability is well known not only here but also abroad.

metal fabrication technology is used in almost all countries of the world, because it is suitable for all climatic conditions.

And that was the result of your work longevity of the roof, without an understanding of the rules simply can not do.

We'll show you how to cover the roof of metal tile, how to make the coating extremely protects from external adverse effec

ts, safe and attractive.

is important to note that the coating metal tile roof can be made only on pitched roofs with a simple geometry and inclination of not less than 14 degrees.

the roof device


  • Benefits metallocherepichnoy cover
  • What to consider when working?
  • set of tools for installation work
  • Preparation for installation work
  • Steam and heat insulation, ventilation
  • How to make your own cake roofing?
  • Mounting frame crates
  • Coating metal tile roofing
  • Rules for execution of works on installation of metal

Benefits metallocherepichnoy cover

During the parallels with other roofing options, metal has a number of distinct advantages:

  • increased rigidity;
  • is long at any humidity;
  • low weight;
  • easy care;
  • not afraid of a high temperature and low.

What to consider when working?

Coating metal tile requires strict adherence to the rules.

required to carry out all stages of the work carefully, according to the technology, in order to avoid deformation, damage and deterioration of roofing material.Otherwise, the coating life may be shortened.

If the work will meet all the technical aspects, the roof will be a long, safe and will not cause any trouble for a long time.It can be washed, and it does not require special care.

Some errors in the stage of the work, can be diagnosed only by dismantling the roof elements.Removing just does not require much effort.

In the case of the demolition of the house, you can easily dismantle the roof elements with subsequent use.

result of incorrect installation of roof metal tile may not be immediately apparent.Sometimes unpleasant results revealed only when he needed a complete replacement of the roofing of the house.

For example, watch out for laying thermal insulation fabrics, they must fit exactly, the joints between them must be carefully taped and places adjoining to the wall structure carefully isolated.

It is because of this it is necessary to learn how to properly cover the roof of metal tile.

set of tools for installation work

For the installation of the roof will need the following tools:

  • measuring tape;
  • metal cutting shears;
  • pencil;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver.

When laying the roof on the roof of the house is important to use non-abrasive tools for cutting: electric screwdriver or management turnover, buy a power saw with carbide teeth or other equipment for cutting metal with polymeric coating.

Tools for the job

Fixing sheet metal roofing is made through special self-tapping screws with rubber washer.

When the scratching process, they should be painted the same color as your metallocherepichnoy coating.

metal tile when working with the use of grinders must be eliminated, and high temperature heating destroys the containment shell, leading to rust and deterioration of appearance.

also harm may cause sawdust left over from cutting, they need to sweep at the end of work.

Preparation for installation work

First we need to dismantle the old, sloping ceilings for accurate assessment and measurement.

To calculate the right amount of consumables, you must measure the length and width of the ramp.The size of the sheet should be about 5-7 cm long ramp that had a stock overhang on the ledge.

If the ramp is longer than 7 meters, the sheets divided into 2 parts.In this case, they impose a 15 cm overlap.

Steam and heat insulation, ventilation

Warming of the roof of metal - one of the most important stages of the work.Errors at this stage may cause unpleasant consequences.

As a result the temperature difference on the wrong side of the sheets accumulated condensate temperature increase causes evaporation of the house.

These reasons lead to moisture insulation layer, decrease its beneficial properties.

roof will freeze, ice formed, lath structure with regular moisture rots quickly, comes into disrepair.

To avoid such serious consequences, you need to apply a thick layer of insulation, the membrane for waterproofing, which will serve as a protective layer of insulation from getting wet and provide ventilation.

Even a small amount of liquid formed under the roof, can cause many problems.

order to exclude the formation of moisture accumulation, created a special structure called a roofing pie.It is mounted so that the insulation does not get wet.

How to make your own cake roofing?

Roof cake includes the following items:

  1. vapor barrier membrane - retains moisture;
  2. insulated material;
  3. waterproofing membrane - prevents the penetration of moisture in the insulation;
  4. ventilation gap - a minimum of 5 cm for intensive passage of air flows;
  5. metal.

Here's a video of laying roofing pie.


before the first stage of roofing metal tile, it is necessary to lay the waterproofing layer, covered with absorbent composition.The adsorbent is fully absorbs the moisture at the slightest leakage.

waterproofing membrane is placed on the rafters above the room.Sag should not be larger than 2 centimeters.

first layer must hang from the edge of the cornice to 2 centimeters, the following sheets are placed with overlap of 15 centimeters.Fixing is carried out using staple gun or galvanized nails.

Simultaneously the insulation

Videos laying waterproofing layer provided above.

Mounting frame crates

Crate - a supporting structure on which the stacked metal sheets.To make use furring bars 2-3 centimeters thick and 10 centimeters wide.

The photo below shows an example of such crates.

Battens under the metal

Prior to the installation of the board must be treated with antiseptic.

first on a layer of waterproofing to the rafters nailed boards vertically, then horizontally fastened to them batten boards.

to batten bars should be selected well dried, without visible traces of mold, and the presence of bark beetle.

Video instructions for installing battens.


Coating metal tile roofing

To start you with a photo placement scheme.

first set Cornice strip - it is attached to the beam extreme crates.Overlap curtain strips can be approximately 10 centimeters.

Then you can begin to the process of installation of sheet metal.

Laying metal

Before placing the first sheet covering, must take into account the type of roof, which comes packing:

  1. roof of the tent sheltering type top and bottom;
  2. gable roof covered with end slope.

How to install Cornice strip you can see in the video below.

Rules for execution of works on installation of metal

first sheet of metal is placed flush on the edge of the roof, and fixed to the sheathing with one screw.

The second sheet is placed on the first lap or placed underneath it.

sheets connected in a place outside of the overlap of metal wave with screws, not attached with it to the sheathing, the sheets can be rotated with respect to mounting and align.

third sheet stack similar to the second, aligned flush with the roof cornice and finally fixed to the crate.

number of screws for each square meter of roofing should be at least 6-8 pieces.


Basic mistakes when installing roofing:

  • Do not use abrasives to cut the roof panels.This will lead to the destruction of or damage to the appearance, reduce the service life;
  • use screws without rubber gasket lead to corrosive homes;
  • walk on metal tile is permitted only with a soft non-slip shoes, you can advance in the deepening of the wave in the places where the crate;
  • Locking screws sheets can only deepen the wave to be securely attached;
  • Do not bundle prematurely first sheet to the crate - it will create problems in the alignment of subsequent sheets, which will lead to cracks and distortions;
  • Do not forget to remove the protective film from the metal, otherwise the sun prikipit it and remove it would be impossible.

's all recommendations on how to cover the roof of metal tile.Follow all the advice and check out the photo and video instructions included with the article.And if your roof will last you a long time.