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August 12, 2017 18:06

The apartment is on the top floor - the pros and cons

The apartment is on the top floor - the pros and cons

before deciding on the purchase of real estate, it is necessary to consider all the pros and cons of the apartments on the top floor.

Even in Soviet times apartments on the upper floors have gained notoriety due to leakage of roofs and other trouble, and many still doubt whether to buy such housing.

However, some, on the contrary, believe that the apartments on the top floor is cheaper and more profitable to buy them.

In this article you will find out how much is actually good or bad choice of such apartments, and what are the pros and cons of living on the top floor.

As a result, you will be able to decide if you fit these conditions.

Positive aspects of living on the top floor

apartment on the top floor - a great view of the city, it will tell you any realtor.

course, provided that it is not built yet another skyscraper, and the windows of the apartment did not overlook the courtyard or on the concrete wall in front of the house.

Without going into details, the overall view from the

upper floors are much more interesting than the lower floors.However, for many it is not such a significant plus.

But the possibility of expanding living space by the upper non-residential premises may well be of interest to potential buyers.

Beautiful view

Many eventually make of the attic attics, thereby obtaining a full-fledged two-level apartment.

However, this will have to spend a lot of time and effort: first, non-residential premises need to be privatized, then spend a major overhaul, so that it could live.

But if you plan in the future to sell the apartment, it is a very profitable option, because after the increase in the area and an extension of the second level, it will cost at least twice as expensive.

Actually it and for those who in the future wants to increase the living space, but does not want to move - you can make a bedroom, children's, and any other room of the top premise.

But all this relates more to the old building.In modern buildings apartments on the upper floors can be equipped with private access to the roof or to have other exclusive features.

addition to high prices, the significant disadvantages of apartments on the upper floors in new buildings are hard to find.

If you buy an apartment in the secondary market, on the top floor, it can cost you, on the contrary, it is cheaper.

Since most people doubt whether to buy such an apartment and try to find other options, the owners will be happy to reduce the price for you, especially if in a hurry with the sale.

If you live in a big city, the apartment on the top floor will give you cleaner air and better noise isolation from passing cars, especially if the house is near the road.

general, living in an apartment on the top floor is more comfortable: it is not only a smaller amount of dirt, dust and noise, but there are also fewer insects and no prying eyes to you in a window in the evening.

Rest zone

lack of neighbors on top, too, can please, because it means that no one will be jumping, stomping loudly and move furniture over your head.

You can not be afraid that once you fill the neighbors.Finally, cross-platform of your apartment will be minimal - nobody is smoking in the stairwell, keep walking up and down.

Some tenants over time, even insulate the area with their apartments, closing its metal door.If you do well, you will get not only comfort but also safety.

It will also increase the future value of your apartment, if eventually you want to sell it.

As you can see, the main advantage of the apartments on the upper floors - household, and stay connected with ease, as well as the possibility of expanding the apartment, if you buy it in an old house, where there is an attic.

As for the new buildings, the apartments on the top floor of the houses are often elite, are expensive and probably spared from most of the disadvantages of conventional houses, which we discuss below.

negative side accommodation on the top floor

The biggest drawback that stops many people from buying an apartment on the top floor - the roof.In older homes, it can occur, and in the summer is very hot.

buildings in this regard are not as problematic, however, and there will be flat in the summer hotter.

winter with roof problems do not end there - in some homes it can freeze.Well, spring and fall you can "please" rains.

Despite the fact that the roof - it's really problematic place of apartments on the upper floors, not necessarily that it is in your house will be listed disadvantages.Many roofs

quality service management companies, and in new and does not have problems such as leaks or freezing.


And that the apartment was not too hot, it can be supplied with air conditioning.

Another potential source of heat for the apartment - an autonomous boiler room.

Of course, such a heating system itself is good, but it is installed on the roof and operates all year round, which is often felt in the rooms below it.

Fix these disadvantages can be only with the help of high-quality air conditioner.

Water can also be a problem apartments on the top floor, although not in every home.

Some residents of the upper floors complaining about the lack of water pressure, especially in the evenings.

Although it is possible that similar cons and feel people in other floors, and it is connected not with one floor living, and quality of water supply system.

Cons garbage can significantly poison the lives of the residents of the upper floors, because the whole smell usually goes up.

If your neighbors are from the bottom to throw cigarette butts in the garbage disposal or walk to the bathroom, it is unlikely that it will go unnoticed.

However, not every home is equipped with refuse chutes, and not all the neighbors so bad manners, so this factor can be called rather than a minus, and unnecessary fear.

itself floors can be a problem of such apartments.Firstly, elevator.

Since the mine is located on the top floor, it is likely that you will constantly hear the sound of his work (by the way, in new buildings it is even more likely, because the walls do thin enough).


Second, the elevator can stand and cons of this are obvious: if a family has a small child, you have to carry the pram upstairs personally, the same applies to heavy packages or other dimensional things.

If you buy an apartment in the new building, then it is likely that the elevator is not yet put into operation, which means that all the finishing materials for repair have to lift into the apartment on their own or with the help of porters whose services are, of course, not free.

The same applies to furniture for the apartment - to raise it to the top floor will cost much more than deliver on the bottom.

Visits plumbers may be another problem for those who live in the top floor apartment.

triggers valves can be located in some of the apartments.If you buy this, then every summer, when it's time to flush the system, you will go and see plumbing.

not say that visits once a year will be too annoying, but for some it can be a significant disadvantages.

There are other disadvantages of the upper floors.For example, they are very fond of birds - in older homes they can arrange the nest right in the balcony niches and new - to sit on the roof or window sills.

In any case, they will hear from any of these places.

Finally, the top floor - it increased danger to children and animals.There are cases when pets fall out of windows during the hunt for a bird or insect.

Making apartment

Unfortunately, most of them are fatal.But to eliminate these deficiencies is simple - would be enough to put on the window grilles.

For very young children there is also the risk of falling out of the window, and with older children may have other disadvantages: from the top floor to monitor what is happening on the playground, not very convenient.

The same can be said about the car, and in general about what is happening in the yard.Especially, if the apartment is not in the standard nine-and in building on the 16 or 20 floor.

Despite the fact that the cons, it would seem to outweigh, it is not necessary that all of them will be considered by you in each apartment.

the question whether to buy an apartment on the top floor is approached individually and consider each individual option, as well as proceed from the purpose for which you are buying an apartment.

Many people know why you should not buy an apartment at the top, but do not consider the possible benefits that in a particular case may outweigh the cons.

is especially true for new buildings - because the problems with the roof, and a breaking ever lift more relevant for older homes in the new situation as this is much better.

However, in an old house apartment on the top floor will be for you a good acquisition, for example, if you decide to increase its area by the attic.

not refer to stereotypes, why you should not buy an apartment on the top floor, and think rationally and weigh all the pros and cons - then you can make the right choice and choose the best conditions for your stay.