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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a stairway to the second floor ?

How to make a stairway to the second floor ?

in two- or three-storey private house-building to move between floors must be provided FLOATING.

Ladder structure is quite complicated to implement, on her project subject to the requirements of GOST, and is therefore a pre-calculation and design.

in private homes are used more often simplified version - FLOATING most often wooden.Build a ladder really own hands.

Standard area, allocated under the stairs device should be at least 150x150 cm. To start familiarize with the terminology, consider the photo, GOST study and prepare a project.

Options stairway

Marsh called one flight.Open staircases odnomarshevymi consider if they have the same span.Half-pace, respectively, consist of two spans.

Odnomarshevye ladder fit into a narrow rectangle, one side of which is the length of the stage.

Marching spans can be perpendicular to each other, in this case the ladder is called an L-shaped (if you look at the design from the top, it is similar to the "G" letter).

If the site is necessary to continu

e the ascent turn 180 degrees, it is - U-shaped design (march overflights and ground between them are in the form of "U" letter).

size of the components are determined by GOST.

bowstring is called the main supporting element, which is attached to the stage.GOST requirements for the width of the string -. 235 cm from each marching span bowstring has two - left and right.

supporting beam, which when viewed from the side, visible steps end, believe stringers.Basis marching spans may consist of one, two (at least - three) stringers.

material for them to be very durable.For stair stringers with one most commonly used metal design load tear on joints can be up to 120 kg.

stringers provide an opportunity to make a ladder with rounded marching span, which is extremely difficult in the case of wood, like the passage of the base.In the photo you can see a stairway on the string and stringers.

ladder diagram

riser - the distance in height between two adjacent steps.Sometimes in literature referred to as the riser element which closes this space.

riser elements do not bear the load process and are designed to prevent slippage of the legs into the gap between the steps.

Basically, marching openings with risers implemented in multi-dwelling houses.

According to GOST, riser height in a residential area a block of flats to be 14.8 cm, private homes, this value is in the range 15-17 cm.

risers in private homes or other closed timber element rarely without staircase looks moreair.

stage consists of the riser and the tread (the plane on which the foot is placed when climbing).The width and height of the extent interrelated, the calculation is made using the formula width * height + 2 = 56-65 cm for a residential building.

calculating the height of the steps, be sure to note the height of the march is to share it without the rest.

steps are straight (located perpendicular to the projection of the string or kosoura) and zabezhnymi (used instead of pads).

winders help write marching runs in a smaller space, but do rise more uncomfortable.Make payment winders their own hands is very difficult.

If possible, avoid the use winders and leave the area between the sustainer runs the width of 110-120 cm.

If you see that the house has turned up very little space under the stairwell, and the use of winders is justified, then make a ladder projectin a construction company.

Part of the stairwell, is responsible for the security of a private home stairs, railings are.Of great importance, both in terms of safety and convenience, it has a slope.

It is defined as the angle between the floor and the center line of the carrier beam.The slope of 38 to 45 degrees are considered cool and GOST is optimal angle of 27-30 degrees.

If the second floor of the house is rarely used (eg, as a technical floor), it is possible to reduce the area allocated for the opening, increasing the slope, if necessary.

Decrease square openings in a private home can be achieved by making alternate steps "left" and "right".

This reduces the width of the tread, but, of course, adds to the inconvenience of climbing to the second floor.

Change the stairs to the second floor or a separate march runs if revealed technical difficulties of use (for example, the furniture does not pass), after finishing work is very difficult.

much easier to repeatedly alter the project until it is found entirely suitable.

is easy to find different options implemented solutions in your home.Most often they have the dimensions and requirements for the cruise run.

liked the project to vote in terms of applicability to your specifications, make changes, for example, the length of the steps, if necessary.

now marching design can be implemented with their own hands.

Prior to the installation of the stairs in the house, the calculations of its details and check with GOST.

result of theoretical training should become a project stairs to the second floor with remote tilt angle and the size of all the details.


If you are doing this work with his own hands for the first time, then do not take the time and on a long cutting paper raschertite kosour or string for future ladder zafiskiruyte it on the wall along the cruise flight, take a photo and vote whether the ladder iscomfortable.

If in doubt, it makes sense to alter the calculation or order the project in the construction bureau.Stairs to the second floor, made with his own hands with impaired GOST be uncomfortable or unsafe.

For the practical part of the creation of marching flown in a private house proceed only when you are completely satisfied with the settlement.

Installation design

Installation march construction on the second floor should be started when the floor is ready first floor, but before finishing the walls.

to create stairs with his hands, prepare a free area of ​​not less than twice the area of ​​stairwell.Of the tools you will need jigsaw.


Drawings future steps will be to develop by applying the calculation to the cardboard sheet and then transfer the pattern on a wooden beam.

When will the metal stairs to the second floor, it is still at the stage of construction of floors is necessary to provide a bookmark metal fragments, which will then be welded to the top of the stairs.

The same pieces must be concreted into the subfloor.They serve for fixing kosoura or string stairs below.

in a private home is much easier to do Saddle stairs, especially if the ladder does not touch the walls.

If stairs of his house you're doing with your hands, you can use kosour made to order.


In this case, you will just have to fix it at the top and bottom, to prepare and consolidate the steps and rails.

When the project involves placing marching flown in the corner, and the stage will abut the wall, it is better to make the calculation on the string.

Work procedure when installing the following (consider the case completely made of wood):

Raschertit profile string or kosoura (bases) on a sheet of paper, move it to a wooden beam, and drank.At the top and bottom of the support beam to cut slots for fixing.

second string can be done by applying to a ready calculation, as a template.If the second kosour shorter or longer than the already prepared, the individual elements are structured.

Mount base to the supports with anchor bolts.Before fixing the level check.After fixing the basics, you are ready to assemble the steps

Board thickness for the tread must be at least 40 cm. The width of the board is determined by the width of the tread.Tread is mounted to the base.

If the risers are provided, they fix treads after collection.

Railings can be made of sticks, but much more spectacular look carved wooden balusters.To give the aesthetic appearance of marching spans, you can order them separately.

Top handrail mounted handrails.

wood elements to be treated with fire blends, then apply paint or varnish.

In the manufacture of wooden stairs to the second floor, make sure that the wood is completely dry (if necessary to carry out drying in an oven, or allow to dry naturally) and there are no knots and cracks.

If you are a preferred metal, attention should be paid to the quality of the welding elements.

Also it very effectively in a private home will look carved wooden banister.

Whatever stairway was not planned in your home, you already know that it is possible to implement your own hands.