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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of pile foundation with grillage

Construction of pile foundation with grillage

Pile Foundation with raft foundation is used quite often when building construction going on shaky ground, which, for example, is not suitable for weakly deepened foundation.

pile foundations are used for a long time, which is especially important in areas that are prone to flooding.

pier foundation has a great number of advantages, and is considered the most reliable in the ranks of professional builders.

When comparing the pile and pier foundation, the first device is much easier and lower cost.

This foundation usually has payment options for lightweight buildings, wooden and Foam concrete.


  • What grillage
  • What used to pile raft foundation?
  • monolithic grillage
  • pile foundations for the brick house
  • pile foundation with his hands
  • Construction stages
  • Warming pile foundation

What grillage

Rostwerk is a beam or tiled floors, serving to consolidate piles andsupporting structures with each other.

Beam with monolithic grillage foundation, consisting of concrete, w

hich is reinforced in the casing, it is essentially the same strip foundations, but standing on the ground, he is deservedly called one of the most long-term.

Beam foundation is performed using the high, low and high grillage.Most often used high grillage, it is at a distance of about 15 centimeters above the ground.

This height helps to avoid the impact of soil and piles eversion.The width between the ground and the foundation necessarily insulated.

elevated grillage is installed directly on the ground, eliminating the gap stretch, but to avoid exposure to the soil beneath a layer of earth removed by 10-15 centimeters.

Rostwerk covers its base this pit.Understated grillage installed below ground level for a couple of centimeters.

main grillage calculation - is to combine all pile into a whole, as well as to distribute the pressure on the piles, photo-installation project with pile foundation grillage can see below.


What used to pile raft foundation?

Piles are used in reinforced concrete, concrete, metal and wood are very rare.

Beam foundation with a raft mounted with printed piles, they are very convenient to install a pre-drilled hole technology, and is shown in the photo.

also the foundation and assembled with injection piles - they are installed in small holes up to 10 centimeters with a single reinforcing bar.

Photo, which provides technology and stacking scheme is shown below.

The design of the foundation

But there are alternatives, such as driven piles, they are hammered into the soil using a special construction machinery.

also take into account the possible and screw pile-foundation, it is used too often.

monolithic grillage

To make a monolithic foundation raft, you must first carry out preparatory work and create a project in which a complete circuit technology and the future of the foundation will be marked.

felled tops of the piles so that there was the desired height, then under construction formwork, it is made by pouring a monolithic grillage, the solution to be installed in even layers horizontally across the surface of a monolithic grillage.

Make a foundation with his own hands is quite simple, it is a small cost for its construction will be enough basic construction skills This is very different from the monolithic pile foundation raft of other grounds for the house.

Stages of work taking place in this order:

  • to start to make drawings, in which you need to plan the future of the project in the context of the foundation, to designate all sizes.An example of how the calculation is carried out, provided for a review on the photos below;
  • then need to drill holes for the concrete piles;
  • mounted formwork of wooden bars;
  • for monolithic grillage to dig trench for casting;
  • further concrete solution will be shading grillage and piles;
  • ready design to stand for a month to complete drying and hardening.

drawing Example

pile foundations for the brick house

If you plan to build a brick house on the clay, swampy or heaving soil, the most reliable option would be installation of pile foundation with the raft.

Pros use of piles:

  • at work does not create noise that can provide work around the clock near residential buildings;
  • the introduction of piles into the ground does not create vibrations that could damage the standing firmly beside buildings;
  • pile foundation allows you to mount it on a different depth in the construction of a sustainable soil;
  • significant reduction in construction time of a brick house;
  • low cost materials.


  • metal structures exposed to rust foci;
  • this type of foundation is not suitable for installation on the ground rocks.

For the construction of the basement need to carry out additional financial and costly work.

pile foundations for the brick house is perfect in that case if, for example, soil can not bear the high load.

Piles equally distribute the weight of the future structure at deeper lying most dense layers of soil.

Top Connect piles into a single structure made by means of raft foundation, which takes over the primary load of the building walls.

construction of this type of foundation is greatly reduced consumption of construction materials, which reduces the cost and physical cost of the work.


But without special construction rig can not do here.For brick house is considered to be the best of bored reinforced concrete foundation.

Under design load-bearing walls is recommended to make a concrete tape under which you want to distribute the vertical poles.

In this arrangement, the weight is evenly distributed first on raft foundation, and then pile on poles.

If you make the correct fundamental design for a brick house, he can withstand the extra load and as a possible add-ons.

pile foundation with his hands

To install the pile foundation with a raft, you need to start to get acquainted with the stages of the work process:

  1. to start to make a geological survey works;
  2. make the necessary drawings and calculation of future construction;
  3. install piles;
  4. put grillage;
  5. equip the base of the building.

First defined soil type, especially lies at a depth of piles installed.

From the results will depend on such factors as: the length of the piles, the distance between them and the bearing capacity.

also loads are determined, which will be produced on the weight of construction pile foundation and soil.

device and the reinforcement of the foundation and calculation of raft foundation will build it from these values.

total weight is calculated from:

  • weight of the structure, the roof;
  • snow loads in winter;
  • other loads, such as furniture, appliances, the tenants.

Construction stages

Before starting installation work need a circuit, it is also important to calculate the size, layout work, calculate the cost and the required amount of material used.

Then begin drilling holes for piles.Pit diameter should be slightly larger than the diameter of the pile installed.

If the unit and the reinforcement of the foundation you spend with your hands, it is usually used to drill a manual earth auger.

depth of the hole made in such a drill, a maximum of 5 meters, a width of about 30 centimeters.

If, for example, the depth of the planned large, then use a motorized rig.

Fill piles made with their own hands in this manner: pieces of roofing and turn piles are inserted into the holes, then you must install the metal bars would be enough for the three pieces with a diameter of about 8 mm, they are bonded to each other.

height rods valves should not reach the raft foundation for a couple of centimeters.Inside the holes are filled with a concrete solution.Mark used for pouring concrete generally M-200, M-250, M-300.

Construction of the grillage can be monolithic or modular.

There are also a number of comments:

  • construction of raft foundation with their hands should not be crossed with pipelines;
  • piles should not be deviations from the vertical axis of 5 centimeters or greater;
  • all gaps and cracks should be sealed by means of concrete solution;
  • reinforcement raft foundation is also a mandatory step.

Before installing the wall with your hands, you need to check the level of the surface of grillage.

If there are deviations, the top layer of concrete screed made.After the device and the reinforcement of the structure is completed, it is necessary to make the finish of the plinth.

Warming pile foundation

Despite the fact that modern construction materials market offers a huge variety of materials which function - a warming of the foundations, people are still opting for time-tested tools.

In particular, due to the low cost and the quality of materials.An example of this - the most commonly used foam, they can easily produce insulation of the foundation, using the adhesive base.

But foam is not suitable for thermal insulation in damp conditions, in these conditions produce insulation waterproof materials.

Each material for thermal insulation has a number of advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the method that warming will be, we must build on a number of factors ranging from the price and ending with the durability of the material.


also very often the following methods of insulation used:

  • sinuses filling with expanded clay beam grillage;
  • facing grillage extruded polystyrene foam.

foundation Warming with monolithic grillage only outside the house.The sides in this case act as a cap.

Here are the basic steps in the insulation:

  • sides of the raft foundation covered with a layer of bitumen, it protects them from moisture;
  • Styrofoam blocks are mounted directly to the bituminous mass, before he froze;
  • using foam closed up all the gaps between the penopanelyami.If the heater has a clutch-type tongue and groove system that significantly speeds up and simplifies the process;
  • on top of insulation layer is laid reinforcing mesh, which is then covered with a layer of plaster;
  • after all these stages facade coated with a waterproofing solution and stained.

If you follow all the rules and advice, the foundation building technology will become a simple task for you.