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August 12, 2017 18:06

The construction of hipped roof with his hands

The construction of hipped roof with his hands

hipped roof is performed on the basis of the truss system, which is like building a hipped roof.

This type of design is able to effectively protect the house from the various effects of the environment and give it a respectable appearance.

Design gambrel roof is composed of four rays, two of them in the construction of getting the form of triangles, the other two - the shape of trapezoids.

As you can see from the photo, the upper bounds trapezoidal ramps are connected to the ridge of the roof, its triangular sides of the ramps are closed.

upper region of the triangular element begins with both sides of the ridge beam, the lower part of the triangular elements as classic designs provide roofs of private homes are located at the same level from the ground plane as the trapezoidal bevels.

As a result, the entire length of the construction of the roof forms the horizontal ledge.

not ruled device stropilovki private houses with broken edges at different angles of inclination - the technology

of the type hipped roof, this modification is called the loft.

Bent mansard roof rises in the eastern traditional architecture, its shape is different from the eastern houses only a break that they made in the opposite direction.

In general, as can be seen in the photo below suggested, hipped roof, compared with other types of roofs, has no gables.



  • Device features trusses hipped roof
  • Forms hipped roofs
  • How to calculate the truss systemgambrel roof?
  • How to calculate the length of the intermediate and corner pieces?
    • Calculation Plait adornments (diagonal) rafters
  • Features mounting stropilovki hipped roof

Device features trusses hipped roof

device design gambrel roof is performed on a specially built foundation with wooden beams, for which account is held subsequently completely allsystem.

Therefore installation hipped roof should start with the settlement with respect to the design and size of volumes of building materials, which are then transferred to the drawing.

drafted, think bevel angle and calculate the exact amount of materials that you will need to build a hipped roof.

schematic diagram

If the angle of the roof area is large, the need to procure materials much more.

Driving constituent elements frame hipped roof, includes:

  • mauerlat - settling on the perimeter walls of the house is a timber is used as the lower support member to the rafters;
  • central rafter - connected at the edges of the ridge beam, are intermediate;
  • vertical supports with stiffness for mowing - their attachment to the device provides the central beam;
  • ridge beam - upper bound of the roof, through it all the elements are connected truss system;
  • hipped rafters - mounted towards the inner or outer corners of the walls of the house;
  • side rafters - located on both edges of the ridge;
  • narozhniki - Plait adornments strengthens the rafters;
  • by girders, braces, sills and pillars rigidity of truss construction.

Forms hipped roofs

hipped roof with his hands can be performed based on one of the following varieties offered.

Standard pyramidal hipped roof - collected from the two trapezoidal and two triangular slopes, the straight elements are the basis.

Corner roof rafters are directed from the ridge.The height of the eaves is located on one level.

Hip hipped roof - hipped construction, all the faces of which are connected at one point in the middle.

device roof tent is ideal for the type of square-type homes.

Danish hipped - the design provides for a gable top truncated ramps that allow equip vertical window openings.

Roof roof - hipped design requires a polygonal faces.

Roof roof construction is complex, but at the same time, well-written scheme of its arrangement, allows to make the attic space full living room, as in the photo.

The house with an attic

Therefore, if the loft design and cost more, all additional costs compensates for the rational use of its area.

to construct any of the above structures, primarily to determine the required angle of inclination of the roof.

Experienced roofers know how much the angle of inclination affects the duration of the life of the hipped roof and walls of the house, that it protects.

Often rays inclination angle is set, focusing on the climatic conditions of the terrain.

If in the region often have strong winds, it is better to reduce the angle of inclination that would eliminate the destruction of load-bearing walls of the house.

In regions renowned for heavy snowfall, rays on the contrary makes a sharp, causing the height of the roofs does not delay the snow.

Smooth ramps relevant private homes in arid areas, they allow you to eliminate excessive overheating.

How to calculate the truss system for hip roofs?

Calculation hipped roof is carried out in square meters, according to the following schedule:

  • first need to calculate the total area given the openings of windows roof and chimneys;
  • calculate the length of the bevel on the edge of the eaves to the ridge lath;
  • calculate the details that are not part of the roofing.

The calculation does not take into account the standing seams, protruding parts beams and abutment roll roofing products.

In addition, in the course of determining the area of ​​the roof, made of metal, please note that the length of the bevel is shortened by 700 mm.


right to make payment area can only specialists with special software.

In the calculations the roof is divided into zones and make an individual calculation for each area.

Complete data is folded to give the desired calculation hipped roof, as a result set the exact height of the roof and the angle of future rays.

This technology simplifies the procedure and reduces the risk of errors in the calculation.

In accordance with the drawing to use the calculation is made of the roof, followed by the layout of its area.

during the marking works are dimensional slats that are made in advance of the plywood material.

width of the slats should be 5 cm on the surface dimensions of the main elements noted hipped roof.

Availability gauging rails to simplify and accelerate the process of marker eliminates possible errors and does not require repeated measurements with a tape measure.

hip roof requires the drawing of the following type:

  • top of the end walls of the house on the trim mark the point of connecting their line - unit ridge beam;
  • share the thickness of the ridge in half, mark the position of the first part of the roof trusses.Using the measuring stick, one to the edge of laid made earlier line, another - is placed on the side wall (at this point will be the position of the intermediate point rafter element);
  • Calculate the length of the eaves, to this end, one end of the rack rests on the measuring line of the outer part of the wall, the other end - laid on the roof overhang.Moving rail to the edge surface of the side wall, make a mark for the central element stropilovki, which will be installed on the side wall and the upper binding domain;
  • The same principle works with the remaining three angles, resulting in determine the position of other intermediate trusses of the future system and ridge ends;
  • Since the hipped roof truss system provides in triangular elements, determined their size can be accurately remembering Pythagorean theorem;
  • correctly build hipped roof will allow the existence of the settlement scheme, which indicates the ratio of the length and the possible location of the roof elements;
  • Next, a marking operation for the intermediate elements stropilovki Plait adornments and roof details.Rafters fixed to the ridge beam by an oblique cut on the ridge and make the undercut on either side - for easy fixing angle pieces hipped roof.

add the above information details enable themed video material.


How to calculate the length of the intermediate and corner pieces?

To calculate the size of the central elements of the intermediate stropilovki need to turn to the science of geometry.But just need to clarify what angle incorporated in the draft of the roof.

then for correct calculation of the ratio is desirable to use a table of indicators, shown in the photo.

Table of coefficients

To obtain the exact length of the central element stropilovki its inception length to be multiplied by a factor in finding the right table in terms of the angle of inclination of the roof.

Applying this calculation, it is possible to know the length of the rafters from the junction with the ridge pole to the junction of the wall or mauerlat.P

When this measurement should be carried out on the inside of the rafter.

Calculation Plait adornments (diagonal) rafters

Plait adornments or diagonal rafters, compared with intermediate rafter hipped roofs of the houses have a small angle.

In order to ensure quality mowing device, the process of accession to the ridge make oblique undercuts.For a small home device diagonal rafters can be done on its corner.

When large-scale construction for object angles used Sprengel.

length of the diagonal elements of the truss system hipped roof vymeryat begin from the house corner.

Laying mow the surface - is the hypotenuse of the triangle legs are - laying the central rafters.


Next apply a rule that is used to calculate the laying intermediate elements.

length is then multiplied by the rate specified in the table relationships, and learn to mow length.

mounting Features stropilovki hipped roof

hipped roof with his hands can be built without the involvement of specialists.The main thing - to buy high-quality materials and follow the existing rules of installation.

design hipped gambrel roof trusses apart, settling mauerlat.The reference beam or beams is located on the perimeter wall of a house is strictly horizontal.

mauerlat mounted on ceiling beams overlap.

If the roof is being built on a wooden structure, stropilovku mounted on the crown of the framework.


diagonal rafters (mow) is attached at one end to mauerlat, the other to the ridge pole by an oblique cut.Additionally, they reinforce shortcut element stropilovki - narozhnikami.

When a large area hipped roof with a view to mounting a quality corner elements and reinforcement truss system, truss used farm.

Part load Plait adornments from the rafters take on the crossbars, posts, tightening and struts, which together form a rigid frame.

Plait adornments lower edges of the rafters connect with mauerlat using cuttings, combined with special fasteners.

upper edge mowing at 1 m from the ridge pole relate the horizontal ties - bolts.Crossbars are beams with the parameters of 120h40 mm.

This type elements stropilovki hipped roof is designed to withstand the wind load.

After mow fixed, proceed to the installation of ordinary elements stropilovki hipped roof.

the indentations between them is selected based on the expected loads and the type of roofing material.

Typically, the spacing between ordinary rafters does not exceed 60-70 cm.

used to mow length defines gambrel roof overhang, so the insufficient length of the central elements of the trusses extend by joining two boards.

Finish truss construction is performed crate, lay hydro - and vapor barrier, mounted kontrobreshetku.Details in the video below the proposed material.