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August 12, 2017 18:06

Doing their own hands sawmill

Doing their own hands sawmill

Information on how to make the sawmill with his own hands, interested fans to work with wood, those who intend to build their own house or any other object from the tree.

Possessing this tool, you can give yourself a little extra income by doing some simple orders and sawing wooden objects.

course, do yourself a sawmill less comfortable and functional than ready, which can be bought in a store.But usually a professional tool is expensive.

Therefore, it makes sense to try to collect the sawmill itself, using photos and videos of the article.


  • process of creating a band sawmill
  • where to start working?
  • often make a mistake
  • Phased construction of the tape sawmill
  • As of chainsaw do sawmill
  • How to make the sawmill of the saw blade
    • Types of disk sawmills
    • process of creating

process of creating a band sawmill

Yourselfmade sawmill can be a tape, disk or chainsaw.The first type is more common among fans of independent creations.

It is used in cases where you want t

o get out of the timber planks, beams or polubrusya.With the help of wires and shallow wood processing.


In addition, band saw machine with their own hands with the skillful use can provide the following indicators:

  • excellent surface quality of the wood;
  • pretty good accuracy when working;
  • minimum amount of waste;
  • performance;
  • increased energy efficiency;
  • and it is less complicated to manufacture (into the ground is not required to put special foundation).

clear that it has good advantages over competitive models, and if you make a choice in its favor, it is necessary to carefully approach the process of manufacturing the tape sawmill.

where to start working?

From all variety of models, you can make for yourself that which you drawings will be clear and simple.They should carefully peruse, understand, and only then begin to collect.

Otherwise, there is a risk that it will be spent the time, nerves and money, and the result is zero.


drawings create a band sawmill and independent process of its production - the two things that can not be divided.

In this article we give an example of the finished calculations, which can be used accurately or make your adjustments.For more information on the video attached.

often make a mistake

rush, as you know, is good in certain situations, and the process of creating their own hands sawmill does not apply to them.In this case, carelessness and haste will stand bad service.

often make a mistake eventually have a negative impact on the quality of the work to be performed by our chain of small sawmill.

The most common mistake - is the use of low-quality materials.And no matter what the sawmill you will have in the future, chain, tire or chainsaws, it still will not serve long.

Homemade sawmill.Layout 1 View sawmill from the end: 1 - a pulley to start the engine (if the three-phase motor is connected to single-phase);2 - engine;3 - a pulley;4 - shaft;5 - the case with the bearing;6 - base;7 - flywheel;8 - a finger;9 - rod;10 - Saw;11 - screw M14h2;12 - video;13 - Area guide;14 - Front;15 - the steering wheel;16 - the plug;17 - an asterisk;18 - a nut M14h2;19 - lock nut;20 - an asterisk.

impossible to save on materials, which are used in the work.Mechanisms of any sawmill weigh a lot, and processed logs is not easy, and the installation must withstand all this.

Thus, defective unit quickly breaks down, unable to bear weight.Sawmill can not only bend, but also completely fall apart.

But money for its production has already been spent.

Phased construction of the tape sawmill

In order to make the sawmill with his own hands, will require appropriate material, and of high quality.The photo shows the tool that we are going to do.

To do this, prepare a considerable number of tubes, half-inch in diameter and more.It will also require several pulleys manufactured to combine machines.

Homemade sawmill.2. Layout View from the front side: 1 - stand;2 - video;3 - plate;4 - the screw;5 - chain;6 - guide utolok;7 - movable comb;8 - the screw;9 - fixed comb;10 - the console.

They may be new, but can be used, but then they have to be in excellent condition.

impossible to make the sawmill without rails, which are made mostly from the corners of 50 mm.

to the wheel while driving is not quickly fell into disrepair, its rib area should be aimed only upwards.

sleepers made from the profile of various diameters.Between them necessarily welded pipe, measuring 2.5 by 2.5 cm.

between profile pipes and railroad ties made small protrusions, in which subsequently set screws to adjust.They

collected in construction to half a meter distance, but not less put bridges.They will serve to set the logs to be processed.

Here are established and pulleys, one of which must adjust the size of the finished material is usually fastened to the right.

That is, it must move and tensioned by a spring.The left pulley must also be fixed, but it can move and taking into account the size of the tape sawmill.

Both pulley put parallel to each other.

final stage - you need to make the frame frame, on which the whole chain design and install.For its production are used channel, as in the photo.


As of chainsaw do sawmill

Another type of sawmill that can be collected with your hands, is from sawmill chainsaw sawmill or bus.

few photos and videos will complement our instruction and a closer look at all of the remaining questions.

For the manufacture of small sawmill chainsaw requires two eight-meter channel, the height of which can vary from 140 mm to 180 mm.They will be the basis for the design.

will also be needed:

  • corners, measuring 50 by 100 mm;
  • 2 rails;
  • ties (the number depends on the holes);
  • bolts and studs.

rails must always be turned upside sole.In all

length of the substrate, a distance of about 1 - 1.5 meter from one another, it is necessary to drill holes, their diameter must be not less than 14 mm, but not more than 16 mm.

They inserted ties, length 25 cm and can be cut out of the pipe 3 to 4 residues destined for water.

From the angles of metal prepared in advance cook racks that attach to the prepared foundation.

Without them, none of the tire chain sawmill chainsaw just is not there.It should be noted that all the elements of a basis for future sawmill should be strictly straight.

No angulation is not provided.Welded braces give it additional rigidity, it will stand firmly and confidently.

on set design created a moving truck.Its basis will be the steel plate, the length of which is equal to 600 mm, and thickness - 4-6 cm

To it is necessary to weld the bottom corner, size 40x40 mm, after which all mounted on bearings or rollers..

Upstairs attach two of the same corner, and now it is attached to the chain saw itself, such as "Ural", which will work like a chain of mini bus sawmill.

To log when working do not move freely, it is necessary for them to make the clip, which will capture the material to be treated in the same position.

made this design can be from pipes and moving hoses.If you intend to work with a very heavy logs, then put the slopes and thus facilitate the work.

most difficult with which you may encounter when the tire chain is made from sawmill chainsaw is to create a mechanism that will regulate the thickness of the workpiece.

Chain sawmill

It is best to use a simple method comprising vertical installation on the edges of the frame jacks of any type capable of providing an extremely rigid fixation.

thickness will vary by adjusting these jacks.An example of how to construct the tire chain sawmill with chain saw is shown in the photo.

How to make the sawmill of the saw blade

Another tool that you can do yourself, and who enjoys great popularity, is a circular sawmill.This is an indispensable thing in the construction of wooden buildings.

Its use significantly simplifies workflow, saving a lot of time and effort.Thus, the question of how to make circular saw bench with his hands, taken many heads.

Types of disk sawmills

With the sawmill can get any kind of lumber.

main part - circular saw - secured so that it has the possibility to saw in two directions and, moreover, is rotated 90 degrees.

These features make it possible to classify the disc sawmill into the following types:

  1. Horizontal - work process is conducted by means of the saw carriage, which moves in two directions along the beam.This sawmill is parsed, its performance is high, and the waste is a minimum;
  2. Corner - with one disk or two.Single-disk works both vertically and horizontally in two directions.Corner sawmill, in which the wheels are placed against each other horizontally and vertically, that is, orthogonally to work with high performance.

process of creating

Make a sawmill of the saw blade is not difficult, if you have not only a simple desire, but also the specific knowledge and skills.

To begin to carefully study the drawings and diagrams, which you can see in the photo.One of the simplest designs - ordinary table placed on the shaft and saw him.

Part saws sawing wood, rises above the surface.

based on any disk saws, whether angular or horizontal, made of metal or wooden goats, fastened together by ordinary boards.

table top coated steel sheet 200 mm wide and 4 mm thick.Instead of the sheet can be used the plate, connected to each other jumpers and screws.

To manufacture discs is better to use a sheet of steel or aluminum.Disc diameter should be no more than 500 mm, and the number of teeth may be only 2 or 3.


That last quality is the key to cutting in the future.Moreover, and important design guide.The easiest way of boards or logs cut a U-shaped saddle.

attached to him and saw the engine.Thus, the angular and circular saw going.
By following all of the recommendations that are given in the article, you can easily produce themselves any sawmill.