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August 12, 2017 18:06

Bench bench with their hands

Bench bench with their hands

to work in the studio was comfortable, it is recommended to assemble bench bench with his hands.

Of course, the market is rich in a variety of configuration models, but looking at the cost, loving human labor is able to quickly make each of them independently.

easiest workbench is a metal frame with worktop, sturdy table, which can lead the wood and metal working.

It can be installed in manufacturing plants, in the garage or in the country, have any configuration.

preparatory stage

Getting Started, you must have before the eyes of drawings of plumbing work bench with his hands showing all accurate linear dimensions.

will be a plus, if there are some leaders for each of the available shelves, tabletops and legs.

To work required:

  • Corner thickness of 3 mm;
  • Metal profile similar to the thickness of the area;
  • well dried and impregnated with antiseptics board thickness greater than 5 cm;
  • welding machine and locksmith tools.

Not necessarily, but it is recom

mended to stock up on sheets of galvanized (can be of stainless steel) metal.

They are necessary to create a protective collar to protect against sparks when working with metal workpieces.

They can also be obbit wooden countertop in places where metal processing will be carried out, welding, etc.

Getting Started, you should consider a few photos of bench bench with his hands.

They may be reflected little things that can not be specified in the drawing.

In addition, a preliminary visual representation of the results will allow to come up with something on their own, which further simplify the use of this product.Do not be afraid to experiment.


prepare all the essentials and identify with bench configuration, you must decide where it will be located in the workshop.

most optimal place - with the presence of nearby outlets and lighting.Natural light should thus fall to the left or right, so as not to tilt the shade in the workspace.

defined the location, you need to finally resolve the issue with the linear dimensions.The most important parameter - the height.

To this should be and give up, then bend them at the elbows so that palms facing the floor, visually leaning on the table.

distance between the floor and his hands will be the unknown quantity.


length of the countertop should be as much as possible, to not to it was possible to place the workpiece large and more tools.

width should be such as to freely reach to the opposite edge -. About 0.5-0.6 m

If during operation operated electric cutting tool (jig saw, hand circular saw), you need to provide a place for cutting - plate, which will bespeak at 20-30 cm with respect to the bench.

're ready, you can start collecting bench bench with his hands.

Getting assembly

The first step - assembling the frame.To do this, you need to take a pre-prepared and corners profile, take measurements and cut into shapes.

Before it is to solve the problem - as they fasten to each other:

  • With threaded connections;
  • With electric arc welding.

first method does work bench made by hand - more mobile.A small model at any time can be folded and transported to any desired location.

It should also be possible to remove the countertop.


when doing large metal bench bench with his hands, it is recommended to prefer the second method - welding.

Unless additional shelves, it is necessary to strengthen the framework ribs welded at a distance of 10 cm at the top and bottom of the rear legs.

additional rib may be provided at the center.If we make some holes therein, the workbench can fix the wall anchors.

To achieve full static - his legs are bolted to the floor surfaces.

Gathering according to the drawing frame, it is necessary to start the production of table tops.For it is brewed from the corner of the frame 4x4 cm or 5x5 cm.

Its length and width should be 10-20 cm higher than similar parameters of the base structure.

Later in the eaves can be installed vise clamps and other fix tool.

For maximum reliability, spending the manufacture of plumbing work bench with his hands, according to the length of the frame under the table top is recommended to weld metal plates - one for each board.

They made several openings which are mounted wooden joists.

boards can be covered with galvanized or stainless steel sheet, so as not to warp the wood surface when working with sharp-cutting tool in places where they will be clamped vise clamp, etc.


most often just the surface is treated with fire-resistant and antiseptic compositions and inked.

This - bench bench with his hands is almost ready.

metal elements is recommended to cover special paints for metal or primer to protect against corrosion and extend the service life.

Below, under the table, or on the side can be equipped with a few extra shelves for storing tools.