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August 12, 2017 18:06

How do I install the toilet with their own hands ?

How do I install the toilet with their own hands ?

Quite often such work as the installation of a toilet bowl with his hands, raises many questions, but with the right approach to business, strict compliance with the installation sequence and the presence of a suitable tool at hand - to execute it on the forces of each.

In any case, the toilet installation is divided into several milestones.

Typically, the scheme of connection to water supply and sanitation for all devices of the same type species, and between them they can be distinguished by the presence of various additional functions and the type of installation.

In most cases, use floor-standing unit, but recently gaining popularity hanging type of devices that are attached to the so-called installation.

As in the first case, a suspended toilet without any problems can be performed independently.


  • Preparing for instal
    lation and dismantling of the old toilet
  • Installing a new toilet seat outdoor performance
  • Installing a new toilet suspended type

Preparing for installation and dismantling of the old toilet

Despite the fact that the outdoor device type is more familiar in recent years in the houses are increasingly found hanging.

Installation suspended toilet frees up more space in the toilet, and in addition, housewives will be easier to clean up.

Before the toilet will be installed on a tile or installation of a suspended toilet bowl, it should get an appropriate tool, as well as to dismantle the old device.

Removing the old toilet

It is recommended to pre-disinfect the old device and all of its constituent elements by special means, eg, bleach or white.

next step is to completely block the flow of water from the water supply to the apartment and drain remaining water from the tank.

All work is best done in the protective gloves and goggles to avoid the risk of injury.

It will be necessary to disconnect all hoses and connections of water supply, including from the toilet tank.All these manipulations need to be done and with the release of water into the sewage system.

If the device is attached to the floor with screws, they must be released.

In that case, if the device is planted in the cement under tiles, it is necessary to break the floor using a punch or a sledgehammer.

After that you should dismantle the toilet to connect to the sewer pipe.All work should be carried out carefully so as not to damage the junction.

When the old device will be set aside, should be thoroughly clean the joints and treat their type sealant composition.

After removing the old device, and before will be installed on the toilet tiles should prepare the base itself.

Of course, the old fixture may be appropriate for the new device, but do not count on it.

To prevent reel toilet during its operation, it is necessary to make the floor mounting holes.


To do this, select the toilet best place to fit the new device, and it will reach to the drain pipe sewer.

Also, before starting the installation of the toilet, it must be checked for cracks and defects, as well as complete.

Installing a new toilet seat outdoor performance

In order to install the toilet with his hands has been carried out correctly, it is best to make a phased work plan.

detailed and correct scheme will provide an opportunity not to get confused and turn to perform the installation of each element.Typically, instructions for installing the toilet comes with the product.

Self installing the toilet begins with a thorough cleaning of all manholes feed pipes, and then they are covered with materials at hand.

be cleaned and a pipe hidden execution, which are to be mounted with a small release.

Next you install the corrugations on the toilet, after which it is moved to the place where, and will stand.

After that, under the bottom of the product should be placed a landing strip, which should enter into the appropriate package.


next stage - to put the device in the place where it will be, when it is necessary to carefully check it for evenness, stability and the possibility of a hidden connection and toilet cistern to all communications.

Using the marker on the floor is applied the exact place of its location, other than that, it is necessary to note the point of attachment screws.

device should be put aside, then using the gun drill appropriate holes for fastening to the floor.

Then these technical holes for each plug is placed a wooden Chopik, established gasket sealant is applied.

Sealant must be applied on the lower part of the device, which provides fastening it to the floor.

is followed carefully and precisely as possible to install the device itself, so that it was not under an oblique angle.

After this process the sealant should be the connection between the pipe and the release of the toilet.

now must be made installation of the toilet tank and hoses made it to all relevant communications.

For these purposes need sealant flexible tube and, accordingly, a corrugated sleeve.


Typically, the sewer is connected to the device itself at an oblique angle through the corrugated hose, thus it is necessary to use a sealant for sealing joints.

The device must be connected with the release of the toilet tank, which, in turn, through a flexible hose connected to the water supply.

After this will only check its operation and tightness of all connections.

Installing a new toilet suspended type

Recently gaining popularity installation wall of the toilet, which is attached to a special installation and saves space, which is especially important for small spaces.

These models imply the installation of drain barrel hidden performance.They are quite durable, reliable, and in addition a suspended toilet bowl with your hands can be performed very easily.

Driving his installation a little more complicated than for the outdoor unit, but deal with it does not take much.

installation cistern, later hidden behind a wall, made for installation.

To install this type of device, choose the right place, which will be located in close proximity to the necessary communications.

You should also take responsibility for the choice of the installation, which will be secured by means of fastening ladders to the walls and the floor.


The installation begins with a hanging toilet installation assembly, which must be screwed into the floor and the walls using ladders mounting.

Generally, the installation is called a special metal frame.Almost all installations are universal and fit most toilets.

When attaching the installation should be thoroughly checked its evenness to avoid installation at an oblique angle.

Immediately after installation, the mount the toilet tank so that from it at an oblique angle came out a discharge pipe, which will then be connected to the release of the toilet.

After installation, the installation should be defined with a supply of water to the cistern.You can choose the top or side option, then you must connect it to the water supply system and release of the toilet.

Make it better with a plastic pipe.

further installation hinged toilet involves connecting it to the sewerage system, which is usually located at an oblique angle.

Further consideration should be given over the place where the panel, through which it will be possible to control the release of water directly into the toilet itself is mounted.

The majority of such panels are manufactured of the same type - Extension - and are suitable for virtually all models of toilets.

After this operation should be verified and the toilet leaks all the connections, as is done below the installation of the wall that will hide any and all of its main parts.

After the wall and cladding layer is completely dry, is made installation of a toilet bowl with his hands in a specially designated place.

Will only reinforce the correct Pad with plum.

In most cases, installation of built-in toilet, as well as ladders and type of device can be performed independently without too much difficulty.

And in fact, and in another case, the principle of operation is similar and requires only strict compliance with the relevant instructions.


In any case, should be carefully sealed all connections as the water supply to the cistern, and the device itself to the sewage system, which is usually carried out at an oblique angle.

Also, this device must be rigidly attached to the base of the wall or floor to prevent it from swaying and eventual fall.