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August 12, 2017 18:06

Facing the cap stone house

Facing the cap stone house

Facing the cap home base helps to protect himself from the cold and moisture, and determines the architectural design of the building.

His stone cladding contributes to the solution of these problems.


  • Which material is preferred?
    • Stone
  • Artificial stone
    • Other options
  • Facing the cap of the wooden house
  • Prices for services

Which material is preferred?

There are various materials for lining plinth at home: natural or artificial stone, clinker tiles, granite tiles, trapezoidal sheet, siding and others.

They must be combined properly with the facade and roof and help protect the house from adverse external influences.


House finished with this material, very nice look.Also - as is practicable.Therefore, the cap facing natural stone is becoming increasingly popular.

Natural material naturally adapts to changes in the atmospheric environment.

At arrangement of the cap, the upper layer is coated with a special solution that did not appear on the ston

e efflorescence, moss and mold.Further, no additional processing is required.


To finish plinth apply:

  • raw stones.They have different sizes and shapes: in the form of boulders, pebbles or seams.It is better to finish them attract professionals who will make the original surface;
  • treated stones.

treated stones, in turn, are divided into several basic types:

  • tiles;
  • crust or noodles;
  • Tumbled;
  • strip.

produce them from all kinds of natural stone.Thanks to their factory processing, simplifies installation.


Technology cladding with natural stone plinth consists of several stages:

  • is prepared surface.To do this, remove the nodules of cement or concrete mix;
  • adhesive compound leveled concrete wall socket;
  • On base is attached to a metal grid via plug nails;
  • Pick up a stone and make the layout, given the gaps;
  • Krepjat material special glue, applying it to the entire surface;
  • sealed joints between the stones, using a syringe and the construction of the brush;
  • hydrophobizator treated surface.

Artificial stone

For most it is superior to the original settings, so facing the cap artificial stone is very popular.

This man-made material with certainty imitates stone, it is most often made from natural minerals and concrete.

To increase the strength of this material is reinforced with steel fibers.It has different textures and colors, it is not afraid of the temperature and physical impacts.

main advantages of artificial stone:

  • Lightweight;
  • High durability and resistance to frost;
  • Ease of use;
  • strength;
  • unique decorative qualities;
  • low price.

technology works on the wall socket at home artificial stone is no different from the arrangement of natural materials.


Other options

great popularity is facing granite plinth.

This is a relatively new material, which due to its technical characteristics, has won recognition among builders and consumers.

Its mechanical strength is much higher than that of natural stone for lining the cap and the moisture absorbability contrary, below.

But due to the high resistance to wetting, ceramic can not mount cement compositions as moisture begins to accumulate in the joints and quickly destroys masonry.

Therefore granite cladding using adhesive compositions having resistance to freezing.

Or resort to the mechanical mounting options.This way of facing more expensive glue, but more durable.

Modern technologies allow to beautifully decorate the base of clinker tiles.

The advantages of this material include:

  • decorative properties - clinker tiles allows you to fully simulate a brick masonry;
  • can use corner elements, allowing the cap facing clinker tile gives the building a neat appearance;
  • This material is durable, has low water absorption;
  • easy to pick the color you want, as clinker tiles are available in different colors;
  • to create an elegant facade cladding applied granite plinth.House takes on the noble features and emphasizes the status of the owner;
  • This kind of finishing is naturally fit into any landscape.

Other solutions are possible, but natural stone for lining the cap would be the best solution.

Facing the cap of the wooden house

Finishing plinth wooden house begins with the selection of suitable materials.

This part of the wooden house is highly susceptible to the damaging effects, so it should be not only aesthetically beautiful but also quite robust.


For this fit the plinth facing tiles from ceramics.

must choose a tile that is not afraid of negative impacts: low temperature, moisture and other atmospheric influences.

great importance and composition, which is laid tile.

When is lined cap at home, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare the surface, since due to minor defects tiles can quickly come off.

Align it with a mixture of plaster and then primed.

To cap facing wooden house gained a strong glue in its composition must comply with a mixture of plaster and priming.

can decorate his granite.Though stoneware slabs stronger conventional ceramic, it is necessary to handle them very carefully.

Usually they close their insulation.Cap gained a strong, if properly organize lining assembly granite plinth.

Warming held moisture-resistant insulation, which is glued to the surface with special glue.On the insulation is secured reinforcing mesh, which is fastened granite.

Thermal insulation and lining cap turns windproof and highly aesthetic.

Prices for services

Facing the cap stone, due to its small area, it is quite affordable for many homeowners.

Some believe that such a finish is expensive, but many of the stones are quite low prices, it is:

  1. gray-yellow sandstone;
  2. Limestone;
  3. Limestone;
  4. Booth and others.

price depends largely on the structure, size and color stones.Material gray considerably less red.The thicker the stone, the more expensive it is.

Therefore, we can always choose what is available.

price of artificial stone is in the price range from 500 to 2000 rubles per square meter.


On facing work will need to spend about ten percent of their value.

And although the price of the stone facing of the plinth turns a bit high, it's worth it, because it is a very durable coating.