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August 12, 2017 18:06

Insulation of garage door with his own hands

Insulation of garage door with his own hands

For every motorist important factor is comfort and a warm garage, but this requires a reliable gateway to keep warm, do not miss the cold and damp.

To achieve this comfort - about garage door insulation is necessary to think in advance.


  • technology insulation
    • Preparations
    • Layout insulated material
    • insulation fittings
  • What material is better to choose?
    • Foam insulation
    • Polyurethane
    • Extruded polystyrene
    • Mineral wool

technology insulation

read the instructions provided below, you will learn how to insulate garage doors.


Before you mount the heater, it is necessary to make measurements of the area of ​​the gate structure to determine the total amount of surface warming.

Warming garage gate with their hands begins with cleaning the metal surface from dirt, dust and other contaminants.

garage Gates washed from pollution and dry it thoroughly.


Next, you need to close up all cracks and holes with foam, and after complete curing

foam with a knife to remove all of its protruding surplus.

Layout insulated material

marking the selected heater is carried out depending on the size and structure of the garage door designs.

full use of all the sheets of insulation, eliminating joints and seams between the plates, is considered an ideal layout option, but as a warm garage doors from the inside without excess material?

To do this, use whole sheets of insulation at once, and the remaining space can be repaired with pieces of foam.

During the cutting edges of the insulation is recommended to take into account the goal of rigidity as the corners of the material can greatly extend above the surface of the fabric.

selected heater is cut at an angle to the desired thickness.

insulation fittings

The recommended polyurethane adhesive foam as a fastening material.

If you've never used a foam, then work with it will bring you only delight, because the installation is carried out easily, quickly and reliably.


main advantage of this glue is as a foam.

method of application is quite simple: the adhesive foam is applied to the surface of the heater, and after 5 minutes of waiting lists with printed material glued to the treated surface of the gate.

recommended to start the installation of insulation sheets from the bottom of the gate structure.The first sheet must be glued without holding strongly to the surface, because the foam structure can collapse.

After the installation of the first next following sheet glued to a standard gap of about 1 cm.

With foam or sealant filled joints are formed between the sheets of insulation.

After the final drying, the adhesive foam (about 1 hour), seams and joints between the sheets of insulation can be sealed with foam.

remaining excess foam is removed with a knife.To insulation of metal garage door looked more attractively mounted heater can be finished with paneling.

What material is better to choose?

To learn how to insulate garage doors, read the following tips.

material for thermal insulation of the garage door only selected on the basis of the factors of price and quality.

to insulate garage doors with their hands, you need to choose the right material, at the same time, carefully consider all the nuances.

All material for insulation varies by mounting method for insulating performance and service life.

When selecting takes into account all the details, for example, a heater is applied to moisture, and the other is fully protected against water.

To understand better insulate the garage door should be familiar with the most popular materials.

Foam insulation

Insulation of garage door foam easiest and most inexpensive way to keep warm in the garage.

Finished sheets are fastened with plastic plugs to the structure.

foam as insulation is very practical, it is resistant to moisture, hence, it will not appear fungus or mold.

Previously, many people mistakenly believed that the foam is highly flammable, but today in the composition of the material added to a special substance - fire retardant, whereby the insulation is self-extinguishing property.


This type of insulation material is quite quick and easy to install.Polyurethane foam is applied to the surface of the gate sputtering method.

With foam texture, it penetrates easily into all the cracks, pits and Gorbiki, aligning the entire surface of the structure into a single layer.


Such insulation dries very quickly, is moisture and wind, has a higher reliability and better at trapping heat than other types of materials for thermal insulation.

Extruded polystyrene

extruded insulation - the more expensive option of finishing.Method of mounting and gluing of the material is different.

Installation begins with the construction of crates and pulling the film for vapor barrier and moisture protection.

Mineral wool

wool - a material in the form of fiber, which is manufactured using special processing of rocks.

This material has a low rate of thermal insulation and moisture keeps the bad, but well isolates the room and did not ignite.

wool comes in slabs or rolls.

Additionally this insulation protects against moisture film or other similar materials.

Qualitatively mounted design should not have cracks and gaps, so as not to miss the cold, moisture and wind.

The garage will be warm and fuzzy, but if the gate will fit snugly to the wall.