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August 12, 2017 18:06

Ventilated facades of granite

Ventilated facades of granite

widespread popularity of ventilated facades of granite began to acquire due to its reliability and simplicity.

The whole structure consists of the three components: the wind and heat insulation, the fastening system (guides, clamps) and the facing material.

as the latter may be used natural stone, granite, or other composite materials.

choosing from the options in the first place pay attention to their cost.Porcelain tiles - has the most advantageous position of all.


It is easier to operate and less whimsical to care.However, mounting technology and structural features of systems in all cases the same.


  • device and
  • mount technology Started
  • Where to buy and how much it costs?

Design and installation technology

Divide device ventilated facade of granite is possible on four components:

  • Wind protection;
  • Insulating layer;
  • fastening system;
  • banding.

Wind protection is made from membrane fabrics.

select the material will depend on

the expected results as a result of:

  • Waterproofing foil;
  • insulation film.

to the walls accumulate moisture vapor barrier material should be used.

They can be imposed independently of the insulation, protecting against moisture the surface of the walls.


To protect the heater directly, it is necessary to apply waterproof film.An alternative could provide a second layer of vapor barrier, mounted on the other side.

Both options are a little different, but it will perform a common task - the windshield surface, protecting it from adverse effects of the atmosphere.

also ventilated facades of granite technology means reliable insulation of the wall surfaces in the resulting cavity.

not always trim design will allow to put a thermal insulator, but if it is possible - not be neglected.

as thermal insulation layer used any modern material designed for this purpose and sold in the market.

most widely used:

  1. Expanded polystyrene, extruded;
  2. Mineral wool.

Equally important, furnished hinged ventilated facade of granite has a fastening system.

It consists of a set of brackets and guides, which are mounted to the wall anchors and allow you to adjust the space between the fa├žade cladding and insulation beneath.

Installing granite can be done in two different ways:

  • open seam;
  • With closed seam.

significant difference between them, except for klyaymerov or flush mounting and installation method, no.

In the first case, the seams will act out and be visible to the naked eye.


second method is more laborious, since ceramic granite should be designed grooves at the ends, in which hidden fastening.

completely disassemble the structure of the system, you might think, as easy to implement installation of ventilated facades of granite.

in one or two-storey houses of all the work you can organize your own efforts.


First, you prepare all the necessary tools:

  • power tools (hammer, drill, screwdriver and Bulgarian);
  • Stationery knife and screwdriver;
  • Mallet (rubber or wood) and a hammer;
  • levels of various lengths (including the model angle type).

perform calculations ventilated facades of granite, to accurately determine the number of components.

facing material itself must be purchased at a time, since different batches it may be insignificant, but the eye visible differences.

Yes, very uncomfortable to be in the future to go shopping and buy more different stuff, wasting valuable time.

Since the weight of a ventilated facade of granite depends largely on the choice of one of three materials, it is necessary to take into account when purchasing fasteners anchors.

For example, composite materials much easier than granite, so for the second case requires a more powerful design system.

hardest oblitsevat natural stone facade.

When mounting brackets, care should be taken to sites ventilated facades of granite were the most reliable.

Their fixation is carried out by means of special stainless steel anchors, which fit under the bonnet washers.


equip the system of ventilated facade of granite plays not only a decorative function, adorning the walls.

It also protects them from moisture and protects against unwanted heat.

finished mount frame, you need to start laying the insulation layer.

It must be accurately adjusted to the size and attached to the wall with nails poppet.

You can use any heat-insulating materials, but professionals advise to use those which are positioned for facade systems.

windproof film is applied then.It can be mounted in any position, the joints connecting strap.

most important thing - not lured hand.On the outer surface of the material applied trademark producer.

inner side should as close as possible to the heat insulator.

This ventilated facades of granite is practically mounted.It is necessary to attach the material itself.


If we stick to the level of the very first track, imbalances should arise.

Where to buy and how much it costs?

Nowadays construction markets are full of a variety of materials, so buy a ventilated facade of granite will have no difficulty.

recommended to pay attention to the manufacturers, time-tested.

Today the cost of a ventilated facade of granite is not so great that they cost savings.

In addition, the service life is 25 years.The modern market offers the following prices (per square meter):

  • Gres usual - from 170 rubles;
  • Front granite - from 360 rubles.

Together with insulation and accessories (fasteners, screws, rails) price ventilated facades of granite excluding professional services around 1500-3000 rubles.

Approximately the same amount to the price of installation of ventilated facades of granite.Specialist services will cost 1400-1500 rubles.

Before starting work, it is necessary to calculate the total cost of all components of the budget, and then decide whether to spend their own time and nerves.