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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to hang a chandelier on the ceiling of the different types ?

How to hang a chandelier on the ceiling of the different types ?

When finished ceiling decoration, you need to understand how to hang a chandelier.

Very often in the room limited point ceiling lights.

However, not all the rooms, especially in the spacious living room or studio apartment, the interior will not look complete without the chandelier.

It usually settling on the ceiling in the center, gives a bright and even illumination of the middle of the room.

Ensure proper lighting in a room with high ceilings alone Ceiling LED dots is almost impossible.

That is not the full range of reasons why you need to hang a chandelier.

In this article we look at how to properly hang up your hands and show video.



  • Planning andpreparation
  • luminaire
    • Mounting on ceiling
    • mounting tension ceiling

Planning and preparation

If you have not purchased a chandelier, take into account a few helpful tips:

  • not purchasecheap Chinese version.They often fail at the most unexpected reasons.For example, the
    fastening hook can not withstand the weight of the chandelier.Fix the lamp with your hands can be very problematic;
  • When buying, make sure that the cartridges can be changed to, wire quality and the visible portion of the wiring is enough to dock it with the wiring of the room;
  • chandeliers, which have plastic parts near the cartridge, it is better not to buy.Overheating of the bulbs, they will almost certainly lose their shape and sail;
  • Take a good look, a lamp power allowed.It happens that in the lamp three lamps each allowable power is low, so the lighting is clearly not enough. small power of each lamp is quite acceptable if chandelier 8-10 points - total capacity will provide enough bright light;
  • luminaire design.In a small or low room flat is better to hang a chandelier, stretched along the ceiling.It visually increase the space.If the room is spacious and high ceilings, it will look great massive chandelier with a lot of light bulbs.If you have drywall or suspended ceiling, and all the work on the preparation of the frame and the ceiling to to hang a chandelier, have been carried out correctly, you are not limited in weight chandeliers.But when the ceiling is already decorated, the site on which you can mount the chandelier is not, and the anchor is shorter than zapotolochnoe space, you are left with one option - to hang on the hook only very light ceiling chandelier.The heavy chandelier, which in this case can be attached only to the structure of the ceiling on the hook, it will be the arch that irreparably ruin the design.

Before you hang a chandelier, you need to determine where the wiring.

If you had mounted or suspended plasterboard ceiling with his hands, then you will certainly have an idea of ​​where and how electricity is supplied.


Fixing hardware, you will not touch the electrical wiring.If the flat concrete ceiling, or suspended, but embodied without your participation, you have to look for the wiring.

The easiest way to do it yourself with the help of alarm E121, electricians called "Woodpecker" for the characteristic sound of that it emits when it detects electricity.

To use it requires no special skills.This inexpensive device many times rescue you when working with electrical wiring.

Spend it on the ceiling and the characteristic knock determine where the wires laid.Calculate where you can drive a hook or fixed bar.

As a result of the preparatory work you have properly trained, bred out of electrical wires.Now you can begin to mount the chandelier.



Video instruction on how to hang a chandelier, is presented below in the section.

first step is to provide a fixture frame chandeliers.

If the lamp is mounted on a normal ceiling, the fixture plate, hook or anchor straps are fixed directly to the ceiling.

anchor is screwed into the drilled hole, which "opens the parachute."Similarly, and attach the hook.

straps or mounting plate fixed to the three or four self-tapping screws or fixed anchors (depending on the weight of the lamp).If

chandelier light, and 4-5 holes is not necessary to use all of them is provided on the mounting bracket.For non-severe chandeliers quite enough secure three points.

Most often chandeliers fitted with a decorative cap that covers the seat hook attachment or anchor.

before drilling and fastening the hook or anchor, schedule, how it will be positioned fasteners and try whether the cap completely cover it.


If all hardware after installation of the chandelier will be implemented, will be hidden, it is possible to fix a hook or anchor bar and eyeliner to start electricity with his hands.

If the place attachment ceiling lamp summed up the two wires (the most common situation), then it is zero and the phase that need to bond with similar wires on the chandelier.

distinguish zero from the phase, you can use an ordinary screwdriver indicator, when combined with a screwdriver will give light signal phase.

If the ceiling of the wiring displayed three wires, it is zero, the phase and the ground.

External differences between the three wires can not be, and we need a multimeter.

wiring, including three wires, it is rarely used for ceiling fixtures, but it allows you to hang a very powerful chandeliers, which are usually also provided with three electrical inputs.

If your lamp only two inputs, then connect all three wires overhead wiring will not work, and the ground wire should be insulated.

In a large room is often mounted double switch, one of which includes half of the light bulbs on the chandelier, and the second - the remaining points.


In this case, the ceiling wiring will go from three to four wires - two zeros and two phases, which must be connected to the corresponding inputs on the chandelier.

They will also be four if the chandelier does not provide grounding, and two identical sets of three wires each, if available eyeliner ground.

Joining wire chandeliers and ceiling wiring is possible to twist (old-fashioned way) or using modern terminal blocks.

Perform soldering wires is impractical.

Firstly, it is inconvenient to do at the top, and secondly, to replace the chandelier unwound twist or dismantling the pad, much easier than to cut rations.

to connect the wires to each other, turn off the machines on board.Turn on and turn off the light in the room, and just making sure that the electricity in an apartment not ready to go.

When connecting cables you will use twist, it is necessary to carefully wrap it with electrical tape.

When the power supply is three-wire, all of them will work, then use the terminals optimally.Combining the same name postings can hang a chandelier.

Now is the time to check the correctness and reliability of the electrical work at the bar fasteners or hook.Turn on the power and switch related to the unit under test.


If there is light and there is no spark, the wiring was done with their hands correctly.We check how firmly we have been able to hang a chandelier.

Try easy to shake it from side to side.No play said that all the fixing reliable.Especially check carefully the heavy chandelier.

We have seen how you can hang an ordinary ceiling light ceiling, and now will focus on some of the intricacies of working with decorated ceiling surfaces.

Mounting on ceiling

To hang the luminaire on the suspension structure, it is necessary to do preliminary work at the stage of the frame mount.

for light and delicate ceiling decoration options, what are the drywall and lath ceiling, you need to provide a mounting system in which the weight of the lamp would not put pressure on the coating surface.

There are very light, ceiling lighting, and seemingly quite massive gypsum board in a position to make their weight.


However, there may be situations where the load is applied on the chandelier (eg, replacement of cartridges or washing lampshades).

Uneven weight can turn the bar attachment and cause damage Plasterboard cover.

mounting tension ceiling

Separately consider how to hang a chandelier on a suspended ceiling.This type of ceiling the decor is very easy to damage, so you will need special care.

important to note that the suspended ceiling can not be heated - the distance from the lamps chandeliers to the ceiling should be 30-40 cm, it is better, if the lamp will be sent down.

Even during installation of stretch ceiling is necessary to provide wooden mortgages, which in the future will be mounted luminaire.

To bring out the wiring in the right place at the ceiling is glued decorative edging, doing a hole in the cloth and removed the wires.

The rest - the work of his own hands to hang the fixture on a tension ceiling is the same as in other types of ceilings.

We have considered how to install ceiling light with your hands.


technical part of the installation - drill a hole, collect the hardware to hang the luminaire - are able to perform any person holding a drill.

The biggest challenge lies in connecting wiring.Evaluate whether you understand everything in working with electricity.If you have questions, you study them carefully before starting the installation.