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August 12, 2017 18:06

Terms and switchboards installation scheme

Terms and switchboards installation scheme

Installation switch board - the final stage in carrying out electrical work.

In terms of economy, this element is conveniently mounted in the center of the room, minimizing the cost of the connecting cables.

However, this solution is not always justified from the standpoint of the interior in the building, so in most cases installed in apartment switchboard inlet.

order for the product does not have any problems, please purchase switchboard in accordance with the requirements of GOST:

  • shield itself must be made of non-combustible materials, which can be easily touched by hands, not afraid to shock.Popular options - metal or plastic which are resistant plant, both on the outside pole, and in the house.But on the wooden version will have to forget;
  • housing distribution switch board must be ground and ears for seals that can not make on its own;
  • Each switch board must be product data, which specifies the nominal current and voltage parameters, the type of products, the possibility of installati
    on in an apartment or private apartment.Furthermore, the product must not have any visible damage.Ideal - packed in a wooden case shield, but such variants are extremely rare;
  • Regardless of location, safety regulations require that at the switchboard has been put appropriate sign, with the obligatory indication of the nominal voltage.

As a rule, the data sheet specifies and scheme by which the assembly must be carried out.


However, such a scheme has nothing to do with the drawing of electrical elements, which is usually done by hand.His master will have to plot their own, on the basis of these works in the house.

stages of the preparatory work

Getting assembly work in the house or apartment, in the first place it is important to choose the place for the installation correctly.

To switchboard was safely protected from damage and was not available for children, it is advisable to locate it in a niche, at a height of 1.5 to 2 meters, so that an adult could easily reach it with his hands.

Run this procedure can be on their own, without help, strictly following all applicable safety standards.

begun to prepare a place for the electrical panel, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the walls in order to understand - to be niches clearance fit.

If the wall is thick enough, it is better to give up the idea, just hanging on her external switchboard, which can be hidden in a wooden case or plasterboard, which is quite possible to make with their own hands.

Thus on wooden case can be placed and functional shelves, making the surface of a switch is also useful.


If the wall thickness satisfies the task - you need to arm themselves with concrete grinder, by which will be carried out the installation.

However, you can go on a little trick, make your hands in front of a concrete wall in an additional layer of plasterboard or wood design.

This material can be great to simulate their own hands and make a hole in recess in a wooden cover will be much easier than in the concrete wall.

next stage of work - designing their own hands all the elements of the circuit in the house connected to the switchboard.Further

circuit should be maintained to ensure that in case of repair or upgrading electrical systems do not have to remember, for each of which corresponds to the existing flat connection.

In addition, taking a job as an electrician require wiring diagram.

Driving the electrical

Getting charting their own hands, it is important to determine the type of power supply in the house and break all the points of consumption into several groups on the basis of which the scheme will be designed.

In order for it to be readable not only for its artists, but also strangers, all elements of the distribution switch board recommended labeling according to GOST.

As a rule, the information on the type of electricity stored in ZhEKe, so the advice you need to handle it there.

But the principle of grouping elements of the master should come up with their own.

The most popular option - the grouping of outlets, switches the entire apartment or a room, and then connect them to the terminals of the corresponding machine.

However, there should be provided and the selection of a more powerful machine for the technology, saving your settings the whole system from overload.

Direct installation panel

process of installing a switch board for its efforts requires considerable concentration and readiness to follow the instructions perfectly.

The first step is to measure the desired height and a horizontal line through it.

Installation of the electrical

The following outline the installation of the border, tracked, so that the right angle formed between the lines.

Now you can attach to the wall switchboard, and gently holding his hand, to designate the place where the fixing member is installed.

is important to remember that the rules for fixing on a concrete wall, plasterboard and wooden version differ from each other and are not interchangeable with each other, so before the start of assembly work are advised to consider this point.

Further marked spaced drilled holes into which are inserted plugs.

After that, the wall is applied to the base of the distribution switch board, aligned in accordance with the building level and screwed.

It is important not to forget to put in the wiring cable shield to the mounting of the enclosure, which is in a private home or apartment, delayed only by the back wall.

next stage - a circuit assembly with his own hands, followed by installation of a switch and wiring machines.

a basis in this case, the template, in strict accordance with which the installation will be carried out must be taken.

For each switch board, such a scheme will have its own, taking into account the set of accompanying nuances.However, the installation rules for them are similar.Next

the basis of a switch mounted zero and grounding bus.Safety regulations mean that the zero tire will be mounted at the top, and grounding - from the bottom.

Typical circuit with single-phase meter

fasten them as the machine body, it should be with the help of screws and it is easy to do with their hands.

After connecting the machine, you can begin the installation of the internal wiring and cable, along which the current.

The supply cable has three conductors:

  1. Blue - usually zero phase, which will later be connected to the neutral bus switch board;
  2. White - phase, connected to the terminal nearest machine;
  3. Yellow - is a land that connects to the grounding bus of a switch.

similar scheme is relevant when connecting the internal wiring in the house, with the only difference that the phase wire is connected to the bottom of the circuit breaker.

Do this with your hands is not a problem.

final stage - the connection between all machines on the part of the phase.Make it quite possible his own hands with the help of shinoprovodnikov or wires VVG-5 * 6.For this

wire cut in small lengths - 3-4 cm, in series with which are interconnected each machine phase.

Once installation works are completed switch board, you need to use the tester to check each item on the performance.Touching phase arms is strictly forbidden!


If any problems directly to the apartment is found, and in the phase of a switch machine enters the current, it is possible to call an electrician who, after rechecking their methods, connect housing to the overall power supply system, functioning in the house.

Before its test to try to connect anything with his hands, of course, should not be.