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August 12, 2017 18:06

Operating heating boiler connection scheme

Operating heating boiler connection scheme

There are several heating boiler piping circuits that can ensure proper operation and high-quality supply of heat necessary to all installed in the house heater.

As a rule, in private homes today not install single-circuit, dual circuit, wall, floor, gas, electric and solid fuel boilers, and each of them must have the appropriate harness.

Her scheme may provide a connection to the water heater and hot water, and in compliance with the rules and technologies can be made with your own hands.

main heating boiler piping is performed in order to most effectively generate heat received by the device.

To do this, connect the entire distribution network in the house with each other using a variety of additional devices.

There are several different schemes, which can be divided among themselves on the main and emergency.

Tying boiler heating gas or electric, single-circuit or two-circuit, floor or wall mounting, as well as the solid must be carried out in strict accordance with the established rule

s and regulations.

In order to comply with its own hands, it is necessary to have patience and become familiar with the relevant documents.

For more information on how to perform the scheme tying the boiler in conjunction with boiler and hot water, is told in the video below.


  • Basic Principles
  • strapping Boiler installation
  • Classic version strapping
  • Aids strapping
  • Guidelines for piping

Basic principles binding

heating boiler Strapping is performed mainly forto all the equipment it is not exposed to overheat, which accordingly will lead not only to an increase in its efficiency, but also increase the overall durability.

addition, properly chosen for the piping arrangement can improve the safety and reliability as a gas and electric and solid fuel boilers.


By tying manage as efficiently as possible to distribute heat around the interior space of the house.

If tying is done with his own hands, in this case, will be able to save considerable financial resources that would be required for the work master.

It should be noted also that the right kind piping arrangement would eliminate the costs and the various automation, which must monitor the performance of the heating system and hot water.

Many believe that the installation of a gas or electric boiler in the house is much preferable to the solid.

It should be noted that according to the rules made binding on solid hardware will improve its effectiveness, and even some indicators surpass the performance as gas and electric boilers.

There are several different binding schemes, and so before you opt for any of them, you should carefully calculate all and to think.

Choice binding scheme is mainly determined on the basis of the brand used by the heating equipment.

It should be noted that both the bypass and for single-circuit boiler, any circuit is a closed circuit, which is forced to circulate coolant.

Some strapping schemes that can be made with their own hands, are presented in the photo posted below.


Boiler installation

Before you start working on the implementation of the binding of the heating system, it is necessary at the preliminary stage to produceinstallation of the boiler.

for gas, solid fuel or electric boiler has its own principles and rules of installation to be performed in accordance with safety regulations.

In the place where you plan to install the device, you should build a little foundation on which later should be put sheet metal or asbestos.

Installation of solid or electric, single-circuit or two-circuit boilers should be made a little lower than the level at which there are radiators.

This will improve not only the efficiency of the heating system, but also make its operation more secure.

After installing the boiler flue pass to the equipment.

all its connections must be made as much as possible in harmony to prevent the ingress of unburned gases and other combustion products into the interior of the house.

more optimal adjustment of the air can be obtained if, in addition to mount a special hood.It will provide the necessary inflow and outflow of air masses.

Once the boiler is installed and equipped with flue and exhaust system, you can begin to implement immediately the most binding.

Despite the fact that there are several schemes strapping, better do it in a classic case.This will minimize the amount of complex work and, therefore, the task to implement the binding is significantly simplified.

Classic version strapping

first step is to carefully examine all available documentation for the equipment, as well as on its case labels.There must be required to indicate which of the lines is responsible for the supply and discharge of coolant.

is followed to start assembling the manifold.To do this, take a tube of suitable diameter and connect it to the boiler.

Installing the collector

All other openings on the device, which will not be used in its operation, should be tightly closed caps.

on coolant supply pipe to the equipment should be made of the control valve assembly.

In the case where an additional building provides radiant floor heating, you need to install another similar valve on the outlet pipe.It will maintain the desired temperature of the floor heating.

then proceeds to install the pump, which will provide the required coolant circulation system.This can be done in two different ways.

In a first embodiment, it is provided a direct connection to the collector, and the second method - installation directly to the control valve.

should also make installation of monitoring devices that will receive data on the pressure and temperature in the system.

filters and valves are also sure to put that will help ensure proper balancing of plum, and to avoid airing of the heating system and hot water.

as pipes for piping is recommended to use polypropylene.This solution allows you to perform absolutely any circuit complexity and is called - polypropylene strapping.

The classic version of this type of circuit can be seen in the photo posted below.

Driving harness


binding to the whole system to function efficiently and safely, you need to install some additional auxiliary devices and accessories.

So, tying polypropylene boiler will operate more efficiently and safely, if the system is to provide for installation of vent.

This little device will allow to avoid the pressure drop in the system and remove it from the air pockets formed, and it will improve the heat transfer.

For these purposes it is better to use the automatic air vent type.He is able to regulate the pressure in the system and, if necessary, will be releasing all the accumulated air.

Also, experts recommend to install an additional sump system.

This device is especially needed for gas and solyarovoe boilers, since these devices are generally installed heat exchangers with thin channels, and they are very sensitive to various types of dirt.

can ignore the installation of sump in the case where the circuit is provided with natural circulation.

There are some other optional features that help to make the work of boiler equipment the most effective schemes.More details about them can learn from professionals.

Guidelines for piping

Any of the systems, which can be used for the boiler, and should provide an emergency circuit.

This will enable the heating system to operate even in the case when there will be any unexpected situation, for example, will no longer do the electrical energy.

This scheme has its subtleties and nuances that allow the boiler efficiency at all times.

For more information about how to perform the efficient boiler piping installed in the house, described in detail in the video posted below.


to perform the binding domestic boilers should be approached responsibly.

should carefully examine all the documentation that comes with the equipment, as well as read the recommendations of experts.

The quality of the works and properly selected binding schemes depends largely on the overall efficiency of the heating system of the house.