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August 12, 2017 18:06

We carry out the installation of the water pump in the heating system

We carry out the installation of the water pump in the heating system

installation of water pumps in the heating system has long ceased to be something unusual and transcendent, in addition, carry out their installation at home without too much difficulty, everyone can.

Such relatively small electric pumps can significantly improve the overall efficiency of the heating system, as well as the parameters of power, which is especially important for the private home.

Installing the heating system an additional water pump everything else improves the heating of interior space, both private homes and apartments, as well as significantly reduce the overall fuel consumption.

If additionally connected to a water pump type heating system, it becomes possible to make the installation of the dryer for towels, as well as thermostats, in addition, can be used for private house heating pipes with a minimum diameter.

Wiring of water pumps to common heating systems of private houses is quite simple.

With the right approach, as well as the availability of the necessary materia

l and tools, connect a water pump type in a private home heating system everyone can.


  • Features connection
  • classification devices
  • Preparations
  • Connection

Features connection

In most cases, a private house typical problem is that when the heating system the heat is ongeneral outline is not always evenly distributed.

Very often it happens that the temperature near the boiler is much higher than that observed in the radiators located in the back room.

In this case, the power of the boiler parameters play no role, and the problem arises mainly from the fact that the flow disturbed coolant heating circuit or improperly assembled.

The scheme of installation of the pump

To remedy this situation, you can try to make installation of pipes with a larger diameter, though in this case, not only the circuit, but also need to do a lot of repairs.

best option - is to install a special pump water type, in which the old system will remain working scheme, and coolant circulation will improve significantly.

should be noted that if the heating system installed in the pump, the circuit does not change its operation, but the temperature equalization occurs throughout the length of the tubes.

Also, get rid of the airing of the internal space of the pipes and can increase the warming area.

In this case, great importance is the correct selection of a suitable pump.

is not necessary to acquire a sufficiently powerful machine, as it will emit increased noise, despite the fact that at full capacity, most likely, will not work.

In addition, implementing the selection of the pump, should pay attention to parameters such as the diameter of the pipe, the density of the thermal fluid and temperature of the process water.

When selecting a pump for the heating system is best to consult with experts who will be able to recommend the most high-quality device.

classification devices

To help move the heat carrier heating system currently used dry and wet types of pumps.

Mostly dry types of pumps are mainly used for pumping large volumes of coolant, such as the need to provide circulation of water in the system in shopping centers or on industrial sites.

In its work, they make a loud noise, and in addition, subject to vibration.


In devices of this type of heat transfer fluid does not come into contact with the surface of the rotor due to the fact that there are some design features that suggest the device sealed chambers.

Installation of pumps is carried out by professional, as there is a certain specificity of the work.At home they are not used.

In turn, the wet-type pumps have relatively compact dimensions and such parameters of which allow you to set them on the heating system in a house or apartment.

These pumps designed for heating systems, working part is the working fluid that acts as a coolant.They

electric current supplied to the working bodies through the starter.

Their main advantage is that due to forced cooling, such pumps can continuously work for quite a long time.

addition, this type of pumps in their work practically emit noise and do not vibrate, making it possible to freely set their heating system in a house or apartment.

The main drawback of this water pump designed for heating systems, is relatively low efficiency.


Selection of equipment should be done only in specialized stores.

As a rule, with the pump for heating are special split thread, as well as instructions, where you can read the manufacturer's recommendations for installing and wiring diagram.

should also take care of the acquisition of filters, it is desirable if they are designed for deep cleaning.


In addition, you must purchase and a check valve, which helps to ensure the normal operation of the entire heating system in the house.

should take care of the instrument, which may be required in the process.At hand should be a set of keys, pliers and screwdrivers.

addition of consumables need to purchase rubber pads and a small piece of pipe.

Wiring pump should provide easy access when needed for each device in the system.

This is to ensure that in the event of pump failure exit or any other element of the heating system, it was possible to make a quick repair them.

It is best to install the pump in a place where the expansion tank is connected.In this case it will be possible to create a higher temperature at the falling portion of the total pipeline.

should carefully read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the generally accepted rules of this type of installation to the heating system equipment before beginning the installation.

performing work should adhere to safety regulations and observe how to connect the various elements.


order to subsequently be easy to maintain the unit and carry out repair and restoration work, if necessary, should be on both sides of the device to install special ball valves.

should also make installation purifying filter that prevents ingress into the working bodies of the machine various mechanical impurities that may be present in the coolant.


It will be necessary to make installation and a special valve that will provide a way out of the system, if necessary, air pockets.

By installation of the pump, it is imperative to control the direction of the arrow, which is applied to the casing.

It must coincide with the direction of movement of the working fluid in the system.

Rules install this type of device is meant only their horizontal mounting, and it is imperative to observe.

After connecting the terminals, which are located on the outer side of the unit must be in its upper part.

When making connections, you need to follow and for their sealing and, if necessary, use special rubber gaskets.

also should include a grounded outlet, through which the unit will be supplied to the electric current.

In the event that the pipe has been in operation, immediately prior to installation of the pump is advisable to drain all water from the system, as well as to carry out its cleaning.

Mount the unit should be in strict accordance with the direction of flow, which is usually indicated on the unit.

After all the necessary work will be carried out, should be filled with hydraulic fluid system, and only then make a trial run.

also directly recommended to fully release the unit before the launch of the pipe the air accumulated there.


better to use machines with automatic control, which are equipped with several types of protection.This will extend the life not only of the pump, but also the whole system.

In any case, the correct installation of the pump in the entire inner space of the house can provide a comfortable temperature.