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August 12, 2017 18:06

Making patio in the country with their own hands

Making patio in the country with their own hands

Dreams put a patio in the country with their own hands more often visited by those who want to have a separate area in the fresh air.

Vacationers dream of a place next to the house, where you can organize a barbecue, sunbathe in the sun or, conversely, to take refuge in the shade.

Fashion recreation area came to us from the warm countries of Europe.In other words, the patio - it's like a patio terraces and verandas.

In our country, the patio is usually built in the classic version, furnished it next to the cottage.

But contiguity to the house is not a prerequisite device summerhouse.

Since he is living in the open air, it can be placed in different locations suburban area, taking into account the future destination.

with the location, the size of the country and form a patio you need to decide in advance that eliminates the unnecessary costs and adjustments.


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Projects patio

perfect classic option for patio - attach a plat

form to the house from the west, where you can see the sunset and a beautiful garden.

This patio, as seen in the image, one wall is adjacent to the house, and other fences off the area around.


Plus such a decision - the proximity to home,why it is easier and faster to bring guests to food and drink, and go into the house with the appearance of precipitation.Minus - about an extension deficit of space and light.

If the suburban area of ‚Äč‚Äčland allows it, the summer house erect in front of the house.How does such a zone, reflected in the photograph.


to hide from prying eyes, a patio surroundedgrilles.An alternative to this disguise - dense vegetation.

project presented at the next photo, for those who love peace and rest in the shade of trees.Patio placed either in the bottom of the garden or near the artificial pond.


Some owners of cottages equip outdoor patio directly intoplot center, using as barricades from the sun and prying eyes of the screen, or climbing plants.From

goals away from home in the patio and its size depends on.If the intention is to be alone together in a romantic setting, the house area should be small, as shown in the photo.


like to collect noisy companies - the right to build a platform, which is comfortably large number of people.

Those who spend the summer leisure only in the company of friends and relatives to do the barbecue, it is better to put the open house of average size.

When the device patio at the cottage, and are guided by what the size of the garden.Mini yard does not fit into the framework of a vast area, a large room in the open air looks ugly on a small area.

minimum area patio - 4 square meters.

view patio maintained pavements defines the shape: round, rectangular, square.

Straight line is considered boring, but they facilitate the process of paving site.

maintained pavements patio adjacent to the cottage, usually done in the form of a rectangle and a square.A patio in the center of the garden, in addition to a round shape, you can make fine shape.

In general, if a review of all the options presented patio, it is possible to conclude that the construction of a summer house, designed for barbecues, does not require knowledge of first-class masters.

How to build a patio?

During the work, you will need:

  • shovel;
  • tool for tamping;
  • building level;
  • sand;
  • pavers;
  • rubber hammer.

And the main material will be brick or concrete, tile or wood curb.Instead of a wooden cover can be taken decking - it is resistant to the effects of rain and at least aesthetically.

If the choice fell on a wooden platform for the patio, the pre-treated material is antiseptic.This will prevent the wood from rotting.

A brick, tile and stone is laid dry.These building materials will last longer than wood flooring.Not subject to damage from water and garden parquet.To

after rain on paved surfaces do not accumulate water, it should be laid at a slant.Naturally, it must be directed to the opposite side of the house.

But no matter what kind of material is in progress, when the construction area for the rest, we must first make a layout: mark the boundaries of the future site and the location of the poles for lighting fixtures.

place under the patio must be 10 cm below ground level, as shown in the photo.

Golf patio

That is, the selected area is removed topsoil.Like the land leveled and free from plants treating herbicide.

depth is covered with sand, moistened, to settle down a little bit and compacted.The pillow of sand attached to the construction of additional stability and prevents the growth of weeds.

then poured on a platform 10 cm rubble formation. Then another portion of a layer of sand coated in a thickness of 5 cm and surrounded by a border.The course of these studies represented in the photo.


is followed by proceeding to laying tiles.First obkladyvaetsya only perimeter indented between the tiles of about 10 mm.

important to have the plate smoothly and directly, if you just do not work, then you can correct the location of the flooring rubber-hammer.

If the size of one plate you seemed too large, you can reduce it by making a special markup, and knocking hammer along it.

Then stove adheres to the breaks in two on to make a mark.

After completion of installation work backfilled with sand holes between the plates.Remains of sand on the surface cleaned with a broom.Remember that the sand a short time later can settle, so it will have to be added.


At this stage of construction is coming to an end.It's time to arrange the furniture and decorate the patio adjacent to the territory.


Preferring plastic chairs and tables, you will do well from a practical point of view.But it is very nice on patio under the open sky will look beautiful oak bench.

Natural wood furniture allows you to enjoy nature and truly immersed in an atmosphere of relaxation.

If the area around the patio completely empty, the place where unusual lighting devices or the original stands.

flower beds and ornamental shrubs, small conifers can be planted in various sequences and form are edging the patio.

Floral decoration should fit into the overall design of the summer at the cottage premises.Contents may patio curly and basket plant, such as morning glory, beans and clematis.

Ideas for registration of an incredible array of patio.All options need to carefully consider and decide which best suits your interior.After

because house is on the street, he has to be very special for you: do not overload with unnecessary elements, and give unforgettable moments of relaxation.

For sites without a roof is perfect furniture, woven from wicker and rattan.Harmony will create a wooden table and benches.

not only arrange the furniture at every turn, and do not overdo it with the decoration, overloading the space.

Take care also about the patio night lighting, because in the warm summer night you want to while away the magic precisely the high points in a fragrant garden.