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August 12, 2017 18:06

Diagrams and water heating installation in a private house

Diagrams and water heating installation in a private house

you think that water heating in private houses with their own hands - it is very difficult?

you think that such work can be entrusted only to professionals?

course, lay in the house burning stove or fireplace to equip the country seems to be much easier.

However, take a few evenings studying the theoretical part, and you are surprised to notice that the heating is done by yourself - it's real.

added bonus for you is that within the water heating system, you will be familiar, literally every centimeter and, if necessary, you can easily own hands will replace broken parts.

Heating by means of liquid circulating in the system, is considered the most favorable for low-rise buildings.

consider how to make water heating, materials, and equipment needed to properly perform the installation.


  • What is required for the installation?
  • Choice
  • heating devices Install the heating: the scheme and the procedure works

What is required for the installation?

We need:

  • boiler or furnace;
  • pipe;
  • radiators;
  • expansion tank;
  • standard set of tools for installation.

Prior to buying all this is to understand how the water heating and to develop a plan to heat the house or garden.

scheme looks like this - heated boiler heat transfer fluid (which may be water or a special mixture) enters the radiator, which cools, giving heat to the room.

Schematic diagram of water heating

Cool coolant is returned to the boiler where it is heated again.Due to these continuous cycles occur heating your room.

water heating systems are divided into natural and forced.Focusing on the first version, you will be independent of the electricity to run the pump.

liquid Navigating the system is due to the laws of physics - hot coolant expands and rushes up, and by lowering the temperature, it shrinks and falls down.

When the natural circulation is necessary to observe the slope of the pipe at least 2 degrees (in an ideal - 3-5), avoid pipes of small cross-section (to fit the riser pipe 40 mm liner to the heating sections can be carried out pipes, sections 22-24 mm).

have natural circulation has serious flaws: is not permitted inside wiring - with a decrease of the water level in the expansion tank, fluid movement difficult.

Also it applies only in cases where the distance between the boiler tubes and the furthest radiator does not exceed 20 meters, and the heated floor area less than 150 sq.m.

As you can see, natural circulation with their restrictions are not always applicable.As for the forced coolant circulation pump is regulated by the system.

Of course, the acquisition of the pump - this additional financial expenditure for the purchase and plus electricity bills every month, but see what the benefits - you are spared from having to explicitly regulate the angle of inclination, there is no need to comply with a wide cross-section of the risers, it is possible to make the internal pipeworkand connected, for example, the "warm floor".

Two-pipe heating system

are two water heating system - Single and dual-circuit.Installation of the first option involves heating only.

second option, in addition to heating provides hot water and the room is very comfortable in the country, in cases where not planned installation of a separate source of warm water.

Selecting heating device

water heating can be carried out by a gas, electric or solid fuel boilers.

If your location is brought gas, heating gas boiler will be convenient and less expensive.

In the absence of gas as a heating source can be considered electricity and traditional fuels - wood, coal, pellets.

furnace advantage of solid fuel over the electric boiler is obvious - operating price.

use of heating with electricity in the country is completely justified, if in the cold, you can do every day, and, accordingly, do not have the ability to control the daily download of fuel or gas.

Water heating for a small private home is impractical because the more practical simply to hang electrical radiators.

And for larger homes use electricity for heating the coolant may be incompatible with the simultaneous operation of other electrical appliances.

therefore almost certainly your choice for water heating or heating private house in the country is between the gas and solid fuel boiler (kiln).

If the connection and operation of the gas boiler specialist assumes the challenge, then the installation of the furnace really cope on their own.

number of furnaces equipped with a stove for cooking, so when choosing a furnace consider whether convenient for you to carry out heating and cooking at the same time.


When calculating the power of the device performing the heating, can be guided by the following rule - 10 sq.m.premises account for 1 kW boiler output.

worth even take into account the space in which there is no radiator (eg storage).The power of the heating device is equal to or slightly less than the sum capacity of all sections.

Set heating: the scheme and the procedure works

Water heating is done with his own hands on a clear plan of action.

So, you have drawn a diagram of a house on it marked the future battery miscalculated the length of the pipe, you have already decided on the heating system of the house, studied the video and are ready to start the construction works with their hands.

possible, sections of the system should be wider window unit.

However, in practice this is not always maintained.If the window of a private house does not miss the cold air into the room, then the total length of all sections can be smaller than the window.

Heating House,

Installation of radiators made clear the level and always below the window opening.Beauty, of course, important, but not paramount.

accidentally admitted bias, even small, will create the effect of an underground river - from the raised edge will be heard gurgling liquid.Therefore, check the installation level.

is important to keep the distance from the floor and away from walls.The ideal is considered to be the distance from the battery to the walls of 3-5 m, and to the floor -. Not more than 10 cm

To remove tramp air is to mount the valve or bleed screw.

By hung radiators fed Stroebe.Calculate so that was a groove depth of 4-6 mm from the fitting to the edge - in heating pipe can be increased.

Use a length of less than 10 meters or welded bends to compensate for thermal expansion.

There are options for the use of copper or stainless steel tubes, however, proven best in combination "price-quality" reinforced polypropylene.

They are relatively inexpensive and convenient to install.

There are various models of the radiator connection, conductive heating water.

lower circuit (supply and drainage are attached to the lower sections of the nozzles), it is fraught with heat loss of 12-15% and the uneven heating of the batteries.

It should be taken into account when there is a risk of falling in the sand and slurries - they will be submitted to the dirt filter.


When unilateral connecting supply is mounted to the top of the section and the tank line - to the bottom of this section.In this connection all the sections are heated evenly.

If the number of sections considerably, then it is optimal to use the diagonal connection.It differs from the one-sided in that the outlet is mounted opposite to the bottom section.When

clear connection diagram section radiators, proceed to install the piping system.

Certainly worth a look assembling video and practice on scraps left over after the installation is finished pipe in Stroebe.

melts pipe and fitting the heated soldering iron to 260 degrees.The combination must be done by pushing the smaller section at most.


rotation should be avoided When combined, this has a negative impact on the stability of the connection.After completion of the system installation, you can try out its performance.

Do not forget that for the first start-up gas boiler need a specialist heating and start the oven is quite possible to implement on their own.

should make before closing the internal wiring of heating, that the drawn scheme is fully implemented, the seams are not leaking, expansion of the heating does not create additional pressure to Stroebe walls, the system is not audible murmur.

can try to raise or lower the heating temperature, checking to see if leaks, bends or noise appeared.

Installation of heating system in this finished.Now is the time to start the interior design of the room.

is important to remember that the heating system is to design at the stage of building a house.During operation must comply with all fire safety regulations.


quality home heating warming up comfort parameters is feasible only when the heat loss through the walls and windows are minimized.

The above-water heating installation scheme will produce the work in the home, even with no experience.Create water heating in the house or in the country with their own hands is quite feasible to any owner.