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August 12, 2017 18:06

The design of the machine for the production of corrugated board

The design of the machine for the production of corrugated board

his machine for corrugated board will not only make good stuff, such as cottage construction, but also to start a profitable business, but you need to know a lot of nuances.

Such a device is quite easy to do at home with their own hands, if you look at how it works.

Given that virtually no building today is not complete without this material, it is widely used in everyday life, and if you make your machine, it is possible to produce goods for sale.

Profiled today is a very popular finish.It is used as the fence, the material for walls and roofs, cladding material.

In addition, these sheets have a relatively low cost and ease of installation.

However, it should be understood that a professional flooring put forward stringent operational requirements that must be considered, especially if the material to make their own hands in a homemade machine.


  • Features and material requirements
  • Varieties construction and operation
  • Step by step instructions for assembly of the machine ho

Features and material requirements

There are several types of corrugated board, the production of which is usedvarious raw materials.For example, a very popular metal decking.

It is made of steel, using cold rolling method.

For structures that will be used on the street, such as the fence, you can make sheets coated further protective coating - enamel, polymers, fiber.

Industrial machine

each type of raw material gives a thickness of the sheet.

In the case of steel, we can get high-quality corrugated board, which can also be galvanized to increase durability and resistance to aggressive environments.

If the sheets do entirely without cover, the material wears out faster.Therefore, we can say that plays an important role not only the machine but also raw materials.

assembly rolling machine for corrugated board is best done indoors, where there is a flat concrete floor.

The temperature in the room also plays an important role: it has to be heated, without sharp fluctuations.The temperature is chosen not less than 4 degrees.

If you plan to consistently produce such material, it is better to prepare the premises for the storage of rolls, dry and warm.

construction and operation of Varieties

to make their own hands a device such as machine tool, necessary to understand the principle of the industrial model.

This approach will help to compensate for many shortcomings by changing to more accessible parts.

Any corrugated board is produced by cold rolling a smooth sheet of raw material through special nozzles and shafts.

Driving machine

eventually obtained a corrugated sheet of a predetermined shape, which can be used as the fence, and the fence and the wall.

Even in the home machine for manufacturing corrugated board requires the purchase of high quality raw materials.His buy rolls for ease of use.

Such rolls still need to expand, and then everything depends on the thickness of the raw material.

If you originally aimed to make subtle modifications of corrugated board, the problems should arise - you can straighten the sheets and hands.

And if you need to produce a fairly thick product, then there can not do without bending machine.

machine for corrugated board can be of two types: manual and automated device.

first has a simple working principle, it is easy to make your own hands, and the cost of construction at the same time will be more affordable.However, there

supply and adjustment of the shaft is made by myself with the help of their own strength.

construct automatic device at home on their own is virtually impossible.This is uneconomical and also extremely difficult.

noteworthy that complications arise and the final stages of rolling.

fact that the rolls have a decent length, so to obtain finished products that can be used immediately or as a picket fence must also provide a way of cutting the sheets.

Here can help a special guillotine.These scissors are made of a very well sharpened steel and equipped with safety boxes and mechanisms for safe operation.

best option is to buy a ready-made blades, as they are repeated in the form ready list.


handheld machine for the production of corrugated board, as well as automated, can be designed for simultaneous profiling of both the technology and the serial.

In the first case is the simultaneous production of the corrugations on both sides of the sheet.In the second half it is necessary to drive the sheet on both sides.

course, can be done only on one corrugated surface, but not suitable for all purposes similar plates.

example, the fence for a home is better to do the two sides.

Also, there are machines that work with the method of hot rolling.

But at home they are not used as originally necessary raskalivat steel and pour it into a mold, which is almost melted.

Finished sheets are suitable for the fence, but as the skin or wall unit - is unlikely.

Step by step instructions for assembly of the machine house

The main difference from other corrugated metal sheets - trapezoidal corrugation.It seems that in the home to make such a material possible, but it is not.

machine for the production of corrugated board, made his own, it is possible to make more listosgibom.

However, it is understood that the home device is not always able to help in the manufacture of very thick products.

So, the maximum thickness of galvanized steel, which can be bent, should not exceed 5 mm.


In such an arrangement can be made not only sheets for the fence, but also skates, Cornice strip, and so on.

primarily collect the machine frame.It is small in size and does not require a complete closing walls.

will suffice to make good supports and fasten them on the concrete floor with screws.Next, you need to prepare a table on which will be fed sheet.

Typically, its length must be at least a couple of times more than the expected length of the article, in fact still must remain a place for the reception of the finished sheet.The table can be made of aluminum veneer.

The main thing here, to make a special bracket that allows to fix or roll materials.Her tightly attracted to the table with bolts.Likewise, fixed and hand lever.

He needed to move the sheets on the table and adjust its angle.It is possible to provide greater reliability so designed control spring.

It is understood that some of the details need to buy ready-made.For example, the rolling rolls.Make them at home can not be improvised.


But you can order them - today is not a problem, and the cost for the home workshop will be very low.

They are fixed to the frame and is applied to the arm.Shafts is secured by means of brackets of the segments of metal parts.

In this procedure, you need to pre-assemble.It also held the first trial run of corrugated board.All bolts twist not at full strength, and plates are served with extreme caution.

We must focus on the fact that while the corner shelf and a shelf frame must be on the same plane.

If turned professional flooring to give the desired shape, all parts can be fixed.But do not forget about safety.

This is especially true if the guillotine will be installed.

work should be done very carefully, without haste, even if you are an experienced master, as there is an increased chance of injury.

device mechanism of action is quite simple, why make such a machine at home is possible.First, put the metal sheet on the table.It is fixed by means of tabs or strips.

further lever controlled feed angle.The output is important that the sheet is ready to fall, and evenly placed along the table.After it can be removed.

can also be profiled to cover different compositions, but it needs to be equipped with a special table.

At all stages you need to be dressed in a protective form, gloves, and use safety glasses.