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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to lay linoleum ?

How to lay linoleum ?

theme as lay linoleum, does not cease to be relevant, it's flooring has all the necessary qualities which make it possible to keep in the house a warm and attractive floor.

thoroughly acquainted with the features that linoleum has received in production, we can find the right products for the floor laying flooring in the kitchen, the bedroom and even in the bathroom, where a consistently high level of humidity.

During repair of a particular room in the house, the question arises, how to lay linoleum on top of the old one, and whether you can do it.

Typically, this problem occurs when the old paint can not be gently removed from the core framework with their own hands, or so the home owner wishes to make a warm floor, increasing its heat insulation properties.

Therefore, consideration of this issue should be paid time.


  • How to lay new linoleum on top of the old?
  • How to lay linoleum in the kitchen?
  • How to lay linoleum in the bathroom?
  • How to lay linoleum in the bedroom?
  • Why the substrate under the linoleum?
  • Can I lay on the warm linoleum floor?
  • Can I lay on the linoleum laminate?

How to lay new linoleum on top of the old?

Before lay on top of old coating new linoleum, it is necessary to carry out restoration work.

But it is necessary to specify if the old linoleum has jammed area, a lot of twists and torn seats, the repair of such coverage will be costly.Therefore, it is better to completely remove their own hands.

primarily a damp cloth wipe the old flooring in the apartment, and then proceed to the study of the surface.

overlaying patches

All the flaws of the old linoleum draw out a pencil, to be more precise, draw a rectangle around the damaged areas.

With a sharp knife and cut out the damaged line.Instead, paste the new pieces of linoleum.

If in some places, the old coating dispersed and wrapped joints, they are put in order with a special sealant.

After repairs the floor surface is wiped again, after it has dried proceed to laying new linoleum.

Linoleum spread out around the room and adjusted to the required size, in this position leave at night.

If products have curves, they definitely need to level, placing something heavy, can be a stack of books.During the day the material completely straightened and get used to the room temperature.

On the second day on the linoleum pass roller and fix skirting, it is provided that the area of ​​the selected premises of the house is not more than 10 sq.m.

Otherwise, the product is to be laid using double sided tape:

  • One edge of the linoleum half wrap, thus freeing the surface of the substrate;
  • On the floor of the room along the pasted adhesive tape is indented 50 cm last band we put near the wall.;
  • Carefully remove the top layer of adhesive tape and a stele at him linoleum, as soon as the surface of the roller pass;
  • stele other half of the product should be on the same principle.Finish the job installing baseboards.

new flooring can be laid on the old floor is also using adhesive.The technology - a great option if you are in the apartment premises for more than 20 sq.m.

to lay linoleum on the glue, you need to wrap the material and process the glue first one side of the floor, then the second.

Material smooth roller plinth mounted only on the second day.

Thus it is possible to lay new linoleum flooring in any room of the house, for example, in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

But as in the bathroom, as well, and in the kitchen, there is a high humidity, the product for which you need to choose a particular specification.

Details about the possibility of the old flooring surface mount new video tells the following story.


How to lay linoleum in the kitchen?

The flooring, which can be laid in the kitchen should have a high strength and wear resistance.

In addition, the surface should be easily removed any traces of dirt, and the material could be characterized as environmentally friendly.

Kitchen - this is the room of the house where every day preparing food and washing dishes, so you can not ignore another important requirement for flooring materials like moisture.

Of the existing varieties of linoleum is better to lay on the kitchen commercial and semi-commercial type products.

Household linoleum in this case, the kitchen is not recommended to lay, because of weak performance and shorter service life, which ranges from 1 to 3 years.

Commercial linoleum has a limited range of textures and high cost, so the kitchen lay it will be expensive.


remains semi-commercial type of product, the structure of which combine the advantages of the two aforementioned materials.

In this semi-commercial linoleum has reasonable price and the service life of about 10 years.

How to lay linoleum in the bathroom?

Features floor bathroom fully comply with the characteristics of the flooring to be used in the kitchen, as in both rooms regularly generated steam and water.

On this basis, we can conclude that the ordinary lay a cheap linoleum in the bathroom can not be.

Finish floor bathroom is better to choose from a homogeneous group.Differences are of such a product in its structure, which is a monolithic layer.

Furthermore, the production process is implemented in Figure entire thickness of the product, and not applied to the surface as in the manufacture of other types of linoleum.

lack of product on the wrong side of the felt layer eliminates moisture absorption material, thereby preventing the formation of a floor covering in the bathroom mold and mildew.

in how to lay linoleum of this type, there is nothing difficult.In the bathroom, laid homogeneous flooring with their hands better with a minimum of seams and bloat on the walls.

add detail above material will enable the following video.


How to lay linoleum in the bedroom?

Due to the fact that in the bedroom a small mechanical load on the floor and constantly comfortable climate, the flooring will not be difficult to choose.

The best option would be a soft and springy linoleum is made on the basis of the foam.

In choosing the material should not lose sight of its ecological properties, on the floor in the bedroom is best to lay natural products, including laminate.

But as the cost of them is high enough, you can select the home or semi-commercial inexpensive material with a suitable texture.

Although class durability of natural material greatly exceeds the semi-commercial linoleum.

At the same time the type of semi-commercial is much stronger than domestic, therefore, has a longer service life.

Why the substrate under the linoleum?

If you decide to completely dismantle the old coating, it is necessary to choose the substrate under the new linoleum, in order to make the foundation more even and warm.

as substrates can be used a variety of materials, including chipboard sheets.

MDF substrate will allow for alignment of the base and slightly increase its thermal insulation characteristics.Basically

fiberboard substrate is used when it is necessary to hide minor deformation of the wooden floor while taking fiberboard sheet with a thickness of 8 to 12 mm.

the purpose of alignment and simultaneous warming his hands the concrete base, the substrate is not recommended to use MDF.

Instead, use a heat-insulating material such as polystyrene foam to the floor became really warm.

Learn more about the technology of the device substrate, enable the following video.


Can I lay on the warm linoleum floor?

«warm floor" system should have a surface finish corresponding to a number of stringent requirements, in this regard, some of the material it is impossible to be laid as a floor surface.

If a decision over the warm floor with their hands to put linoleum, do not ignore the following rule: "warm floor" should not heat the surface of more than 30 °, then this maximum temperature.

If you do not follow this rule, the surface finish with the time change color and deformed.Furthermore, linoleum will stand out harmful substances.

most optimal variant for linoleum, the system is considered "warm floor" in the form of film-heating products.

But from existing varieties of linoleum difficult to choose the right material for it.

Infrared floor

Currently the market offers five of its basic types:

  • natural;
  • rubber;
  • alkyd;
  • PVC;
  • nitrocellulose.

From the above list of the most suitable product is a natural material.

Its high price is justified by the environmental security, anti-static and fire-resistant characteristics.

rubber and alkyd materials do not tolerate heat well nitrocellulose has a large measure of flammability.

As for PVC products, which is based on a foam or fabric material, its drawback is provide them with a specific smell.

Can I lay on the linoleum laminate?

top of linoleum lay laminate possible and even necessary, as the old flooring will carry additional benefits.

main thing is that the old flooring has a perfectly flat surface and there were no significant damage.


to during the operation does not flex laminate, linoleum should not be too soft.In this case the old coating must adhere well to the substrate.

Before you lay laminate flooring, linoleum is recommended to lay on top of the cork or plastic intermediate substrate is about 3 mm thick.

If you do not save, the output can be obtained high quality and beautiful coating that will last for many years.

before laying laminate kept in a room for about 3 days.During this period, the laminate is adapted to the humidity and temperature of the room in which it will be laying.

Laminate is recommended to purchase a stock, as slats of various parties with a texture and color can still be different hue.

After the laminate is laid, shades of difference can be evident.

add the above information will allow thematic video in this article.