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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fraser tapping locks and hinges

Fraser tapping locks and hinges

What is a router for the tie locks and hinges?

What are the features and advantages of this equipment?

How are these products and what they are?

In all this we'd like to investigate further.


  • What routers and what are they for?
  • Different types of milling
  • Routers for wood products without seal

What routers and what are they for?

Today milling tapping locks and hinges already can easily be called a special, unique group of hand tools.

Products in this group are specialized tools that are used for manual production.

Most of these products differ very original technical solution, but also an enviable practical device that facilitates the process of repeatedly tapping hinges and locks.

And that's not to mention the reliability and durability of almost all of these mills.

In today's market instruments today can be found a unique design, for example, the router tapping locks and hinges, which can replace a full-fledged workshop Drilling and grooving machine.

In all of this, such products distinguishes a high degree of mobility, making it an actual sidebar with them locks on-site installation of doors.

Different types of milling

worthy purchase for a set of tools absolutely any door manufacturer's or Master Installer will be another special router tapping locks and hinges - a model that is designed for milling in the door frame and each door of samples underloop.

With this power process loop additives can be repeatedly accelerated and simplified, and that's not to mention the more high quality and precision machining.


By the way, this tool makes it possible for even the use of self-made, unique templates.

Thus, using such a mill, it is possible for the majority of door hinges in their broadest range of standard series.

The only improvements that will need to make after using this router - cutting corners.For this purpose, you can use an ordinary chisel.

Routers for wood products without seal

There are tools on the market today for building and repair, and the router that allow you to work with wooden windows or doors, in which the seal was originally not provided, but the need for it is.

These models, due to the special design, provides for lateral abutment and removable guide rails make it easy to choose the slots of the seal even on already installed windows and doors.