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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pressure Washers - what to choose ?

Pressure Washers - what to choose ?

This article will consider the topic, which high pressure washer is best to choose to facilitate the care of a private area.

attention to the specifications of some models and the scope of their application.

Pressure washers are used to launder terraces, walls and roofs of houses and garages, different platforms and cars.

appeared the device thanks to the German inventor Alfred Kärcher.

In 1935, he registered a company for the production of cleaning equipment, which has been successfully operating to this day.

Modification sinks occurred in the 1950s, it was at this time Karcher design of the device has received the form which has today.

At the moment, the production of high pressure washing equipment involved and other well-known manufacturers such as Bosch and Nilfisk.


  • Scope washing machines
  • facts that may influence the choice of
  • washing Washing high pressure device Karcher K 5.55 Jubilee
  • Washing high pressure unit of the brand Bosch
  • How to improve the cleaning eff
    ect of cleaning?

Scope washing machines

Today, powerful cleaner found application in various fields of activity.In automated car services with their help wash repair facilities.

On construction sites, the type of washing equipment is used for washing the various mechanisms of the pipeline and mixers, as well as construction machinery.


Farmers acquire a high-pressure cleaning equipment for washing, specialized equipment from dust and dirt, the cleaning of livestock farms and complexes.

In the field of industrial and food pressure washers are used for the care of the technical equipment and facilities.

through additional nozzles devices can wash off dirt from the surfaces of all forms.

in fisheries using high power washing the deck washed, rinsed growths molluscs with the external walls of vessels.

Use a high-pressure washing and at home, but from industrial devices, household devices feature small dimensions, and lower power.

, you must know how to choose the right and a car wash manufacturer is better to buy a mini-car wash for the house.

Typically, compact high-pressure cleaning devices implement a set of nozzles, by which you can perform various tasks.

facts that may influence the choice of washing

future owner Pressure washers should know that the water is supplied from the device under severe pressure, so that neither people nor animals can not direct the jet hose.

Each particular model has cleaning product data, which contains the output pressure in bars.

Despite the fact that domestic models do not have hot water function, though the hot water can be used, if you connect the sink to the hot springs.

This water temperature should not be higher than 60 °.Some phones do not connect to hot water, as they will be destroyed immediately.

cost household washes is in your price range, thereby select an available home device can people from different social strata.

Washing machine

For example, if you take a car wash company Black & amp; Decker PW 1800 and PW 1700 XR the WB, here it should be noted that the technical characteristics between a device not much different, but the cost factor is a significant gap.

sink design includes a motor, a pump housing, a tank for the detergents, as well as a set of tools and hose.

price of any vehicle will depend on the pump resources in low-cost models, the figure is 30 to 60 hours.

But do not just because of this right to refuse from the cheap models, especially if it will be used for car wash only.

As an example we take the washing device with the resource 60 hours.Since the winter time to wash the car on the street can not, then, in a year the unit will be used for about 6 months.

Thus on the washing machine will go on for 15 minutes, and it's not every day.

In rainy weather also use the washing is not recommended, as the device may break down or electric shock.

From this it can be concluded if a car wash 2-3 times per 7 days, one year service life apparatus decreases by about 15 hours.

It turns out that a low-cost model of the high-pressure washer can be used for about 4 years.This guarantee is given by the manufacturer for 2 years.

If you choose to house expensive model washing device, you can count on the fact that their working life is much higher.

After the manufacture of the device used stronger materials and a completely different drive.

especially expensive models are made of brass body and the pistons of the cermet, the cost can reach $ 300.


buying a sink, we recommend to carefully study it, which included are tips, and then select the appropriate set optimally.

example, is very useful in everyday life can be a nozzle with the possibility of adding an abrasive water is pumped ejector nozzle or milling to remove the dirt.

Besides, can not do without angle nozzles and different brushes.

Currently commercially available cleaners High pressure washers, which can be operated at reduced inlet water pressure, or running water on the trunk.

increase term cleaning service will allow installation of a water filter and a respect for the hoses.

Therefore, when buying is better to choose a model with a rotating cleaning coils coiling hose.

After working with the water installation, you must all merge and the pressure to bleed.

Below is information on demand in the market of high pressure washers.

What kind of models to choose, tell in the proposed article video story, and the description and specifications of devices.

Washing high pressure device Karcher K 5.55 Jubilee

Excellent cleaning option for private homes or cottages.

Its application allows to wash the car, do wet cleaning terraces, clean the track of dirt, clean the pool, and even a wash house, faced with siding.

The model Karcher 5.55 endowed with a capacity of 1600 W at an operating pressure of 140 bar, has a productivity of 460 l / h.

With the pressure of 140 bar can perform all of the above mentioned tasks.Easier workflow allows the presence of attachments, bundled, including cutter to remove the dirt.

pump housing washer Karcher 5.55 is made of aluminum alloy.The device can operate with hot water with an indicator to 60 °.


addition, the device is equipped with a 9-meter hose, staffed with a capacity for detergent compositions and water filter, through which extends the life of the device.

cost items considered Karcher 5.55 is approximately $ 150.In this model with higher power consumption will be practically half expensive.

washing device high pressure from the brand Bosch

recently appeared on the market model of the washing of the well-known manufacturer of household appliances BOSCH - Aquatak Clic 125.

In developing this design manufacturer has taken into account the needs of consumers, so that its operation differs convenience.The device is equipped with a rotating spray clutch.

there is included a special attachment device can operate in four modes.

In addition to these advantages, the new model from the company Bosch washing attracts buyers function auto rewind hose.

himself hose «Torsion-Flex» washing device has a high level of durability, not confused or bend during operation.

model also endowed with the property shut down machine from the mains as soon as the button on the spray gun is released.

And that's not all the features of a high-pressure washer Aquatak Clic 125, which the manufacturer has decided to please buyers.

Interesting layout switch allows you to turn off the sink leg, and the power cord, as well as the hose is wound automatically.

motor power of 1800 watts, equipment performance - 410l / h at a water pressure of 125 bar.

The phone has a reservoir for detergent compositions, as well as the possibility of using hot water to 600.

presence of water intake function allows using the washing fluid pump of any capacity.


Therefore, the absence of water is not critical to the operation of the washing machine.

cost above considered a new model from the manufacturer Bosch, compared with other products, low and currently stands at about $ 170.

How to improve the cleaning effect of cleaning?

improve the quality of the high-pressure washers allows the use of assistive devices and detergents.

Manufacturer Karcher, in addition to washing machines, offers the consumer to use branded chemicals and accessories.

At the moment, there are a number of devices for small washing devices:

  • components for fast and qualitative cleaning of flat surfaces, small and large areas.For example, you can select the device T-Racer - it is suitable for any model of high pressure washers Karcher.The principle of operation of the auxiliary device consists of the following mechanisms of action: pressurized water nozzle is introduced into the work of the propeller, which is in the body splash.Such a device is capable of working on surfaces with slight differences.
  • nozzles in the form of sponges and brushes make it possible to expand the use of high pressure washers.Connecting nozzles to hoses is due to special adapters.Due to the fastening nut brush is securely fixed on the gun, and the protection of standing on the perimeter eliminates scratching the surface being cleaned.
  • Very outdated pollution well cleaned using a rubber scraper.Dirt Blaster allows you to increase the energy of the jet, so that with its help you can easily cope with various types of leaching tanks - from small drums up to w / e.tank.In the construction of this type of nozzle is used to clean water reinforced concrete and steel structures, facades facilities and adjacent territories.
  • Ink tube should buy if you plan to clean hard to reach places.The rest of these devices, as well as cutters to remove the dirt, can solve a variety of tasks.
  • Special nozzles allow qualitatively to perform a specific type of task.With their help it is possible to conduct abrasive cleaning or washing of pipes and other hard to reach areas.The suction hose with water filter will allow to charge the device even with water from a barrel.

In this article we offer a useful overview themed video material.