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August 12, 2017 18:06

The choice of bimetallic radiators

The choice of bimetallic radiators

When choosing a home heating system and all of its constituent elements, becomes relevant the question of what the bimetallic radiator is better and what is the main advantage of these devices?

Generally the heating system is a certain pattern, which is composed of many individual elements and components, each of which performs its functions on the basis of the main destination.

This is one of the most important roles in the heating system is given precisely the type of radiators, and so their choice should be approached responsibly and competently.

From what radiators are installed in the interior of the house, largely depends on the temperature conditions in the winter season.

Currently, for heating systems use a large number of different types of radiators, each of which has certain advantages and disadvantages in their work.

most often, especially in older homes, you can find cast-iron batteries, but they are already outdated and is not always able to maintain a comfortable temperature

in the apartment.

In addition, you can find aluminum, steel or even copper heating devices, however, experts recommend to choose Bimetallic radiators, which are not only positive reviews, but also well represented in the relevant market.


  • Kinds and types of radiators
  • device bimetallic radiators
  • Species bimetallic devices
  • How to choose the heating device

Kinds and types of radiators

Over the years, the apartment had only centralized heatingand is equipped exclusively with cast iron interior space heating appliances.

Currently, it is possible to mount in the apartment heating system, and in addition, set the radiators, which by their effectiveness far superior to cast iron.


Of course, in today's market a large selection of batteries can be found, including iron and devices, but they are very different from their predecessors, and have higher performance indicators.

That cast iron radiators are now presented in a wide range of different performance.

These devices are essentially unchanged from those devices, which were installed in apartments just a few years ago.

Modern iron battery can effectively enough to heat a house and have a fairly good reviews about his work.

manufacturers today also offer radiators made of steel, which have high levels of durability and reliability, but in some cases, are subject to corrosion processes.

is now possible to buy aluminum and heating devices that have a high heat conductivity, but are highly dependent on the quality of the working fluid in the heating system, as a result may fail prematurely.

can find radiators made of copper alloy in the relevant market.

These devices are ideal for heating apartments and have a strong performance, both reliability and durability.

Their major drawback is the high price, which is often a determining factor.

In this case, acquire relevance Bimetallic radiators that are made of alloy steel with aluminum and combine the best properties of heaters.

device bimetallic radiators

If the question is, what types of radiators to heat apartments to choose, it is better to make a choice in favor of modern devices.

course, cast iron heating appliances that are available nowadays, have high heat conductivity, but on some other characteristics they are inferior, for example, bimetallic devices.

radiator device

Bimetallic radiators something on the principle of its work resemble aluminum devices, but their reliability is somewhat better.

Due to the fact that the devices used in the bimetallic alloy of two metals, namely, aluminum and steel, they are less susceptible to negative effects of all process water in the system.

addition, such bimetallic device can effectively resist water hammer, highly durable and have only positive feedback about their work.

Today, various manufacturers offer a large selection of these devices, and the simple answer which one is the best, very difficult.

design feature bimetallic radiators is that their core is made of steel and all the other elements of aluminum.

worth mentioning that metals interconnected almost at the molecular level to form a monolithic alloy.

Steel and aluminum heatsink

addition to high corrosion resistance, these bimetallic devices have great performance on heat transfer that heating devices is one of the determining factors.

addition, bimetallic devices have a high resistance to hydraulic shock and this figure is several times higher than that enjoyed by iron and other heating devices.

Worth noting and attractive appearance of the bimetallic type radiators, as well as positive feedback from those who have already managed to make their choice in favor of these versatile devices.

All it means is that if there is a question about what type of radiators to choose for the house, the choice should be made in favor of it bimetallic devices.

Species bimetallic devices

Currently, manufacturers of bimetallic radiators offer two groups of this type of device, and a clear answer to the question, which one is better to choose is very difficult.

The first group of bimetallic devices include semiconductor devices and psevdobimetallicheskie.

The devices that belong to this type, all of the main body is made entirely of aluminum alloy, and the working channels is further reinforced by steel tubes.


During operation of such a bimetallic unit, the fluid that flows through the steel channel, in places of transition is in contact with the aluminum body.

In some cases, this can lead to the destruction of the metal and the failure of the device.

Furthermore, these devices have less bimetallic the allowable pressure than radiators made of bimetal alloy complete.

In turn, a second group of devices of this type are radiators with bimetallic fully executed.

These devices have a solid frame made of alloy steel, which is filled with an aluminum top.

In this case, the working fluid that flows through the heating system only has contact with the steel heat sink nodes and not in contact with the aluminum shell elements.Fully

bimetallic devices have higher reliability and durability, and thus their life is much higher than that of the first type devices.

Which instruments made of bimetallic alloy the best choice, the consumer decides itself, but many reviews say that it is made of solid alloy radiators are more effective in their work.

How to choose

heating device Currently, the production of bimetallic radiators are engaged in many firms, both foreign and domestic.

When selecting these units should be carefully check the documents and passport, as they almost nothing different in appearance from aluminum panels and, in the event that the seller will not diligent, you can not buy something that was planned.


Before going to the store, it is best to read reviews on stores and on the basis of them select the appropriate outlet.

On bimetallic, as in cast-iron battery prices can be very different, and therefore it is necessary to look for the places of sales, which set the optimal price for these products.

Among the manufacturers of heating products in this category for many years, sales leaders are the Spanish firms that offer high quality and reliable product at an affordable cost.

Products decent quality at reasonable prices are also offered by Italian manufacturers.

Their bi-metal batteries have not only an attractive appearance, but also has good thermal conductivity characteristics.

With extreme caution should be taken to the products produced by Chinese companies.

Of course, among the Chinese producers have a bona fide companies that offer enough high-quality and reliable product, but many of those who due to lower prices significantly reduces the quality of performance.

Recently, this category of good performance output mastered and some domestic companies.

Russian manufacturer offers not only affordable prices for their products, but also a product with an attractive appearance and high quality assembly.

By purchasing these products, you should, first of all, pay attention not to its value, but on the specifications and operating conditions.

Despite the large variety of bimetallic radiators, it is still possible to find an optimal price-performance ratio.

Of course, to make the right purchase is not always easy, but before you go to the store, it should be well-prepared for this.

Experts recommend to study all the information we have to thoroughly examine the technical capabilities of each device and therefore choose the optimal price.

Also you can contact for advice and understanding in this matter familiar to the master.