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August 12, 2017 18:06

Advantages and disadvantages of electric boilers for heating private houses

Advantages and disadvantages of electric boilers for heating private houses

Recently, an increasing demand is observed on electric boilers for heating private houses, which are presented in specialized stores in a huge range.

today to arrange heating in the house just enough for it offers a wide range of different equipment.

can choose gas units that are quite economical and have high power performance, however, it is the electrical heating devices are currently the most common heating option, which, moreover, can be installed by hand.

In order to properly choose the appropriate heating equipment should start to explore the parameters of each of them.

If desired, at the same time to heat your home and have hot water, it is necessary to pay attention to the double-unit, other than that, great importance is the power indicators, as well as some other characteristics.

Before you decide on the type of equipment and determine for themselves how to choose the boiler, it is necessary to make their own hands their calculation on the basis of which to select the type of dev



  • Features electric heating equipment
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Features
  • Device types

Features electric heating equipment

Each type of equipment that is designed for heating company in the house, hasits characteristics and the specificity of the work, and therefore before making your choice, you must thoroughly understand in everything and hold the corresponding calculation with their own hands.

General criteria and principles of work there and of heating equipment, which works directly on the electric current.

Driving electric heating

To understand what shall entail the installation of such devices, it is necessary to understand that all it represents.

The first thing to understand for themselves that electric heating equipment for security purposes will need to make payment and arrange a separate connection to the network.

This is due mainly to the fact that its power indicators are sufficiently high, and therefore the selection of the connection must be fully justified.

should be noted that electric boilers for heating private houses have sufficiently high levels of efficiency, and this is due mainly to the fact that virtually all connecting electricity goes just for heating.

The more power indicators, the more effectively will be able to maintain in the interior of a comfortable temperature.

Power numbers when choosing this type of equipment does not have a single value.

should also be compulsory to pay close attention to his safety as well as limiting service life.

If you plan to install their own hands, it will be important to ease of installation, you should also pay attention to the operation and conditions of use.

Typically, electric heating is selected if the installation of any other hardware is simply not possible, and if there is a need to create a back-up source of heat during the winter.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you choose to heat your home electrical equipment type, it is first necessary to examine all of its advantages and disadvantages.

Induction, electric heaters, the electrode device types, including single-loop and double-boilers are almost identical advantages and disadvantages.


Their main advantage is the compactness and small, which is especially important for small interior spaces housing.

Typically, these devices can be conveniently fit into already done in the home interior without any problems.Also, there is no need to equip them for the chimney to remove the products of combustion.

Choice of such equipment is justified in the case where there is a need to obtain an environmentally friendly source of heat.

During its operation it is not necessary to purchase fuel, and in addition, these boilers are simple enough to operate.

The advantages include easy installation, and which is easily done with your own hands, as well as a relatively low cost.

If you opt for electric heating equipment, you should be prepared for fairly high electricity bills, especially in the winter season.

When their installation have to take care that the house has been well insulated.

Indicators of power in most cases require a connection to the three-phase network, which can be found not in all localities.

as coolant in the general system of the house will have to use a special antifreeze.

This is due primarily to the fact that very often feeders accidents occur, which means that at any time the boiler can be shut down, which can lead to the risk of freezing the coolant in the system.

In any case, if there is an alternative to the installation of any other equipment, in economic terms, the calculation shows that it is better not to stop your choice on the electrical unit.


Companies engaged in the production of electric heating equipment, today offer the various models manufactured devices.

Before you make a choice in favor of a particular device, it is necessary not only to make their own hands calculation of operating parameters, and to determine the order, what features would be needed in the operation of the unit.


Of course, it is better to opt for a multifunction device, which will then be easy to use, but it will cost much more expensive in this case.

Induction boilers and TENovye or electrode, usually consist of a special pump circulation type, a device that is called the programmer, as well as the expansion tank.

To complement these machines can be equipped with all sorts of devices designed to protect, for example, from the freezing point of water or low pressure in the overall system.

Turbofan unit, usually equipped with additional summer and winter operation mode.In addition, it may be provided, and other useful features.

Heating units electric type can have different designs and body.It is best to choose the model that is closed on all sides of the body.

This will prevent involuntary access to electrical equipment and improve the safety of its operation.

should also be mandatory to pay attention to the availability of complete stabilizer.This device will protect the machine when any fault in power lines.

Recommended with electric boiler type at the same time to install an additional and completely self-contained power source.

This will help prevent freezing system in the winter time when power is turned off.

Before you select a device of this type, of course, you need to calculate the power and decide on other indicators, however, of great importance and plays a manufacturer's name.


Currently, the relevant market can find products both foreign and domestic production, with a large assortment.

Many recommend buying it domestic electric boilers, which have long been virtually nothing inferior to their foreign counterparts, thus have lower costs.

Device Types

Currently, you can buy several different types of electric boilers that are suitable for use in a private home.

most often in homes can be found boilers electric type, which operate on the heaters.


circulation of the working fluid in them is ensured by the inclusion of a special pump system and power calculation is based on the number of installed heating elements.

electrical devices Data popularity is due to the relatively low cost, but their main problem is the frequent formation of scale.

Electric boiler is equipped with a certain type of protection, which is able to prevent its premature failure.

If there is a need to establish the most secure electric boiler, it is necessary to pay attention to the electrode assemblies.

Boilers of this type are well heat the interior spaces, and to the disadvantage is the need for frequent replacement of working electrodes.

Recently, growing in popularity gaining induction heaters, which operate on the principle that was discovered in the nineteenth century.

Induction boilers operated by the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, which occurs due to the necessary heating of the working fluid.All

induction heaters consist usually of a special core insulator and the coil.

liquid heating occurs directly mounted on the core, which in turn receives heat from the coil.

Most of the induction heaters are compact and feature prostate installation, which can be easily carried out by hand.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of these boilers is their relatively high cost, which can be an order of magnitude superior to other types of electrical equipment.

In any case, choosing a boiler house, it is necessary, first of all, to calculate the estimated parameters and only then be determined by the type of device.