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August 12, 2017 18:06

Connecting the switch with his own hands

Connecting the switch with his own hands

When carrying out repairs in the apartment or house is almost always a huge number of different issues, including how to connect the light switches not only correct, but also to European standards?

Despite the fact that the installation of the switch seems quite ordinary procedure, it is necessary to treat it with full responsibility and understanding of the case.

At all times there was a certain standard, which defines the norm and the wiring diagram, circuit breaker position height, as well as some other rules, according to which the relevant work was performed.

Today all these rules and regulations can be carried to the so-called European standards and that it determines, in accordance with which certain conditions must be assembled switch.

worth noting that the rate of change not only in the installation rules, but also on the wires themselves, and devices that are currently used for laying wiring in a home or apartment.

At the same time, the right to lay cables and perform all the

necessary connections, knowing the basic standards and norms, can be their own hands, of course, if there is a next wiring diagram and all the necessary tools.

For more information on how to connect the light switch with his hands correctly described in the video below.



  • Principles of modern wiring
  • Types and functions of switches
  • preparatory stage of work
  • of work stages
  • Useful tips and tricks

Principles of modern wiring

As you know, most of the houses in the country were built several decades ago, when acted completely different standard wires and switches sockets.

was another and the circuit connecting wiring and safety regulations.

As a rule, then it was decided to carry out installation of sockets and switches at a fairly high altitude, despite the fact that power in those days were also very different.

Today, owners of old apartments try to remake the entire wiring in the apartment, to make it as close to the modern standards.

one-button switch

little more luck to those who bought housing in new buildings, which originally trying to introduce modern standards during the posting.

Meanwhile, modern wiring diagram and wiring involves more stringent requirements with respect, how to conduct and to switches that are used in everyday life.

modern standard with respect to the location of switches and sockets in the house is a recommendation.

Thus, according to him, the height of switches position with respect to the floor must be about ninety centimeters.

In turn, the same standard recommends the installation of sockets at a distance of about thirty centimeters from the floor.

should be noted that this standard is considered to be arbitrary and should only take it as a recommendation.

height and location as the sockets and switches in the apartment determined independently depending on the conditions.

Meanwhile, the wiring diagram, section, and the type of circuit breakers and other related devices must meet certain standards and fully fit the safety rules.

Learn more about how your own hands to hold a secure connection switch can be in the video, which is available below.


Types and functions of switches

Currently the industry offers a wide range of a variety of switches, in addition, if desired, you can buy these devices with additional features.

Of course, the most common is considered an ordinary one-button switch, however sales there dvuhklavishnye, and even the three-key.

There are switches with an additional indicator, backlight, as well as another set of user-friendly features.

Separately available devices intended for latent as well as for open wiring, each of which has its own connection diagram.

Meanwhile, if the right approach to the case and to know the basic principles of working with electrical wiring, all connections can be made with your own hands.

The video, which is placed below you can learn about how to properly connect the wires to the switch with his own hands.


A variety of keys and functions on the switch, as a rule, determines their main purpose.Thus, one-button is designed exclusively for the control only one light source.

In turn, devices that are composed from several individual keys make it possible to adjust the lighting in the room and control multiple sources simultaneously.

For convenience orientation in complete darkness, you can set special switches, equipped with backlighting.There is an indicator device which indicates the position of the key.

In addition, the market can find a device with remote control, automatic dimmer and transmission type.

There are special switches that are designed exclusively for the premises in which there is constant humidity.

Despite such a huge selection, connection diagram and operation of each of them the same, and in addition, their installation can be made with your own hands, and how to do it correctly, says the video posted below.

preparatory stage of work

The important point is to buy the necessary switch.If you want to make the connection of a conventional light source on a light bulb, the purchase should be one-button switch.

This one-button switch is the most common device which can be purchased at any specialty store.In

if the light source is assumed assembling several lamps, it is necessary to pay attention to mnogoklavishnye device.

In any case, and one-button, and mnogoklavishny switches must have special connections, which are fed wire.They are of two types.

Dvuhklavishny switch

In the first case, provided Self-clamping terminals, which connect the wire with his hands just enough.

In the second case - or one-button switches mnogoklavishny may contain screw terminals.

where wires are clamped by means of screws, which over time can weaken, and therefore in the process of operation of the device is necessary to constantly monitor the location of wire connections.

Also, when selecting the circuit breaker should be paid attention to and the quality of its execution.

And One Key and mnogoklavishny switches available today are generally made of plastic, the quality of which is often raises questions.

Therefore, you should stop your choice on the well-known manufacturers that offer reliable device.Before starting work, should be prepared and the appropriate tool.

sure to have on hand a special indicator, a set of screwdrivers, as well as building a knife with a sharp blade.

must purchase:

  • pliers;
  • kosogubtsy;
  • electrical tape;
  • level;
  • pencil.

Mount-button switches or mnogoklavishny with their hands should be only in the complete absence of line voltage when all the wires are de-energized.

scheme installation of any type of device for the on-off light is identical, except for a few points related to the wire connection procedures.

For more information on how to connect the three-key switch described in the video, which is available below.



of work stages

connect and One Key and mnogoklavishny switches with their hands only after it is completely off the voltage.

Dropping machine in a cabinet, make sure that is really all the wires are de-energized, and it can be done with the help of the indicator.

is followed to prepare the connection mounting box, for which it is cleaned of dirt and dust.

When connecting at hand must necessarily be a corresponding diagram detailing all the wiring in the house.

After this, in the mounting box to determine which lead-in wires, and which, on the contrary, are to the light source.In addition, the wire should be cleaned from the isolation and straighten.

The next step is to connect directly to the terminals of the device ends of the wires, which must be firmly fixed.

The video posted below, provides greater detail on how to connect a triple switch independently.


Once all the required connections are complete and the contacts are securely fastened, the mounting box should be placed in a niche in the wall and well strengthened so that it is held tightly and does not fall out.

following is to put in place a decorative frame and other elements of the device.Then you can with the help of the machine apply voltage to the wiring.

At the final stage it is necessary to test the device by turning it on and off.

If all the work is done correctly, it will appear when you press the light in the chandelier, in addition, the device itself will not spark and bask.

should be noted that the principle of connecting devices to turn on and turn off the light is the same for both one-button and mnogoklavishnyh.

This fully applies to devices with additional features.To learn how to connect a switch with illumination without assistance, described in the video, which is available below.


Useful tips and tricks

Note that must necessarily be a corresponding circuit to make the connection at hand.

addition, for themselves need to develop a rule, in which to make any connection energized is strictly prohibited.

In any case, the performance of any work related to electrical wiring must be carried out only when de-energized switch.

Compliance Safety is one of the main points when connecting sockets or switches in the apartment.

should also pay attention to the quality of the wires between the compounds.If the wiring is not run by the rules, then at any time a short circuit may occur.

Many experts recommend before you perform any connection in the wiring, to start well to examine not only the proper circuit, but also safety.

At first glance it may seem that the plug socket or switch is very simple, but it is not so.

For more information about how to perform the connection sockets in the apartment in accordance with the rules described in the video, which is available below.

great value when replacing the outlet or breaker in the house is the quality of the product.

not necessary to save on those devices to acquire and cheap, since in this case there is no guarantee of the quality, and hence the safety.

the three-key switch

Modern switches and sockets for home produced predominantly from plastic that is strong enough.

should also pay attention to the quality of the clips located on the unit.They should firmly fix the wire and does not wobble.

better to trust well-known manufacturers of products that offer reliable and durable devices, and how to properly install their own hands, talked to the video, which is available below.