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August 12, 2017 18:06

We perform the switch connection with two keys

We perform the switch connection with two keys

When carrying out repairs in the house after the new wiring is often the question arises, how to connect the switch with two keys in order to provide several different modes of light burning.

As is known, to provide artificial lighting in the house, it is necessary not only to hang a chandelier, but also included in the switch wiring.

It should be noted that regardless of what kind of light wiring diagram provided in the apartment, it will be sure to keep the switch, light bulb, socket and complemented if necessary.

To control the backlight in different modes, you should think about installing a switch on two separate keys, each of which will supply voltage lamp bulbs if necessary.

Currently, selection switches into two separate keys is quite extensive.

You can buy a device with backlit enlarged outlet or indicator, as well as some other additional features.

About how to connect the double switch, the supply current to the chandelier alone, explained in detail in the video posted below.



  • Design and Function
  • necessary materials and tools
  • Preparations
  • Performing connection
  • Tips and tricks

Design and Function

Anyswitch, which comprises two separate switch, is designed to control operation modes of the lamp.

With it you can bring to the chandelier at a special voltage wiring diagram, in which the bulb will light up in sequence.

To understand how it works and what scheme is used for connection, it is necessary to start to make out its design features.

Virtually all switches into two separate switches consist of a body, and terminals respectively keys.

should be noted that in some cases the individual screw connection terminal location, however, in any case, may be provided, the circuit provides a supply current to one of the terminals of the network.

This switch has two parallel-extending wires and contacts which are opened, respectively, and are closed by the keys.

further provided a passing contact, which provides a connection to the terminals or terminals, which are connected and the wires on the chandelier or lamp.

essence and principle of operation switch to two separate keys is that it will break and thus close the wires that go into individual bulbs lamp or chandelier.

Very often switches, which contain two separate switch for ease of use is further provided with lighting and an indicator.

switch of this type can be seen in the photo, which is available below.

Dvuhklavishny switch

These versatile devices have certain advantages, the main include the ability to control the brightness of the lamp, as well as supplying power to the chandelier on the economical scheme.

Driving devices connect to two separate switches has some differences from the more usual one-touch switch, but if all the work is done correctly, it will be convenient to control the light.

necessary materials and tools

Before you connect dvuhklavishny switch that will provide power to the chandelier, it is necessary to prepare the relevant material and tools.

Also, in order to carry out the work correctly, require wiring diagram, which, if you know how it works, you can make yourself.

If the scheme would be drawn up by yourself, you should consider the fact that after the switch to the two keys should be held only live wire.

Accordingly ground and neutral wire should go directly to the contacts on the chandelier bulbs.

should also be taken into account and that all connections and wiring should be made only in junction boxes, as shown in the photo below.

Connection to the junction box

All these nuances and subtleties necessarily must contain the wiring diagram, and if it is made properly and in accordance with generally accepted rules, problems at work will not arise.

as consumables should have on hand sufficient electric wire with a specific section, as well as directly on the device itself two switches.

addition, necessarily require mounting box, which will then be hidden switch itself, a certain number of terminals, and insulating tape.

From the tool you need to buy Phillips and flat screwdrivers, cutting pliers, as well as mounting a knife with a sharp blade.You should also have a pair of pliers and level.

In that case, if you need to make holes for the Escutcheon and the entrance slot, you'll need to purchase a chisel and hammer.One should pay attention to the selection of the switch.

Despite the fact that today offers a wide range of these devices, many experts recommend to pay attention to the company's products lezard.

switches lezard brand distinguished by reliability and durability, and in addition, they are easy to work with.


Before you hang a chandelier and set the switch to two separate keys, it is necessary, first of all, to carry out the wiring.In

if provided concealed wiring, they must be assembled before being applied to the layer of plaster.

In this case, the final stage will only need to perform the necessary connections and set the switch itself into two separate keys.

The circuit breaker

For wiring developed corresponding scheme, which provides for all stages of work, and especially the connection.

Once the leads will be in place, as required by the wiring diagram, and all necessary wiring is carried out before carry out installation of the switch on two separate keys, it is necessary to check the absence of voltage in the network.

When carrying out carrying wiring yourself, you must, first of all, to make installation passing the junction box, which will be made and all the main connections.

All wires should be connected Mezhuyev using a special tool, controlling the quality of the connection.

also recommended in addition to passing the junction box to mount a special safety device which, when necessary, to protect the network from overloading and insulation.

also at an advanced stage should make installation Escutcheon, which then switch to two separate keys will be placed.

It should take care about the device switch ground that only enhance safety when using them.

Each stage of works should be carefully monitored and checked by using the pre-compiled wiring.

The video, which is available below, provides greater detail on how to perform the switch to connect to two separate keys.


Performing connection

Before you connect the device to fulfill itself, you need to properly prepare the ends of all wires.For circuit breakers with two separate keys should fit three different wires.

One of them is the input phase, and the other two weekends, which will provide power directly to the lamp itself.

All these wires neatly trimmed from the insulation layer, and then removed to the side.Now you must take the device itself with two keys and find it clamps for wires.

necessary to carefully deal with what is an input terminal, and a diverter.

Then they inserted themselves bare wires tightly clamped.

In the event that carried out the installation of the modular devices, wiring is performed slightly different principle.

For more information on how to connect a double switch, described in the video, which is available below.


Generally, in such devices terminals for phase conductors are indicated by «L», in turn, to the output terminals for the cable marked symbols in the form of arrows.

Once you are connected to the device, and all the cables are securely fastened, it should be placed in a wiring box and secure the well so as to avoid possible swaying.

Next will be in a specific pattern to connect the lights and you can check the device in operation.

To do this, apply voltage to the wires and alternately press each key as shown in the photo below.

Checking work

Tips and tricks

Connecting devices with two separate keys makes it possible, if necessary, adjust the amount of light in the room.

Largely operation of such a scheme depends on the materials and components.

Currently, a large selection of devices on the two keys in specialized stores, but not all of them distinguished by quality and reliability.

Many experts recommend pay attention to the company's products lezard, which offers a fairly reliable device other than a good durability and serviceability.

plays a very important and the order of the respective works.

All necessary connections should be performed in strict compliance with established rules, and the work necessary to control at each stage.

Do not make any connection of switches and wires.

For more information on how to connect your own double switch, described in the video posted to this article.