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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions for replacing the outlet to the house

Instructions for replacing the outlet to the house

about how to change the outlet, it is theoretically known to anyone who was in high school.

Routine order our ancestors, all technically complex work in the house of a man should do.

In particular this applies to plumbing and electrical wiring.

The modern apartment has collected a large number of electrical devices for different purposes.

Almost every device is included in a separate wall socket.This connector is usually located in the wall.Electrical wiring inside the wall and laid on special channels.

In the course of daily life there is a deterioration of electrical equipment, including rosettes.In this article we will talk about how to change the outlet.


  • Why does it need to change?
  • Dismantling the worn outlet
  • Installing a new outlet
    • Mounting Escutcheon
    • outlet Fastening
  • nuances and subtleties

Why does it need to change?

The reasons that have to replace the outlet, can be very different.

Most often this is caused by the following circumstances:

  • oplavilsya body;
  • are loose in the wall;
  • requires a new design.

In order to replace the outlet alone at home, you need to know the location of the electrical distribution panel.

Filling outlet

Somewhere in a separate cabinet or on a shelf should be stored tools that we have to use from time to time.

The kit should be a screwdriver with interchangeable heads, electric lamp, pliers and wire cutters.With the help of such an indicator is determined by the presence of a "phase" and "zero" in the veins of wires.

Dismantling the worn outlet

Before you get started, you need to properly prepare.The first thing to do is to examine the place of installation.

If the socket has become loose and quite unfit for further use, you have to buy a new one.

Then evaluate the place where the replacement will be carried out.Before working in the apartment will have to turn off the electricity.It may be that in the place where the connector will be placed dark.

In this situation there are two solutions - to replace the product in the daytime, or use self-contained light source.This can be a flashlight, a candle or kerosene lamp.

preferable to perform work on the socket or switch replacement day in direct sunlight.When a packet switch in the panel on the landing turned off, you can start to work.

first step is to explore the built-in socket and remove the front panel.To do this, use a screwdriver with a Phillips or flathead screwdriver.

to panel mount bracket is carried out with different types of screw heads.The next step is to make sure that the electricity socket contacts are not supplied.

For this purpose, you need to touch the turn indicator pin sockets.To one terminal suitable neutral wire, and another - phase.

When the socket is energized, the indicator at the touch of a contact phase, the indicator lamp lights up.Otherwise, it does not burn.

When working on live parts have to do a double check for voltage.This "iron" rule.After checking the indicator line, you can get to work safely.

next step bolts loosened the clamps on the contacts and wires are disconnected.Now you can loosen the bolts and remove the internal thrust of the outlet box.In practice

mounting socket installed not in a special box and a hole in the wall.Of course, this is the wrong decision.

Installing a new outlet

Very often before a national residing in the apartment there is a question as to change the socket quickly and accurately?So that it does not fall out of the hole in a week or two.

task of this kind is easy to perform and requires only sequential execution of certain operations.

Practice shows that individual on the walls of a wooden house is more convenient to install the consignment outlet.And the same switches.

Another thing, when the work is done in an apartment high-rise building with concrete walls.In these buildings it uses a different method of attachment of electrical connectors.

Mounting Escutcheon

In this context it should be noted that the laying of electrical wiring in large-panel and brick building is performed on a specially developed technology.

At a certain stage of development of the outlet were attached to the concrete wall using dowels and screws.Change them was not easy.Over time, it has been found another, more convenient solution.

in the wall and drilled a hole in it set the socket.But the set is small.It must be securely fastened.

Long-term experience has shown that during the operation the surface of the concrete hole collapses.To prevent the destruction of the hole inserted metal or plastic Escutcheon.

Plastic products more comfortable and durable.And change them if necessary easier.Before you change the standard podrozetnik, you need to try it to an opening in the wall.


Insert and fix it.To this is applied a cement-sand mortar or mortar based on gypsum.

solution it is necessary to knead thicker so that it can hold the glass in the Escutcheon not frozen state.Many kneading is not necessary, but in such a way to have enough to cover the gap around the glass.

necessary to establish podrozetnik into place and align it flush with the wall surface.When the solution has hardened, the work goes on.

outlet Fastening

today decided to establish a double outlet in each room.This is because in a modern house full of electrical appliances.

installing it is necessary to know the double connector to which the load is calculated wiring.Historically, that in the multi-storey buildings panel type wiring is aluminum.

While all building codes it is necessary to lay copper.Such replacement is done in order to save and fully justified.

To install a socket is necessary to determine whether the length of the wire is enough sticking out of the wall, for fixing them to the terminals.If they are longish, it need not nibble them, and to push into the hole.

next step with a new outlet faceplate is removed.The wires are inserted into the contact terminal screws and clamped.

The video shows the process of aluminum mounting lived in terminals and fixing products in the Escutcheon.


Experts recommend attaching "phase" wire to the right terminal and the "zero" to the left.

design is inserted into the Escutcheon, aligned and secured top and bottom screws.The final stage is necessary to secure the front panel of the device and apply electricity.

Now you need to check for availability.Reliability of fastening must be checked, including turning off the iron or other electrical appliance.

The video shows how to install the sockets of the old structure, which is attached to the concrete wall of the house without any Escutcheon.Change is the product even easier than a new type of outlet.

She secured with spacers.The apartment with brick walls is preferable to install it along with the Escutcheon.

Installation electrical specialists do not provide universal installation methods.

Before you change the double outlet in each case need to assess the state of the hole into which it will be installed.In accordance with these and other tools to prepare materials.

nuances and subtleties

The modern apartment electrical devices, including the switches, must withstand the optimal load.Experience shows that all the equipment has a high degree of reliability.

However, the time comes and the same outlet should be changed, because it is no longer held in place.Some people prefer to call the electrician on duty and not to break his head.

The vast majority of residents successfully eliminate faults.Change the worn socket or switch with your hands is not so difficult.

With skill maintenance of electrical networks and equipment, we can well save your money.

must know that each transaction is valued at replacement of sockets on a particular tariff.And if you change the switch or socket with his hands, the money does not have to spend.

The video shows a minimal set of tools, which is necessary to change the outlet or switch.

The kit is desirable to include the following items:

  • voltage indicator;
  • screwdriver with nozzles of different profiles;
  • pliers with insulated handles;
  • clippers;
  • knife stationery.

When you want to change the outlet or switch, this will be quite enough.