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August 12, 2017 18:06

Assembling Metal lathes with their hands

Assembling Metal lathes with their hands

properly collected lathes metal with his own hands, will give the opportunity to those men who prefer to do things on their own, to perform many useful operations.

With such a small device can carry out various kinds of processing metal workpieces, from rolling on the surface relief and finishing threads slicing if necessary.

Table lathe for metal opens up new opportunities for the home craftsman and allows it to turn work into pleasure.

Meanwhile, not everyone can afford to buy a ready-made device in a specialty store.

In this case, the release of their provisions can be assembled such a small machine with their own hands, and do so in the presence of desire, appropriate material and tools, everyone can.

Homemade lathe device is perfectly suitable for the garage and the house and be able to perform a large amount of relevant work such as sharpening cutting tools, thread cutting, grinding the surface of any metal tools and more.

homemade lathe for metal, which can be seen in the photo belo

w, compiled by all the rules, nothing will not yield to professional equipment.

Homemade lathe


  • The main purpose of the machine
  • History
  • device lathe
  • process of assembly lathe

The main purpose of the machine

Turning the unit is able to perform a huge number of useful features,without which it is difficult to imagine any metalworking.

Modern devices of this type are capable of working with almost any material, from wood and metal and plastic finishing.

This unit allows you to perform many operations.First, using it can be obtained from the workpiece finished part specified sizes and shapes.

Moreover, with its help chisel tool, workpiece, drilled hole technology, cut the thread, as well as rolled corrugated surface.

Currently, the relevant market can find a huge selection of this type of equipment, however, in most cases it is not for the garage and the home work and for professional use in the workplace.

as home appliances is the best device to collect his small hands that could work with both metal and woodworking.

course, for self-assembly require certain skills, relevant parts and accessories, as well as some other devices.

best if harvested their own hands mini lathe machine allow processing small wood harvesting, for example, to repair the furniture, as well as working with the metal if necessary.

With this device, you can eventually learn how to make a variety of kitchen equipment and interesting pieces of furniture with elegant d├ęcor.

Turning the unit allows you to quickly create parts of different cross sections, as well as to carve all sorts of devices.


principle of operation of any turning machines is that the workpiece is attached to the rotary motion, after which it is processed to the desired shape different types of cutters.

Meanwhile, table lathe metal collected in the home, is a rather complex unit, which consists of a plurality of various devices and components.


first device, which on the basis of his work resembled modern CNC machines, were born a few thousand years ago.

Such devices are used mainly for the processing of stone and wood.Later, they were used to working with metal workpieces.

Turning the device in its modern sense emerged in the early eighteenth century.

Its inventor was the engineer Nartov that used in its aggregate parts that were made of metal.

Meanwhile, the first turning device set in motion by manual force by a special flywheel.

Over time the drive has been transformed into an automatic and necessary rotational movement created by the transmission shaft and passed through remenchatye transmission.

With the advent of electric motors drive the main lathe became just the electric motor, which is used in this type of equipment and in our time.

As before, a modern CNC machine consists of a set of specific tools and elements that specifically interact with each other.

His inventory includes a variety of elements.

Thus, the number of spindle revolutions earlier adjusted by using the step-pulley drive, and today, this operation is carried out by means of a transmission.

modernization over time has affected absolutely all components of the lathe, but the scheme and how it works today are the same as many years ago.


Almost all kinds of pieces of treatments madeby means of metal cutters, made of stainless steel.

modern accessories lathe allows many operations to perform more efficiently and quickly, which means that the functionality of this equipment has increased several times.

device lathe

Mini lathe, which can be used for the treatment of simple wood and metal pieces, must necessarily consist of a frame, the front and back of the headstock, as well as stops for cutting tools and, of course, drive.

The main purpose of the frame in this case - is to create a support for all elements of the device.

In turn, the headstock must be rigidly fixed and serve as the main base for rotary node devices.,

Driving machine

gears in such a unit, usually located in the front of the frame and provides a reliable connection between the lead center and the main drive, which acts as an electric motor.

In order to firmly fix the workpiece, a tailstock mounted, which can move along the rail depending on the dimensions of the workpiece.

for lathes with a small capacity can be used as an electric drive motor of the drill.

This mini machine will give an opportunity to make simple operations with small workpieces, however, if you plan to work with solid material, it is better to use a more powerful motor.

apparatus for transmitting the required torque directly to the workpiece better equip the belt drive, however, you can perform and direct connection to what the leading center should firmly impose itself on the motor shaft.

In any lathe centers slave and master must necessarily be placed on only one axis, otherwise the work will occur when a strong vibration.

Rama homemade lathe only be collected from metal profiles and corners, using a correctly formatted drawing.

For more information about the device home-made lathe described in the video, which is available below.


process of assembly lathe

collected his own hands will allow the machine to perform at home rather complicated operation, in addition, with the help of it can be carried out when necessary sharpening of various preparations.

easiest to assemble the machine with his hands arched type, which works scheme is not too complicated.To build it required not only appropriate material, but also a tool, as well as drawing.

prepare for the work tool and the material to be made from a tree stand and fasten them to the bolts.

Stands must have a rigid structure, and will not become loose during operation of the unit.

To strengthen the wooden racks, as well as cutting tools, it is recommended to use podruchnik, which can be made of two boards.Podruchnik for cutting tools must be able to rotate freely.

only professional tool should be used in the manufacture of their own hands all the elements of the machine.

The video, which is available below, talked about what a tool is required to work both independently and collect lathe, by which can be run as sharpening pieces and many other operations.


At the bottom plates of homemade machine is recommended to make an oblique angle, in addition, it should strengthen the iron strip that helps prevent deformation chisel cutters in motion.

order to fix the workpiece to be processed, using a nut that should not only enhance its durable, but also enable to move in a predetermined direction under the cutters move.

should also think carefully about the device and the electric motor by means of which will be necessary grinding of the workpiece.

For these purposes, a small motor can be used with low power.He will produce a simple processing a wide variety of workpieces.

Also, using the appropriate tool, the machine can be additionally equipped with a nozzle for grinding wheels, which further expand its capabilities.

In addition, it is advisable to consider the installation of the adapter and a drill chuck.

For more information about how having at hand all the necessary tools and material to assemble their own hands the machine, described in the video posted below.