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August 12, 2017 18:06

The choice of chandeliers in the hall , the bedroom , the kitchen

The choice of chandeliers in the hall , the bedroom , the kitchen

How to choose a chandelier, to the interior of the house to make repairs after - major or cosmetic, bought a finished look?

Correctly chosen lighting can create additional comfort, variations of light can be different:. Dim, cold, warm, etc.

Do not forget that lighting creates a comfortable stay at home, and she chandelier should not violate the style of the room,on the contrary, it should emphasize.

consider below how to choose a chandelier.


  • Selection Rules
  • Species lamps
  • mount chandeliers
  • Choosing chandelier, depending on the type of room
  • Using spotlights
  • glow of chandeliers

Selection Rules

Based on the experience of manypeople and professionals, we can highlight some of the recommendations.

devices larger lighting is not necessary to be placed in a small room with a low ceiling, at least, such an option will look very out of place.

Chandelier selected on the basis of the general style of the house, you need to pay special attention to its geometric shapes

and basic interior color.

When using false ceilings or to create a subdued soft light often mounted spotlights or spots.


Devices lighting is better to choose a lower power consumption andwith a lot of switching modes.

sure to pay attention to the cartridges, which are different material of manufacture.They may differ in the heating temperature, as well as the lamp power which are suitable for them.

connector may be a standard and "mignon".

Species lamps

Not to be confused with the question: how to choose a chandelier, you need to pay attention to the type of lamps, their power, which it is equipped.

different in purpose and the floor area equipped with different lamps for power, here are some recommendations:

  • 1. For a small room (bathroom, pantry, walk-in closet in the hallway) make better use of lamp power 80-110 watts.
  • 2. For the kitchen (area it is usually more) suitable 130-170 watts.
  • 3. In the nursery, living room, and others. Power room is calculated individually, the median is equal to 250 watts.In case of uncertainty is better to choose a chandelier is more powerful, always supplying it with power adjustment switch.

What did happen lamp?See photo.

Types of lamps

Incandescent lamps - the most common option due to their small value.It should be noted that the efficiency of such a lamp is very low, almost all of its energy lamp spends on heating.

There is a chance that the chandelier or cartridge can weld, crack.In the case of a stretch ceiling this time must also be considered.

Fluorescent lamps are characterized by high efficiency and brightness of lighting, more often install them into the kitchen, into the hallway.

Due to the high luminous flux in the hall and especially in children to put them undesirable from such light eyes are always subject to additional stress.

For example: the lamp 11 watt provides the same brightness of light as an incandescent lamp of 60 watts.

Halogen lamps emit a powerful light beam.We do not recommend placing such lamps in wet areas, they also have a high service life.

Spot lights or spots very often equipped with exactly this type of lamps.

chandeliers Mount

houses everything must be in harmony: the furniture, the color and finish of the walls, floor and ceiling.Lighting should highlight this harmony, to create a cosiness.

chandeliers location may be different as well as the attachment.Chandeliers for mounting type divided into suspended ceiling.

suspension-type mounting Chandeliers are considered classics.See photo.Generally, such illumination devices are large enough, may have "branches" in the form of arms.


The parameters hang a chandelier in a better room or living room, that is, in a spacious room with high ceilings.

fastened on a special fixture such suspension, which may be formed as a chain, a spring or decorative rod.See photo.

Driving Chandeliers

If you install a chandelier suspended in a small nursery or the kitchen, as a result, you can get "eaten" space and low ceiling will seem even lower.

should be noted that the kitchen should not hang a large chandelier with horns also because in this part of the house on it will accumulate soot and eat in the mud, which complicates the process of cleaning.

Ceiling lamps are an excellent option for small spaces, they often have in the hallway or in the kitchen.

Such lighting devices practically adjacent to the ceiling, take up minimal space.Fabricated in the form of plates or lampshades.See photo.

Chandelier ceiling

Choosing chandelier depending on

Hall (living) room type is the face of your home.It can be called a resting place from the hard day's work, here communicate with family, friends, spend a warm cozy evenings.

Chandelier in style must be combined with the overall style of the room, in particular, should pay attention to the curtains, decoration of walls.

If the room is characterized by its size: high ceilings, large area, accordingly pick the chandelier large.Good will look classic version with outboard mounting type.

If the room has an elongated shape, it is possible to install two medium-sized chandeliers.

to create a more comfortable atmosphere, it is desirable to equip the room power control switch.

How to choose a crystal chandelier, which will emphasize the taste and the kind of aristocratic owners of the house?crystal chandelier location principles are the same as usual chandeliers.

They can also be suspended and ceiling.Typically, light from crystal device is associated with something big, massive, solemn.

Today, you can find a variety of designer chandeliers, which can be hung in any living room of any size.See photo.


To understand how to choose a chandelier in the bedroom, you need to listen to the general recommendations.It may be noted here that the light should be soft, muted, relaxing.

for bedrooms is characterized by use of lamp shades, crystal, frosted glass finish chandelier.In this room is better to opt for small devices lighting.

Good will look small ceiling chandelier in conjunction with lamps.

In the nursery, the kitchen and other rooms lighting is chosen according to the same guidelines, in addition, that the kitchen is not desirable to place lamps with fabric shades in connection with the specifics of the room.

Using spotlights

Spotlights got its spread through false ceilings.Sometimes fixtures, includingspots, built in wardrobes, with their help illuminate the paintings, swimming pools and so on.

As for the house, the spot lights look great in combination with a chandelier, as they can be used as the main light.

What they deserve recognition:

  • low power consumption, that is, economical use;
  • spotlights can be placed anywhere;
  • use them to translate any design ideas.

Spots are a variety of spotlights, differ in that they are placed on the brackets.

Such a design allows mounting spots both on a horizontal surface and a vertical.See photo.

spot lamp

Spot lights, spots are classified depending on the light in them:

  • Lamps with an incandescent lamp;
  • with halogen lamps.Spots, most often, it is equipped with this type of lamps;
  • LED - high performance, consume little energy.

Spotlights as the primary light can be placed in the hall or any other small room.

glow of chandeliers

glow of chandeliers and other lighting fixtures can be different.

Yellow Light is a classic lighting rooms, kitchens and all other rooms.

Fluorescent lamp gives a white bright light.It is similar to day, but if you long to be in the room with the light, his eyes are tired.

lamp, luminous green, allows the person to calm down and tune in the desired fashion.Such lamps is better to have in the home office.


Regarding blue light chandelier psychologists expressed controversial: some say that this light is better soothes and relaxes the person, others -on the contrary, speak of it as the causative agent of the nervous system (like the violet light).

Orange - is an appetite, so this light will be an excellent option for the kitchen.