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August 12, 2017 18:06

Installation of lighting the stairs in a private house

Installation of lighting the stairs in a private house

In conventional multifamily housing ladder lighting shall not be a functional load, in a private house, where in addition to its core functions, the lamp should also fit into the interior of the internal space.

mainly in the cottage on the stairs leading to the second floor, lamps perform a decorative function and are an important link between the planes.

Very often in the homes of the stairs to the second floor in a hallway, and in this case it is necessary not only to fulfill the lighting levels, but also to make light all the surrounding space.

in the hall and staircase, and all the surroundings are a unified system architecture, and therefore the selection of luminaires necessary to keep the integrity of the design.

Currently, there are a huge number of options to make the stairs to the second floor lighting is not only interesting, but also stylish.

Also available are many types and a wide variety of lamps and other forms of lighting fixtures, which in turn makes it possible to find

a good solution in the decorative plan.

When selecting their hands for lighting the stairs going to the second floor, it is necessary to take into account a variety of nuances and subtleties.


  • Features lighting stairway
  • Ceiling Light
  • Wall lights
  • light Local Device

Features lighting stairway

If the house has a second floor, then get on it can beonly with the help of a ladder, which often feature in the hallway.

When designing a staircase is selected form degrees, their sizes, railing configurations, as well as other elements, including the type of lighting.

Illumination garlands

man climbing the stairs leading to the upper floor must feel confident and safe, and this can be achieved only if its structure is solid, but other than that, there is no shortage of light.

organize their own hands qualitative staircase lighting is not so easy as it might seem at first glance.

In this case, you need to choose not only the lights but also to choose their location and type of lamps used.

Stairs should be well covered and optimally fit into the overall design of the hall with the lights on.

on stairs photo, which is placed below, emphasis is placed on the lighting levels, while it is interesting to look fit into the surrounding interior.

Illumination of stair steps

Before you perform with your hands illuminated staircase located in the house, you need to carefully think over and draw attention to some of the features.

First of all, you need to find out the quality of natural light, as well as pay attention to the location of the place of windows.

In the event that during the day natural light enters the room in a sufficient amount, the main emphasis should be placed on the type of night lighting.

should also be defined and the type of fixtures.Today equip lighting quality ladder leading to the upper floor can be a variety of ways.

So, quite often, especially when a large area of ​​the hall, use front lighting type when mounted lamps of various kinds.

In addition, the lighting can be run only by a sconce.Very popular to do lighting levels with hummocks.

urgent is the use of various automatic devices providing different illumination modes.

In this case, the scheme will need to turn on the controller.In the photo below for lighting staircases used LED lamps.

LED strip lighting for the stairs

Ceiling Light

If the space in the hallway, where the staircase is installed, allows you to install ceiling lighting type, in this case it is best to use chandeliers.

hallway are ideal chandeliers made with both suspensions, and without them.

Such lamps have a high power, and a single device can provide sufficient light for simultaneous multiple spans.

Their attachment is done directly to the ceiling, which must be of sufficient height.This type of lighting is considered to be a palace or ceremonial.

Chandeliers will distract the focus and execute a dominant feature in the overall design.

In the photo, which is placed below, you can see the lighting of the front type for the stairs leading to the second floor in the building, made with the use of chandeliers.

Lighting chandelier

staircase lighting option using the chandelier is optimally suited to the case where the steps are mounted in the center of the hall and not in contact with the wall surface, which may be the window that act as a natural light source.

addition, for stairs, with dimensions and occupies a large area in the space best suited chandelier with suspensions, and long enough.

will also look good ceiling lights with a large number of different decorative elements made in the form of chains, cascade decorations, as well as all sorts of spirals.

in chandeliers the wiring can enable automatic controller.The controller will adjust the intensity and brightness of the light.

Wall lights

Run-quality coverage of all the steps of a ladder, you can, if you use wall-mounted luminaires, which can be safely attributed sconces.

Such lamps and original look at the correct location can cover the space with a large area.

In addition, in today's market you can find wall lamps of different styles of performance.

The most popular include bras, made in a minimalist style or techno, which allow to create a comfortable atmosphere in the house.

addition, lighting fixtures stairs perfect Provencal style or modern.

They should be selected based on the overall design of the surrounding space, and take into account all design elements of the room in which there is a staircase.

The advantages of wall light devices include their versatility and high usability.

Such lamps have a relatively small size, which allows them to be used even in small spaces.

Mounting wall light devices is done with his own hands quickly and without any problems.

addition, the overall circuit can add a special controller, which enable to adjust the brightness and intensity of light in the room.

This controller considerably expands the functionality of light devices possible.

Currently sconces are made from different materials, which makes it possible to pick them up at almost any interior.

In the photo, which is placed below, you can see the staircase that is decorated with stylish lamps.

Sconces on the stairs


light device is currently set local light sources often enough that enable the backlight, for example, the individual steps or railings.

In this case, a special device is used, which are compact and operate mainly a decorative function.

Local light sources provide an opportunity to highlight the originality of steps to emphasize the perfection of finishing material.

addition, if the general scheme set power controller, it is possible to regulate their hands very different lamps operating modes and their intensity.Such

controller installed usually on a wall with the main switch.

exactly the same way you can highlight using the light and railing, which is important if they have the original configuration and made of expensive finishing material.

By setting in this case the controller circuit, can change the intensity and brightness of light when necessary.

Quite often operate a combined system, which uses a variety of types of lamps.


This makes it possible not only to make the design of the surrounding space the most stylish and perfect, but also highlight each ladder element separately.

In addition, setting the general scheme of the controller, you can adjust the intensity of incoming light, as well as to establish, if necessary, a variety of modes of burning lamps.