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August 12, 2017 18:06

Why light bulb burns out often ?

Why light bulb burns out often ?

Very often it happens that burned out bulb, and it happens that such a phenomenon occurs with surprising regularity, which is a bad sign, and therefore should be as soon as possible to identify and eliminate the causes of this.

find out why burn out light bulb, can be a variety of ways, and for that it is unnecessary to have professional knowledge.

If this happens all the time, in addition to the risk of a short circuit in the apartment, it is necessary also to cut out the extra money for the purchase of new bulbs.

addition there are reasons that can lead to failure of the lamp or chandelier.To quickly remove the root cause, you must have all the necessary tools at hand.

Quite often bulbs fail at startup and this may be the fault of several different causes.

from premature burnout are not insured by any energy-saving or LED bulbs, including the common incandescent bulbs.

Every apartment has a few light sources, and if you regularly burn out light bulbs in several of them at the same time,

it is likely, the reason lies in the wiring.

In any case, if you constantly fail bulb in the chandelier, or spotlights, then this must be taken seriously.


  • Common causes
  • Faults in the wiring
  • Other problems
  • Tips and tricks

Common causes

have light bulbs, as well as other devices that have a certain lifespan, whichit must develop in its entirety.

Of course, they can go out prematurely fail and for some specific structural disadvantage, however, if this begins to happen regularly, the cause must be sought in the apartment.

There are several main reasons for that are eliminated quickly, and before opening the wiring, or climb into the shield, should be possible to establish exactly why this happens.

In order to find out why often burn out light bulb, it is necessary to have some handy tools and before you touch the chandelier, turn off power in the apartment.


First of all, the bulb can fail because of their poor quality, and in this case it will be enough to put the products of other manufacturers, and the problem will be completely solved.

also the reason may lie in the very chandelier.In recent years, the market is full of poor-quality products, which comes mainly from China.

Such products are unregulated life and at the worst possible time without any reason can be damaged.

Usually, since its design features, substandard lighting lead to the fact that the bulbs begin to burn out with enviable regularity.

This can happen due to burnout or contacts due to melting of the cartridge.

In order to understand, it's all about the chandelier, it is enough to smell in the place of location of the cartridge, and if there is a characteristic smell of burnt wiring, it all becomes clear.

Do not try to repair a lamp, since it will always break down for many other reasons.It is better to simply throw away and buy a new, higher quality and more reliable.

Faults in the wiring

and energy saving, and LED and incandescent lamp can permanently burn out due to technical faults in the electrical networks.

Especially often happens when you turn on lighting when power surges occur.In this case the main reasons may be several.

First of all, this may be due to wear and tear of some elements of supply chains.In addition, the originator may become damaged wire or cable.

Also, the reason should be sought in the burnt or badly stretched contact groups.Always burn out light bulbs in the house and can be due to faults in the transformer.


In this case, do not try to own something to fix, it is best to contact the service company, which is obliged to quickly solve the problem.

twitching and flickering light from the bulb says unequivocally that surges regularly occur in the supply network.

To make sure that a regular light bulb burnout is due to voltage surges supply network, you must use a voltmeter or a common electronic tester.

With it, you must make the appropriate measurements, which point to it.

lamp may burn out constantly and when there is high voltage in the mains.

Identify the cause can only be by means of appropriate measurements using an electronic tester.Permissible over-voltage on the network is all only ten percent of normal.

Higher settings affect the normal functioning of not only the lights but also all household devices.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to contact the service company, which is obliged as soon as possible and to take action to lower the output voltage at an appropriate transformer.

Other problems

regularly burn out light bulb in the apartment may due to internal faults.This is especially true for low-quality point-lamps, which have a weak contact elements.

In this case, you can do the necessary work on their own.The cause of regular light bulbs burn out, especially when it is turned on, often enough becomes the weakening of the contact group.


To see this, it suffices only to unscrew the bulb from the socket and look closely at the elements.

If there is soot on them or darkening, we can confidently say that the lack of identified.You can deal with the problem quickly, and with his own hands.

To do this, turn off all the power in the apartment, and then gently bend the contacts in the cartridge.

For spotlights, in which light is not screwed but inserted, you can make contact in a similar manner.

also characteristic malfunction at which the blown light bulbs in lamps, is a poor cable connection.

This is due to the fact that the metal over time can be tiring and shrink slightly, and this leads to the fact that the contact is reduced and begins to burn, accordingly weakened and clamping properties.

In this case, the current ceases to flow properly, which leads to a small voltage spikes and, as a consequence, light bulbs flicker and burn it.

It exposed not only ordinary incandescent lamp, but also energy saving.Malfunctions of this type tend to occur at the joints with the contact wire groups.

reason alone and eliminated quickly.

Enough only to get close to the contact location and replace or clean using a fine file or sandpaper.

Tips and tricks

There are certain techniques that make it possible to protect the bulb from burning out with the appearance of different problems.

So, to ensure effective protection from premature bulb failure can be achieved by installation of a special network unit.

It provides effective protection as ordinary incandescent lamps and energy-saving halogen.

principle of his work lies in the fact that due to its internal structure, he quickly evens slight voltage drops in the network, and in addition, provides smooth off the lamp.

necessary to monitor the status of all located in the building lighting, since failures in their work lead to regular bulbs burn out, and it threatens to additional costs.

In the event of faults in the supply network of the apartment, it should be as soon as possible to ask for help to the relevant organization.


In most cases, to identify and eliminate the cause of premature failure of the light bulbs in the apartment can be its own, and quite quickly.

All you need to do is to have at hand all the necessary tools and basic knowledge of physics.

observe safety instructions When carrying out repairs to the electricity network.

First of all, turn off the power and control it using a screwdriver indicator.

In any case, identify and eliminate the causes of burnout light bulbs must be as soon as possible, since in some cases this may cause a short circuit, not only in the lighting, but also in the wiring.