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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make the replacement of wiring in an apartment with his hands ?

How to make the replacement of wiring in an apartment with his hands ?

need for such works as replacing wiring, usually arises from the owners of housing in homes built in the last century - brezhnevok, Khrushchev, and other types of buildings.

Earlier, during the construction of these houses on the electrical load is calculated according to other standards and did not involve an abundance of used home appliances and high load on the wire, as it is now.


  • Replacement mains -
  • phased solution Preparation for electrical installation work
  • change the old wiring on a new

Replacement mains - phased solution

If you decide to change the wiringwith his own hands, start with the simplest - the estimated amount of work to vote.

important to understand if you change the whole wiring, or replace just its parts.

second option is less preferable, because, for example, wiring replacement Khrushchev, panel house, it is desirable and necessary to make completely.

main reason for this is that the electricity network before assembled using aluminum cabl

es of a small cross-section, is not rare, and it was without grounding and wiring operation at high voltages arising in the electrical network is dangerous.

Now gaskets for electrical networks using copper wire, junction boxes, sockets with grounding, and other advanced materials.

Example wiring diagram

Therefore, deciding to change the grid in his apartment, think about the safety of your home and make it fully.

How to replace the wiring in the apartment - on their own or with the assistance of experts, you decide.

On the one hand electrical work does not cause too much trouble, however, to carry out such work, it is necessary to have a special tool, know the basics of electrical work, be able to do the calculations.

Preparation for electrical installation work

Like any construction work begins with a change of the wiring project.As a project, a new electrical circuit of your home network.

Location sockets, switches, junction boxes, connection point powerful home appliances such as electric stove, water heater, washing machines and dishwashers (they usually are supplied directly), all this must include future wiring diagram.

scheme will help select materials in accordance with the requirements, calculate their number.

Drawing network design with their own hands, pay attention to the location of the junction boxes, they should be on the level within reach.

When the repairs are completed, place the sockets and switches in a convenient, but at the same time, a safe place.

Next video will demonstrate how to create a scheme of the future power grid in the panel house with his own hands.


choosing materials for repairs with their own hands, be sure to call your attention to the following tips:

  • main element of the mains - cable wire.He takes copper, three-wire.Its cross-section depends on the application: for sectors where are located the outlet sections should be at least 2.5 mm² for lighting fixtures sector - 1.5 mm², and for high-end household appliances - 4 mm²;
  • Automatic protection.Changing the wiring in the panel house, be sure to think about the protection of the wiring of the current leakage, overload, short circuit.Use the RCD and circuit breaker or a combined model Emergency circuit breakers.The model is chosen with respect to future loads.For sockets is better to take the machine to 25A for high-power devices - 32A, lighting - 16A.For the electrical panel takes two machine: water at 50A and 63A on the defensive;
  • Depending on the conductor cross-section and the number of branches of electric groups selected boxes.They can be round, square and rectangular;
  • Sockets take, based on the expected load, electric stove or lamp will be included if, all the necessary grounding.If the home has small children, be sure to select the sockets with special shutters;
  • Switches differ only in design, so their choice determines the interior of the apartment.
  • To connect the wires, it is better to use the terminal.

for assembly work, you will need the following tools:

  • punch;
  • hammer;
  • Bulgarian;
  • chisel;
  • level;
  • screwdriver with a special indicator or multimer;
  • electrical tape;
  • pliers;
  • level.

Additionally prepare putty.

At this preparatory stage is over and you can go directly to work on the old wiring replaced with his own hands.

change the old to the new wiring

Before the removal of the old wiring in the house, you need to completely disconnect apartment (be sure to check multimer) and move furniture away from walls.Sockets, switches dismantled.

begin to remove the wiring from the junction box.They can be determined by a round plastic covers, which are removed.Disconnect the wires and carefully dismantle the old cable out of the wall.

Sometimes wires search in the wall, you can use a metal detector.

in prefabricated homes are cases when dismantling the old wiring by simple pulling of the cable junction box.

But there are exceptions, the wire is laid in the wall so that its recovery will lead to the destruction of the wall structure.To avoid this, use the method without shtrobleniya.

Its essence lies in the fact that the site, which can not be removed, pruned and carefully isolate, leave it and the wall without shtrobleniya.

Removing the old wiring, are beginning to prepare the walls for laying new electricity networks.In the wall make new deepening under the wire, mark the places where they will be located sockets, switches.

diagram drawn earlier, will be an indispensable assistant at this stage of the work carried out by hand.

In some cases, the walls are not Stroebe, and laid a new cable to the old channels.

to Stroebe turned flat, draw the entire length of future depressions for wiring two parallel lines at a distance of 2 cm from each other.

With grinders make deep cuts 4 cm painted lines, a hammer and a chisel remove the middle.Deepening can be done using punch.

Videos laying new wiring to replace the old set forth below.


The next step in the replacement of wiring their own hands will be installing junction boxes.It is desirable to fix them directly in the locations.As

retainer generally used cement.Begin to lay cable, from the panel to the junction box.

To determine whether the cable is laid correctly, use level.cable size must match the length of the cutting grooves, it should not be too long or too short.

between a wire connecting terminals, making the twisting and avoiding entanglement end of the cable to the phase.All stranding located in junction boxes.

properly connect the cable to each other using the following method.The wire is cleaned at the end of 3-4 centimeters in length, the stripped ends are twisted together and shortened to 1 cm in length.

Isolate terminal or electrical tape.Then hold the cable from the junction box into prepared grooves to connect the dots.

Finally, after putting the cable, do not forget to take pictures of his wiring, thus you can help yourself in the event of failure to quickly find the damaged area and eliminate the defect.


When the institution of the wires in the switch box, you can use the following tips.

It is advisable to divide the cables into separate lines (distribution can advance to draw the diagram), and make a separate switch for each line.

This is especially important for high-end home appliances, as electric line, to which they are connected, will work under high voltage.

distribution lines will also simplify wiring repair, replacement of sockets, lights and so on.

wires along the lines also can be placed in individual corrugated or plain tubes that fit in Stroebe.This option is more secure than directly luting wires.

Besides, putting wires into the tube, in the future you will be able to replace it with their own hands, without resorting to shtroblenie walls will be enough to pull the wire out of the tube via a junction box.

You can still use the external wiring method.However, this installation of electrical networks may not be safe and aesthetically not acceptable to the arrangement of the apartment.

Grooves smeared with a solution after a complete check of working capacity of the new power supply.For this prozvanivatsya harness special device - multimer.

It allows you to define the network performance and detect a short circuit in the event of incorrect connection.

In the absence of defects in the wiring, it is connected to the input electrical panel and check the operation of all sockets, switches.

If the test shows that everything is normal, and new wiring is efficient, it is necessary to disconnect the flat again, and only then move on to the smearing of the depressions.

Grout should be well dry and only after that can be connected to switches, sockets, lamps.

Next video story demonstrates the final phase wiring replacement, comprising a dial and a readiness check.


As we can see, by changing the wiring work can be performed with their hands, observing the rules and listening to the advice above.