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August 12, 2017 18:06

Connecting passage switch

Connecting passage switch

If the office or the house there is a need to enable and disable the same light from different places, you need to think about how to connect a switch pass.

This problem occurs if you have at home a long dark corridor.

If you enter the house from the street, the inclusion of light you need to produce near the front door and turn off the lights would be convenient to the other switch, which is located near the hall, stairs or kitchen.

For the simplest, but most inconvenient solution is possible to connect an additional source of light at the end of the corridor.

Thus, you connect the light near the door, walk along the lighted corridor, connect the other light source, back in the door, turn off the lights, again pass along the corridor, already lit the second lamp, and now turn it off.

As you can see, this is an extremely uncomfortable situation.

A similar problem arises in offices where there is a hallway with no windows, two staircases from across the hall, rooms are located on the righ

t and left.

Using an ordinary switch in this case is extremely inconvenient, because if a person climbs those stairs, near which it is impossible to connect the lighting, the entire corridor he will have to go in the dark.

If such a room to set the switch-through, it will be possible to turn on the light, up the stairs one by one, and turn it off before descending on the other.

This other person can climb on any of the stairs and turn on the light.


fact, turn on and off light can be any of the feedthrough devices in the chain, with the re-connect the lighting and turning off lights to make you have the option at any point.

switch, allowing you to connect and switch off the lights with two or more people, called a checkpoint.Consider the principle of simple and transition switch.


  • electrical circuit - from the simple to the entrance
  • Connecting passage switch
  • Light control of three or more places

electrical circuit - from the simple to the entrance

most common simple switch closes andIt opens the circuit.Driving his connection is quite simple.

To him fit two wires, referred to as the phase and zero, they are fixed terminals within the switch.

When set to "ON" (mostly for translation in this position you need to click on the top of the key), the electrical circuit is closed, the current is connected and the lamp lights.

By clicking on the lower part of the key, the circuit is opened and the power supply is stopped.

scheme properly connect a simple switch opens and closes the phase entries.

This ensures that in the off position in the chain and the current key is not possible, for example, to replace the chandeliers.Sometimes management put at zero entries.

It is quite possible, but then when repairs to electrical appliances connected to the network via a switch, it is necessary to turn off machines at the electrical panel.

simple switch can be dvuhklavishny, the essence of it is not changed, all of its keys and connects off one of the two chains.

If the connection scheme uses two simple switch and one source of light, as we turn on the light, the same we have on and off, otherwise the world will not.

Structurally bring food to the normal switch otherwise it is simply impossible.

Passing switch will implement this scheme.

Just like a normal, passing can be a keyboard and touch, with one, two and three keys.

key difference from the simple passage that simple has one input and one output, and the entrance - one input and two outputs.

That is, the switch does not break-through current, and gives it to either one way or the other.

Wiring does not provide its neutral position and is going to so that the position of the "off" position of the switch corresponds to the "on" another.


Similarly, you can start in three or more switches.Only in this case they will not be called looping, and changeover.

The video and printed instructions often this fact is overlooked, and the circuit in which three switches, still called a checkpoint.

Connecting passage switch

instructions on video you can see a scheme in which light control is carried out from two points, which are installed and communicating one-button switching device.

From junction box to zero and grounding sent directly on the bulb, one phase conductor brings to the switch input (the first we call it conditionally, it could be any of the switches, as they work autonomously), phase two of its outputs viabox is connected to two outputs of the second switch and the input of the second phase of the switch to derive the light bulb.

The video shows that this connection scheme allows you to keep the chain closed when both switches are in the same position (let say "on" or "off").

circuit opens when any of the switches into the position opposite remaining.

how to implement it in practice.The video shows that the installation starts from the junction box.We get it from the guard wires, lamp and two switches.

From each entry must be three wire - zero, earth and phase.In the absence of your ground wire, simply ignore the mention of it.

However, the wiring running from podrozetnik box must be three-core.Ground and ground wire from the box immediately fasten the bulb.

Brown power wire to connect the brown wire of the first passage through the input device, and the brown wire from the bulb connect the brown wire of the second passage, as well through its entrance.

use terminals to connect wires.Blue and yellow-green wire from the switch-through is collected in a box and connect them with each other.

junction box is assembled.

now remains to do a walk-through installation of devices to each other and connect the scheme will be implemented.

Within each passage switch has a control terminal (coaxial) and two executive.Summing the first phase, as shown in the video.

For this brown postings from the box, we need to connect to the control terminal, and the blue and yellow-green - with the executive and insert switch Escutcheon.

Similarly, we collect a second checkpoint.The work is finished, check how the wiring diagram.

As a result, you should be able to connect and turn the light off both the first and the second device in the chain and be able to include the first and second shut down, and vice versa, including the second and turn off first.

remind you name the first and second bushing in a chain - code names, it is absolutely equal and independent of each other device.

Light control of three or more places

This wiring diagram includes two through-switch, and the remaining in the circuit changeover will, in fact is a further developed dvuhklavishnymi.

four-core wire is suited to them from the box.Here's how to finalize and connect dvuhklavishnye.


begin with the collection box and the power supply of Enclosures.To do this, blue and yellow-green wire of the first device is connected to the same wires of the second.

White-blue and white-black dvuhklavishnogo the second is connected to the blue and yellow-green of the latter.

Now dvuhklavishny modify, for that of the two pairs of segments mikroklemmnikov and white-blue and white-gray wires collect two forks.

Now connect the plugs executive contacts so that the first plug is connected the two nearest together executive contact, and the second - two remote.

Now you need to mount the switch in the Escutcheon and connect blue and yellow-green wire to the control contacts.

Connect a white and blue entries to the white-blue plug, white and black - to white and black plug.Now we put the keys connecting the bar to ensure their synchronous operation and check.

All devices in the chain must be turned on and off light autonomously.Similarly, the fourth switch is connected and, if this is necessary.

wiring is laid at an early stage of finishing works.


In the process of finishing all electrical wiring will be closed ceiling or walling plasterboard, and proceed to the installation of lighting only after wallpapering.

can say that the system has to be connected long before we can see if it works correctly.

If when the key position there is no light, the wiring diagram is assembled incorrectly.

Any admitted error leads to the fact that you need to cut the wallpaper, to dismantle the drywall sheets and do other actions to get directly to the wires.

clear understanding of how to be assembled circuit breaker connecting passage - a guarantee that you will not have to redo the repair in search of errors.