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August 12, 2017 18:06

mounting fixtures in the suspended ceiling technique

mounting fixtures in the suspended ceiling technique

To ensure high-quality lighting in the room, you need to properly carry out the installation of luminaires in suspended ceilings.

In this case, the light will fall evenly, not irritate the eyes, do not be too bright.

When the device of the ceiling is a chandelier, which is mounted in the center, will not be able to provide all lighting requirements.

worth set point lighting devices.As the video in the article, with their hands to mount the lighting is not so difficult.


  • Select fixtures for suspended ceilings
  • Requirements for lamps in the stretch ceilings
  • Installation
    • fixtures Spotlights
    • LED lights

Select fixtures for suspended ceilings

Stretch ceilingsin essence - a thin film stretched on the ceiling surface.Traditional lamps for such coating is not suitable.

Adjustment of lighting in suspended ceiling involves the use of point or LED bulbs.


By placing lamps have such options: they can be placed outside of the tension structure,

and can be embedded.

Exterior lighting devices need to strengthen their hands in the chandelier type.Lamps are located below the leaf level.

These light sources are considered to be suitable for installation on the canvas, as the lamp cools faster.

Outdoor lighting brightly illuminates the room thanks to the large angle scattering.In addition, they do not affect the life of the tensioner structure.

recessed lighting devices do not extend beyond the level of the web.The whole body with a lamp located inside the ceiling, only the glass is visible and the ceiling trim ring.


With this arrangement, the lamp can be heated termokoltso,resulting fabric is heated.

If the installation point lighting make mistakes, it can lead to irreversible consequences - suspended ceiling will be spoiled.

Despite the fact that such light sources provide narrow beam, often prefer to establish just such a light bulb.

for decorative lighting devices use a number of LED elements.Power they have low, so they are not suitable for general lighting of the room.

Alternatively, you can select LED tape.It is attached for the canvas.It can be used to zone the room into parts, according to their functional purpose.

Requirements for lamps in the stretch ceilings

for tension structures not fit all sources of illumination, like the look that the owner of the premises.

Lighting elements must meet certain requirements:

  • Form planting unit lamps on the canvas must necessarily be circular.For square lighting elements also make the round landing sites.Analyzing options for lighting elements for your room, it is necessary to pay attention;
  • on the lamp housing should be planting flange.It is located within the lighting device.Between the outer, the inner diameter of the housing should be a difference of at least 10 mm.Otherwise, the thermal insulation ring will be seen from what aesthetic appearance of the entire room will deteriorate;
  • Lamps must be covered with paint, through which light passes.It is necessary to point devices are not visible through the fabric.As a result, around the bulbs will produce light circle;
  • Choosing spotlights, it is important to pay attention to the power of the lamp.There are limitations on the distance between the lighting device and the web.If you choose the lamp more power than stipulated technical requirements, the web is deformed under the influence of temperature.


for suspended ceilings today, you can choose a large number of varieties of lighting.

canvas - a design not tight, keep the lighting elements it can not, so be sure to sag.


To avoid this, the formation of light with their hands must be scheme, which is to adhere to.

technology for installation of various types of bulbs on the web about the same.Fasteners, rack mounting angles are fixed on the basis of the base.

as the base of the ceiling should not take major surface made of wood, concrete and other materials.

elements for fastening necessarily set before tighten the canvas.

in stretch ceilings make a special opening through which light is set.

Installation of lighting is important to apply termokoltso.It will protect the fabric surface from heat, because PVC is melted by the high temperature.

addition, termokoltso will strengthen the entire structure.


Spot lights are the most popular in the formation of Lighting for tensile structures.

However, by the lights in the kit include pillars, which must be fixed to the base ceiling.These elements are suitable in size to each other, so the problems with the installation do not arise.

When choosing this type of lighting device, pay attention to the rack.Its height should be equal to the space between the ceiling and the web.


rack should be attached to the ceiling surface with screws or dowels.They also included, if not, in any hardware store to buy them.

fixing unit should be installed tightly.For this purpose, a pair of fasteners.

Furthermore rack accessory spotlights enters the ring rail.The diameter of the ring should be the same as the diameter of the aperture.

ring may be adjusted up or down the guide.

Spotlights can illuminate a small area of ​​the room.All the room have to buy multiple devices.The number of the light sources depends on the area of ​​the room.

LED lights

Installation of LED lighting is done with his own hands in order to achieve several objectives.Such illumination may be zoning room, but you can create an intimate atmosphere in the room.

For installation requires a special scheme with the placement of devices.These elements are decorated with niches in stretch ceilings.As the main source of light LED devices are not suitable.

neon cords are used when installing LED lamps.When the state they do not emit heat.

This is extremely important, as the canvas on the ceiling can not withstand high temperatures.

on the surface of the web from the LED lighting does not create reflections, which is important for creating comfort in the interior.Fastening technology of LED lamps is shown in the video.


When installing fixtures in the fabric on the ceiling with his hands, experts recommend to follow certain rules.

developed technology masters will help to install and connect devices:

  • element for room lighting must be installed in such a way that it can be easily removed and put back into place.Shoot them periodically is necessary to clean the dust that will inevitably accumulate on the surface;
  • wires, through which the lamps are connected, must be qualitatively isolated.They should not take place in a stretch fabric surface and be secured;
  • need to install devices with the expectation that, if necessary, could easily get to the place of connection.Access to the fixture blocks must also be provided;
  • You have to be alert to the possibility that the lamp will break down, so the device itself must have a presentation on the entire warranty period;
  • on canvas should not be created by the load, so when mounting spotlights need to use the ring a special platform, they are attached to the base the base;
  • If you install a built-in lamp, should strictly maintain the temperature regime.