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August 12, 2017 18:06

Which lamp is better to choose for a stretch ceiling ?

Which lamp is better to choose for a stretch ceiling ?

Searching for what is best for light stretch ceiling?

The issue of concern to many who have decided to mount the tensioner cover in his apartment.

And it is not only that a continuous coating does not look interesting or bright, and in the banal saving money and space - for example, built-in lights positioned on a tension ceiling is much easier than doing separate buy chandelier or floor lamps.

Another plus in favor of this type of lighting - lamps variety of options that allow to pick up the luminaire specifically for design your room and make the lamp is not just a functional necessity, but a real decoration of the room.

for stretch ceiling lamps divide the form, nature and depth of embedding lighting.

In form they can be paneled or point, the nature of light - diffuse or directional light, and fully or partially recessed for installation depth.

article will help you decide which lights will look best on your stretch ceilings and choose the best quality of their option.

Integrated lighting options

For tension coatings, there are several types of recessed luminaires.

Panel - common variant design of the ceiling - it looks just like one of the panels on a tension ceiling, but illuminated from the inside.

Setting MR16 lamp

These spotlights are located at any point of the ceiling.

looks like this type of lighting is not too impressive, so often used in public buildings: catering, offices, shopping centers.

On Stretch ceilings in a building lighting is rather rare.

If you want to install in his apartment like, pay attention to the more unusual multicolored panels or panels with a pattern - they make the interior more interesting.

Such devices can only be reflected ambient light, becauseThey are located behind the panel.

To make the flow of light more uniform, it is necessary to establish several such fixtures on the perimeter of the ceiling over the same distance.

Focal lighting device, or, in other words, downlight - better known and familiar to all option, which can often be found in different rooms of the apartment.

This type gives local directional lighting of a portion of the surface to which it at the moment is directed (usually those swirling lights).

Such devices are embedded at different depths, which depends, firstly, on the lamp type and, secondly, its filament temperature during operation.

most popular types of bulbs for these lighting fixtures are made of metallogalogena, halogen or LED.


conventional fluorescent or incandescent lamps for suspended ceilingspractically suitable, becausethey heat up too much, and have a much larger size, because of what is necessary to build them is much deeper than the modern type of lamp.

depth integration between different and suitable for ceilings, types of devices.For LED lighting it will be 1-2 cm, for halogen - 4-9 cm, for incandescent lamps -. Not less than 20 cm

of the lamp can be combined with each other and set lighting fixtures of various types, but still it is not recommended to use lampsincandescent among them.

The most common lighting fixtures for suspended ceilings made of die-cast aluminum - it is made luminaire.

After the armature is molded, it is possible to chrome, anodizing and painting - like, they can be absolutely any color.

Disperser for fixtures make the most of using plastic - you can choose matte or transparent depending on the type of coverage that you want.


for more expensive models of the lenses are made of glass.

Sometimes these lights trim other material - most of crystal or wood, but the cost of this device increases.

Despite its popularity among Russians, designers argue that such point options are more suitable for corridors, dressing rooms or bathrooms, rather than living rooms.

often people just do not realize that you can place on the stretch ceilings not only point devices, but also quite full of chandeliers, which are more suitable for ceiling decoration.

Chandeliers Chandelier - less popular lighting option on the stretch ceilings, but in fact it can be installed on virtually any model.

best to choose an option for the main room, where the spotlights will look less appropriate.

There are some nuances that need to be guided to select the model chandeliers and lamps specifically for stretch ceiling, asthis will depend on the period of work and the quality of construction.

chandelier installation technology

If your coverage matte, it is best to choose a lamp whose light is directed onto the walls and floor - depends on its brightness.

Also, do not try to make a chandelier on the matte stretch ceilings brighter due to the lighting devices - the brightness depends only on the location of the light flux.

When lamps are directed downwards, the light will be much higher than if they were viewed under a cover, even when the number becomes larger.

glossy ceiling for this rule is the contrary: this surface reflects light well, so it's best to choose the type of lamp, which is directed upwards.

If you choose a glossy coating tension, it is possible to significantly save on lighting, asdue to the reflection of light make the room light will be much easier.

well suited to such a ceiling chandelier, without lampshades, which "eat" the light and make it somewhat less dispersion.


Basically chandeliers without lampshades are suitable for any type ofceilings and are quite attractive option of lighting due to its appearance: they are usually equipped with additional decorative glass elements in the form of prisms, reflectors, etc.

If you choose this type of lamp, then use them better only energy-saving lamps and place them no closer than 10 cm from the stretch ceiling.

If you want to light was with halogen lamps, the distance between them and the coating need to do more, as well as to protect the fabric from damage to the ceiling a special protective layer.

LED lamps - another interesting option for finishing the ceiling.

The light from this lamp is bright, but quite smooth, soft and muted, which makes it a good choice for the bedroom or children's room.

Another advantage of this type of lighting - long service life (usually not less than 10 years).

This is due to the fact that all of these chandeliers are a special test, which checks how well they have been collected, as well as to correct the color temperature that avoids marriage and problems at the stage of production.

For hanging fabrics with surface finishing cornice, it makes sense to choose the lighting by using LED strip - an original and functional type of lamp.

light from the tape does not blind eyes, evenly distributed around the room and illuminates it enough to use such a lamp as the core.

ribbon colors can be different, allowing you to fit it exactly to your interior.

LED chandelier or recessed luminaires are very diverse in appearance and brightness of the light feed that allows you to choose a model for any type of interior.


can be made, if desired, even internally illuminated suspendedceiling - in this embodiment, lighting must be arranged for tensioning the canvas.

This option provides even illumination and has two types of light - cold and warm, it can be used for lighting the working area and a bedroom or living room.

only type of chandeliers, which is not suitable for mounting on a tension ceiling - flat (usually in the form plate).

fact that this fixture has at its base metal parts, which are covered with a thin coating layer, and therefore very hot - all of which can be quite dangerous as the least damage polotka ceiling, and in the worst case, can cause a risk of fire.

Refer fixtures selection rules given in this article, and then just be sure that, no matter what lighting options you choose, they will serve you for many years without substantial repair and replacement.

Also, these rules will prompt you what to choose lighting for a particular room design.