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August 12, 2017 18:06

Simple ways to decoupage dresser

Simple ways to decoupage dresser

Decoupage chest - a simple way to infuse your furniture a new life.

If your chest covered with cracks, aged or simply tired of you - do not rush to throw it away, because it is possible to turn it into a new one, without spending a lot of money.

This can be done using decoupage - an unusual art design furniture, which came to us from France, and quickly fell in love with in Russia.

In this article you will learn how to restore furniture in this way, and also get a master class on decoupage dresser.

Photos, videos, and instructions to help you cope with this work and give new life to your old things.


  • What is decoupage?
  • How to restore using decoupage dresser?
  • Decoupage tissue
  • luxurious option decoupage
  • Aging chest

What is decoupage?

decoupage technique is to cover furniture and other household colored paper, pictures, as well as additional types of coloring effects, gold plating, etc.

most famous decoupage technique acquired in the 17-18 centuries: with the help of

dealers forged fashionable in those days, Chinese furniture, furniture by covering the usual additional elements and ornaments.


Such goods came to taste the affluent segments of the population who could not afford this furniture.

Initially, this technique spread throughout Europe under the name of "poor art", but it soon got carried away and more affluent segments of the population, and she came soon to the court of King Louis XV.

addition to pasting furniture decoupage extended to other objects of everyday life: often using decoupage decorated clothing such as ladies' hats, plates, boxes, mirrors, etc.

the years decoupage has not lost its relevance, but on the contrary, came on a par with other professional occupations - so this technique in their works used such great artists of the 20th century, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso.

Today decoupage is available to anyone who loves creativity.

great plus of this technology is that you do not need any expensive tools - just a fantasy and improvised workpiece, such as old magazines, stickers or pictures that can be inexpensively purchased at specialty stores.

In the photo you can see what it looks like decoupage technique - in fact it is simply pasted pictures and lacquered furniture and household items.


course, that the result looked attractive, andnot at random, you need a vision for the future of creation.

You can use ready-made ideas - for example, arrange your chosen subject in the popular style of Provence.

to do decoupage, you need the images that you can find in magazines, newspapers, books, albums with stickers, on brown paper, postcards, photos, etc.

to cut them, you'll need a pair of scissors or a razor, and to paste - PVA glue or a special glue for decoupage.

To remove the glue, you will need a cloth or sponge, and to finish the job, new pictures need to varnish or acrylic, and polyurethane spray.

As you can see, high costs, this technique does not require.

Essential accessories

Decoupage can be used to design virtually any subject, and it will be interesting to both adults and children who will be able to use it to decorate their notebooks, diaries, shelves or tables in the room.

However, when it comes to furniture, to decoupage should be approached with great responsibility, because the object of more than one year will be in your home.

Decoupage furniture - not an easy task, and below you will get instructions on how to deal with it to the dresser really feast for the eyes.

How to restore using decoupage dresser?

, you need to decide before you start decoupage dresser with what you want to see him in the end, and choose cover technique.One of the most simple techniques - decorating paper.

Such restoration of the chest with his hands is suitable for those who do not have much experience in the furniture finishing, asIt is quite simple, but it looks attractive and original.

Design chest depends on the place of its position and of the interior, for example, simple and plain design of the cabinet, chest of drawers can be issued by means of conventional newspapers, but for a child's room is better to choose something a bit more interesting and vivid.

If the room is decorated in a particular style, such as Provence, it makes sense to do in the same locker and that it is not knocked out of the general style.

Before starting work, check the mini-master class.Decoupage occurs in several stages.


The first thing you need to wash and dry the surface of the furniture and remove the drawers and shelves, which is inside.If the dresser is uneven, you can handle it with sandpaper.

Now you are ready to paint.You can paint the dresser completely or partially, depending on your ideas.

Then, after drying, the painted parts are treated with sandpaper and the next layer of paint.

Now he should decoupage.Take you made a mini-blank (newspapers, magazines, etc.) and cut out the image, and then place them in the pre-oiled surface of the adhesive.

Paper can be smooth roller or a hand.You can then apply paint along the contour of the figure, if you will, can be covered with lacquer commode.

Wait for a while and can collect dresser.

Decoupage tissue

As you can see, the first mini-master class is a snap.A bit harder to arrange a chest of drawers with a cloth.As the costs of the materials it will not be expensive - most likely, the old cloth in your home there in abundance.

Typically, this technique does not decorate the entire chest of drawers, but only the boxes, but you can try another way of looking at design options for the photo.

This mini-workshop begins similar to the previous - first you need to wash and disassemble the commode.


Before gluing fabric to do a mini-blank - that is, the pattern with a suitable pattern, and they should bea few centimeters wider than the drawer front.

You can buy ready-made patterns, or choose a photo for example, or come up with your own picture.

When the fabric is ready, obmazhte outer part of the box with glue and attach the fabric, and then flatten it from the middle, so that it becomes flat.

curved inside the box cloth is better to attach a stapler, so that it is better to keep.After the adhesive sets, it is possible to collect a chest of drawers.


most difficult thing in this process - to make a pattern.This will help you a mini-workshop on video.

best to choose the fabric, the right tone in the interior, or in some interesting and popular style, such as Provence.

luxurious option decoupage

next mini-master class will help you to make a chest of drawers in a truly luxurious style and turn it into a major addition of the interior.

To do this you need some blank: Wrapping paper - it is better to buy ready-made, and additional decorative elements - such as paint and gold leaf.

After preparing the chest need to paint all the details and then put on the door ornament you selected.

pattern can be applied on ready templates or watch a master class on the chest design in bohemian style.

Luxury decoupage

Ready ornament cover with gold leaf or other material you have selected and close the drawers facades Baguette frame.

Then the entire surface should be varnished, and you can collect a dresser.

If you do not want to issue a dresser too pompous style, you can opt for something lighter and more modern, such as Provence, hi-tech and others.

Aging chest

Last mini-master class is dedicated tohow to artificially age the locker.You can do this in addition to the selected style, or choose this design as the original and unique.

As in other cases, it is necessary to completely disassemble the commode and treat all parts of sandpaper.Then wipe the surface with a sponge or cloth.

Paint furniture and wait for it to dry out a bit, and then you can proceed to the "aging".

To do this you need some ideas and harvesting tools - suitable candle, scraper or sandpaper.

scraper can be created on the surface of the artificial damage, rub a candle, some fragments of the surface.


You can use other options, "aging", seeing the master class or a photo with decoupage.Then you need to fix the workpiece with an additional coat of paint.

reprocessed sponge dresser - where wax was applied, the paint is easy to get away, and you get the effect of aging.

If you want, you can add to the resulting design as decoupage by using paper or ornament.Once everything is ready, cover the surface with lacquer and can collect dresser.

This style is considered "rural", but perfectly fit in urban housing, if your apartment is decorated in the style of Provence, or country.

Thus, any restoration of the chest can be carried out using decoupage.

To do this you only need to make inexpensive blanks, which will consist of drawing, select a visual style (Provence, art deco, hi-tech, etc.) and apply a little imagination and effort - then you will be able to restore the old chest of drawers sothat he had received no less than a new one.