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August 12, 2017 18:06

Secrets laying laminate on a wooden floor

Secrets laying laminate on a wooden floor

Laying laminate on wooden floor is performed, if necessary, to hide defects of the old wooden floor, and if you wish to simply update the interior.

According to experts, the old wooden floor is better to dismantle completely.

Then, to align the draft framework to perform the concrete floor under the laminate.

But as this process will require additional costs that may exceed the value of the laminate, it is possible to carry out styling products directly on a wooden base, as well as with the use of plywood or OSB as a substrate.

Consider the first and second method of mounting the laminate on a wooden floor with all the details.


  • Preparing wooden base for laying laminate without plywood
  • Alignment wood floor with plywood under the laminate
  • Rules plates stacking OSB on a wooden base
  • laminate Laying

Preparing woodenbasics for laying laminate plywood without

to put directly on a laminate wood floor, you must ensure that a satisfactory surface condition:

  • Firstly, while walking the boards should not sag and creak;
  • Secondly, between the boards should not be gaps, and the tree itself should not be affected by rot areas;
  • Third, horizontal base should be close to the ideal, ie not have height differences of more than 2 mm.

If the wood floor creaks under your feet or some floorboards bend, the problem areas are repaired by screwing the boards with screws or nailing to the joists.

Sometimes you need podremontirovat and harden themselves lags that "walk" under load.To this end, under the joists installed boards or bricks.

The circuit layers of the floor

Squeak floorboards are due to friction against each other to avoid the gnashing between them, the gap is filled graphite or talc.Existing gaps zashpaklevyvayut.

Further, in order to fully ensure the normal state of wood, you need your hands to remove the old paint.Kind of wood should be close to the natural shade on the entire plane.

If in some places, the floor boards are kind of questionable, they are recommended to test the strength of an awl.

second way to identify the rotten floorboards or protruhshie - a hammer tapping the floor surface.At the same time tapping on a holistic healthy wood will be heard loud and clear.

While muffled sound will be a major reason for the replacement of old wooden elements with new ones.

Despite the fact that the rotten planks still strong, they still need to be replaced with your own hands, as the rot may eventually spread to healthy parts.

If the room where the installation of laminate, constant high humidity, it is recommended to further examine the floor in the presence of mold or mildew will be held.

prevent their further occurrence will allow processing antiseptic composition and waterproofing the wooden base.

At detection on the floorboards recesses in the form of grooves, it is necessary to apply the bioprotective treating wood flooring composition, as their presence indicates infection drevotochtsami material.

uneven wood floor must be leveled, differences of the surface can be 1.5-2 mm / 1m2.

method to determine such an uneven floor decking, is the use of the building level.

In the absence of this measuring device, you can use a two-meter bar and spirit level.

When non-critical indicators of the height difference, the uneven floor can be leveled using the grinder, or with their own hands, using planer.


second way is too long, Scraping machines get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Main, before leveling floor for the subsequent laying of the laminate, do not forget to sink deeper into the nail heads located above the surface, which can cause failure of the grinding technology.

If the old wooden floor is too uneven, and grinding can not solve the alignment problem, there is another way to make it as horizontal - by pouring.

True, this technology is not quite suitable for wood flooring, but still used in some cases.

Fill a wooden base under the laminate stacking is done through the use of the filler covering, but not self-leveling mixture, which is not used for wood.

To align the wooden floor using formulations with glass fibers, whereby the material firmly adhere to one another.

Unlike standard solutions, fiberglass mix thicker and quickly solidifies.

But before exercise fill, on a wooden foundation waterproofing is placed in a thick plastic film.

Waterproofing settling on the floor so that the edges can be fixed on the wall at the perimeter.


pieces of film are stacked overlapping each other, with an allowance of 15-20 cm, glued connection construction tape.

following suggested videos on the wooden floor leveling screed for laying laminate, which will complement the above material.

Alignment wood floor with plywood under the laminate

Technology leveling wooden floor with plywood or OSB cost-effective, but at the same time, an effective way to make the base perfect base for laying laminate.

To determine which substrate is best for laminate - OSB or plywood, you must compare the specifications of both products.


sheets of plywood and OSB boards - similar in quality materials: products are easy to process, have a solid structure and a relatively high humidity.

This OSB plywood is cheaper, but the appearance of products is not possible to use them for the construction of the finished floor.

Despite this, OSB plywood gradually displaces the product from the construction market.

After plywood behavior during operation is difficult to guess, but not so on OSB, who do not have the properties to delaminate under the weather and mechanical stress.

In addition, the bend modulus, compression and tension at the OSB is much higher than that of plywood.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude - OSB most suitable products that will not only align the uneven floor, but also to extend the term of its operation.

rules laying on OSB wood base

basic rules laying OSB boards on a wooden floor: as a substrate for laminate involve the use of materials with specific parameters.

For example, for a laminate with a thickness of 7 mm, it is not necessary to buy the plate more than 2 mm thick for a thicker topcoat 8-9 mm - optimum substrate thickness of 3 mm.

thicker substrate will sink slightly when pressed, resulting in a laminate locking connection can be deformed.


Installation OSB on the wooden base is made by screwing them with screws or nailing with pins of a certain length.

distance between fasteners is calculated by multiplying the existing slab thickness to 2.5.

between the plates is necessary to leave 5 mm technology gaps that are subsequently filled with foam.

is mandatory under the substrate settling waterproofing, prevents the formation of condensation, damaging the structure of the wood.

uneven transition to the junction plates are aligned with epoxy putty.

laminate Laying

rules laying laminate on the substrate and without it, just a wooden leveled base is no different.Stacking slats it is recommended to start from the far corner of the room.

It is necessary to make sure that the elements of the future went to the floor horizontally, and the locks latches tightly.Since

laminate is classified floating floors, it is necessary to lay the technological gap of 7-10 mm.


This gap size is enough to laminate could freely by changing the temperature to "float", ie, shrink and expand.

Make butt welds inconspicuous technology allows stacking slats vrazbezhku, slightly offset in each row.

Also laminate flooring elements can be stacked background and with other patterns, although in this case it is necessary to prepare for a greater flow of material.

After laying the first row of laminate is made, the second row is collected in the same way.

In the process, use "Quilting" in a special wooden timber, which will put the elements close to each other.

the purpose of high-quality laying the last row of lamellae - use the clamp.

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